13th Birthday Party Girls Night

by Isabelle

13th Birthday Girls Night Out

13th Birthday Girls Night Out

Help Me! I need ideas for a 13th birthday party girls night out.

I'm turning thirteen in one month and I want to have a girls night out sort of theme. It's just going to be me and a few of my closest girls.

I want to go somewhere that we can all have fun and that's not too much money. If you can help me find a place to go, that would be so great.

Thank You!


It's always helpful to know how much is not too money and how many guests that money has to cover. For one person $100 for 10 guests will be not too much and for others $200 for 5 guests will be not too much.

There are numerous ideas below, but if you are looking to do a relatively low cost event outing for your birthday and plan ahead, you can do such things as...

1. Take an improv class

2. Take a cooking or baking class

3. Take a tour

4. Book a dance lesson

5. Go to a demonstration (eg. glass blowing demos & Hershey's fudge making shows are free and include shops with unique items to look at)

You can then follow that up with dinner or dessert at a restaurant or at your home. Students can get amazing deals on these types of offerings.

Where I live there is even a magic show with tigers, etc. that is super affordable and provides a great night of entertainment.

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Help! I'm turning 13 in 2 months!!!
by: Anonymous

I want to have a sleep over type of party, which I've never done. Playing games like truth or dare is definitely going to happen. And with my parties, usually I only get 3 guests out of 15. It's like the day my birthday is makes my chances of getting half of the guests I invite to actually come goes down by 80%. I also don't know what the theme should be and since I hate boys, I won't invite any (that includes you, Dad and stupid brother) I was thinking maybe something unique like Sonic the Hedgehog, just a little more age appropiate. (No one plays Pin the Tail on Tails any more...)

I also don't want my parents hovering right over me throughout the party, as that's embarrassing. And my parents think I don't need parties like this. But cake and ice cream with them just won't work any more. I want to be treated more my age (I AM NOT 6!) and still have a sleep over with a theme.

Response to 13th Birthday Extravaganza
by: Diva Girl

Thanks for sharing. Many of your ideas can be tailored for a budget, so they don't have to cost a lot.

1. You can hand make the invites.

2. You can arrange for an aunt, a sister, a cousin, or a family friend to host doing hair and makeup at their house.

3. You can arrange with a friend who's good at taking pics to photograph you at a beautiful location.

4. You can create a fancy picnic at a beautiful park.

5. You can make your own faux pink bubbly.

6. Make a hotel sign, room service menu, etc. for your house so when you go back for the sleepover it will be a fun alternative.. You might even get a brother or someone else willing to be the waiter or valet.

7. Have a parent or relative chauffeur you to all the locations with whatever vehicle you have. Be sure they open car doors for you to get the full experience.

8. Hold the scavenger hunt at the mall or in a central shopping location.

9. Make girly jewelry etc. during your sleepover for the girls to put in their loot bags themselves.

That will drop the cost down by 80-90% and be just as fun!

My 13th Birthday Party
by: Diva girl

I am 13 and for my birthday I had a afternoon tea with my family and invited some friends over later. We had a bonfire and it was so much fun! We went back inside and had a movie night with heaps of junk food - fantastic!!- and just chilled... I think it was a great party and any other girl would love it

Birthday Help Needed
by: Anonymous

I am turning 13 in 2 months and have no idea what to do! I always have pretty cool parties that are different than everyone else's so I don't want the usual spa/beauty theme, cinema, swimming or anything. Please help!!!

I need games and help choosing a theme, so far i've got:-

If you have any better theme or games/activities to go with any of the themes above please give me ideas!!!! I live in Glasgow and ideas of places to go would be good too!!

I always have a sleepover, so ideas for that would be GREAT! (there will be about 12girls coming to the main party and between 6-10 girls, including me staying over - ages range from 11 - 13yrs old!)



This is what i did last year for my birthday:

6pm - girls arrive (6 of them)
6pm-7pm - hang around in the back garden - take lots of pictures
7pm-7.30pm roast marshmallows on chimnea and eat snacks which have been set up under the gazebo on different tables, benches and trays (garden has also been decorated with candles and fairy lights) snacks include pringles, haribo's, chocolate, and different drinks like sprite, coke ect.
7.30pm -9pm hang out in the estate take more pictures play hide and seek in the complex (it's like a massive big park with tree's and woodland ect.)
9pm-10pm - karaoke, play WII, more games!
10pm- 10.30pm open presents, cake!!
10.30 till late - talk, play more games , sleep (just kidding :p)
9am - 9.30am - BREAKFAST (big fry up, sausages, bacon, potato scones, toast, square sasauge, doughnuts , orange,pineapple,apple juice and MORE!)
9.30am-10am - get ready
10am-10.30am - go back to complex and climb tree and stuff :D
10.30am-11am - walk to the stables!!!
11am - 12am - have horse riding lesson (learn to jump ect.)
12am-1pm - go on a treck on horseback!!!!
1pm-2pm - go back home have snacks and more cake and just hang about
2pm - friends leave :(
basically i had a horse riding party because i love riding my horses!! everyone LOVED IT!!
the year before this (11th) my friends stayed over and the next day we all went to the theme park and we had a blast!!!
the year before this (10th) we went rock climbing at xscape Then we went to pizza hut and then they stayed over at my house where we played karaoke, sing star and just played games and stuff!!
the year before this (9th) i had a limo that picked us all up (about 30 girls) and we went to xscape and went to crazy golf!!!!

13th Birthday Party in August!
by: Anonymous

My birthday isn't until August, but I am planning it now because I want it to be really special! I always have really fun, different parties like last year we went horseback riding and the year before we went to a theme park. I need a cool idea (not pampering/spa party or movies and popcorn). I was thinking about going Go-Karting. I always have a sleepover and want some sort of theme for that.

So far theme ideas are...


If you have another or better theme I could use or ideas for games and activities to match the theme or another idea for the main party idea pleae tell me ASAP!!!

Additional info:-

I am inviting about 12 girls to the party (including me) and probably between 6-10 people are staying over. I don't have a set budget.

Please give me ideas!!!

If anybody else is looking for ideas, last year I had a sleepover and I had the gazebo in the back garden. We hung up fairy lights and candles all around the garden. We had tables of snacks. We roasted marshmallows on the chimnea. I have white decking and we took lots of pictures of us jumping off it! Then we went in the street and made up dances and stuff. The next day we walked up to my local riding school and we had a lesson in riding the horses. Then we went on a track on horseback! It was really fun! We then went back to the house and had cake and dessert and then the girls went home! It was really cool

13th Birthday Extravaganza
by: Anonymous

This is a perfect idea for anyone who is a complete girly girl and can afford it. There are some things you can cut out if you want to lower the budget.

Here goes: So the theme of the party can be pink and zebra. All of your decorations will match the theme as well as your invitations. The invitation can say something like, "Scream and shout, it's a girls night out"! So this is a two day party including a sleepover so make sure you let people know that they should bring sleepover stuff.

You will also tell your friends to come dressed in fancy clothes. You will go to everyone's house and pick them up in your limo. While inside you guys can talk and play your favorite music.

Your first stop is at the salon, if you live in Canada glama gals would be a great place (cause it matches the theme perfectly). You will all get your hair, make up and nails done.

Finally you will load back in your limo and make your way to your photo shoot destination. Try and find a place with a runway and nice lights.

After this everyone can get back into the limo and go to the fanciest restaurant in your area. You can have pink and zebra balloons and a pink and zebra cake. Perhaps try an oriental place where they cook in front of you or you cook yourself.

When you're finished with dinner you can open up your presents and get back in the limo. Inside you can have some mock pink champagne.

Your last stop is the hotel. When you get to the hotel everyone can get in their pj's and get ready for their scavenger hunt. Come up with a list of your own or search one up. (Yes, I know you're in your pjs, but it makes it more fun).

Meanwhile, your mom or adult guardian can decorate the room, get snacks out, put pillows everywhere, and rent movies!

When you get back everyone can do whatever they like to do at sleepovers. You can play fun games like twister or find the marshmallows (in the whip cream).

Fall asleep or stay up if you dare (you'll pay the price in the morning).

In the morning you can go for a swim or go to the spa, eat breakfast and leave. When you say goodbye to your friends at their houses give them their loot bags (zebra and pink). For lootbags you can include accessories, or giftcards to teen girl stores like (well these are Canadian ones I know of) Ardene's, Claire's, Garage etc.

Well that is it!

I hope you enjoyed the ideas and hopefully I helped!

Good luck with all of your birthdays. I know 13 is really important (I'm 12 turning 13 and wish I could do this if I had the money)

Btw: if you need help with the invites and cakes I can help just comment below <3

I Need Birthday Ideas!
by: Anonymous

I want to have a spectacular 13th birthday party, but I have no ideas. I want to invite 4 to 5 friends and do something simple, but fun. I had ideas like going to the movie theater to watch the Hunger Games, a sleepover, swimming and going to downtown to take pics and walk around.

You see, the thing is I want to do something more than that, something more fun. I need party ideas and ideas for what to do.

I like to have fun, play games, draw and be artistic, dance and sing randomly around the house, hang with friends, travel, and be myself. Sadly, I can’t rent a limo or a hotel room. My mom would not let me. She would say that is too much money. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the birthday. I want to spend the least amount of money, but have the most fun of my birthday.

I don’t want something babyish. I want something that is cool and with an older theme. I want my friends to be like, "Wow! Next year hopefully I will be invited again."

I sort of want my party to be like a glamour girl’s night out. Please give me ideas to make my 13th birthday spectacular and unforgettable. I need ideas fast. Please give me good ideas.. no not just good.. great ideas!

Thanks <3


Is there somewhere in town you can go all dressed up that doesn't cost a lot? Sometimes it's hilarious to get all glamed up and then go to a place people don't expect to see you all dressed up.

If you prefer to feel special, how about going to an outdoor cafe all glamed up and enjoy people watching and sharing a couple yummy desserts.

You might all even want to get together at your house first and do each other's hair and makeup.

Depending where you live, there are a lot of classy free or low cost places you can go. Can you convince an older brother or cousin to chauffeur you around town and open doors, etc. for you so you get the real rich and famous feel. In a big city you might even be able to sit in the lobby of a fancy hotel and chat for a while if you stay classy about it and don't disturb the customers. There are some really beautiful places and it costs nothing.

13th Birthday Party Ideas?
by: HaileyGrey

I need help. Even though my birthday is in 3 months I want to plan ahead. I want to have a big 13th birthday party that no one will forget. Kinda wanna knock out the idea of having a dance party. And I want to invite boys too. Any ideas would be great.(:


My niece whose turning 15 is wanting to do a masquerade ball because she loves the masks and dressing up. Not sure if that fits you and your friends.

80s parties are really popular right now. Dancing would fit that theme also.

by: juli4568

I'm turning thirteen in a couple weeks. I have no idea what to do though! I want it to be special because I made so many new friends at the school I go to. I don't want any of the following though:


I can't have anything pricey. My friends all like different things so it's hard for me to figure it out! I am really into photography and crafty things.

When my friends and I hang out, we always go to the park to do stuff because my house has nothing to do.

Any ideas you can give me? Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks. (:


How about a photo scavenger hunt. You could even then create a calendar out of the best shots. Make it super creative and challenging so you can really hone your photography skills.

If you AND your friends like crafts you could make a fun scrapbook of the pics after the hunt or even create a video slideshow and load it on youtube later. Animoto.com allows you to make short slideshow videos for free that can load right up to youtube if you don't know how yourself.

To Anonymous
by: Grumpy

Dear Anonymous (all of you),

Do a chocolate party, a luau, or a camping party.

For chocolate, decorate the whole house in brown and play chocolate games. This is a fun party.

A luau is pretty self explanatory. Rent a swimming pool and drink Hawaiian drinks. It's cool and you don't need many activities, because you'll mostly be swimming.

Camping is probably my favorite. Set up a tent in your backyard and decorate it with streamers and stuff. When everyone gets there it's so pretty inside. Do trail mixes and camping games. Of course, serve s'mores and hot cocoa. When it gets dark, it's fun to use glow sticks and play flashlight tag. Watch a movie in your tent on a laptop or something. I did this and it was so fun!!!


Birthday Ideas
by: birthday diva

I really need ideas for games or ideas for themes. I might just have a sleepover, so the games are really important. Please, please help!!!

All I have is foil fashion. It will be fun! All you have to do is get tin foil and make outfits!!

Birthday Diva
(P.S. I am 13. I am a girl and a twin.)


There are a bunch of fashion related games on my pink vogue party page that might work well for you.

Girl Slumber Party Games Pack

Printable Slumber Party Games

Turning 13 Soon!
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm turning 13 on July 3. Usually I have a joint b-day party with my younger sister, and then celebrate my b-day with family on the 4th. This is the first year when I'm not having a joint b-day party and I'm stumped. I don't have to have it on my b-day (usually I'm traveling), and I'm sort of tired of the 4th of July theme. I was thinking of having my party sometime in the summer.

I like:
1)Chocolate (I had a b-day party at the melting pot last year)
3)Dancing/rhythmic gymnastics/acting/singing
4)Arts and crafts

I have friends that I want to invite who were in the school musical with me, friends who weren't, friends who are girly-girls, and friends who are tomboys who I want to invite. I'm probably inviting 15-30 friends. My budget is preferably under $150. I have a pool attached to my house, and the park, library, supermarket, cider mill (opens after labor day... and then school starts), and ice-cream shop are all within walking distance. I'm a quiet girl but I have lots of friends. I was thinking of doing something at my house, but so many people might not work in my house. I would like to get invitations out before school gets out (middle of June). I've looked at many sites, but they all haven't been helpful. This site looks the most promising so far. I don't know what to do/when to have it/where to have it. Please help me with ideas! Thank you!

Reply: Is your pool in ground or does it have a large deck? Is it possible to have an outdoor party at your place in other words?

My 11th Birthday
by: Anonymous

Hi. I'm having my 11th birthday in August, and I always have a party somewhere other than my house. I live in Dover, Delaware (the Capital of the first state) and I need ideas! I really, really LOVE KATY PERRY, but I don't know what I would do in my small house. My house is really messy and hard to clean. I might invite about 10 people and I don't have a budget because my parents usually pay. I'm thinking more of a late night party, like from 4-9 or 10. I just don't know what to do. I mean, I dont have to have it at home, but all that's there is a bowling alley (went there for 10th bday) a roller rink (too babyish). We can go to the mall, but it's too tiny. Please help! I like to plan my parties before hand so I am ready before it's too late because usually my party gets postponed. Last year my party was going to be on my birthday, but HURRICANE IRENE jacked it up and it was postponed till October 1st and my 7th bday was on October 26 when my actual bday is on August 28. PLEASE HELP!!

Reply: It would be helpful to know what you love most about Katy Perry. Is it her music, her movies, her style? For instance, if there was one movie or song in particular you liked, a whole party could be built around that as the theme. Eg. A Smurf party

One of her top ten hits was "Waking Up in Vegas". You could plan a casino type party around that.

You could also take the highlights of her life and accomplishments and build a scavenger hunt or Amazing Race of challenges to lead from her first media appearance to her most recent award.

Harry Potter Ideas Please
by: emma justice

I love Harry Potter and would appreciate if someone would give me a few ideas on how to celebrate my party. I love music, games and dressing up. Help!

Reply: A Harry Potter scavenger hunt would be fun with clues leading to something associated with your party.

That could be a magic show. If you are someone you know could prepare a magic show that would be a nice add. You'll want to make the room a bit dim and have some mood music quietly playing also. The alternative would be to rent a magic video or teach your guests some magic tricks.

Costumes would be a great touch and if you could tweak a murder mystery or kidnapping mystery you could build your entire party around that alone. Since there is a Harry Potter Clue game available, I would play it as a life size game throughout your house rather than on the board.

September Baby Needs Help
by: Anonymous

My bday is in six months and I can't think of anything to do. I live in Southern California and I love animals, bright colors, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, fashion, and being crazy with friends. I'm a girly girl but I like to try interesting new things. I'm planning to invite about 13 people (15 max). My budget is around 150-200. Please help me come up with ideas.

Reply: How about a Diva Elektra party. You could decorate in fuschia with black lightning and or sprays of electricity bolts.

Set up your party space like a club with Bruno Mars and Katy Perry music the highlights. If you have a karaoke machine or can download some soundtracks of their music your friends could try and belt out a few of their tunes. If not, a look-alike lip sync contest could be fun depending on how shy or outgoing your friends are.

You could have some fashion runway shows playing without sound on a tv in your club or have a runway walk competition with your friends with points for best strut, best 'tude, etc.

There are some cool colored drinks you can whip up and give fun animal names to, like the pink panda. Experiment with recipes and garnishes. It's so much fun. Maybe even have your friends design and name their own.

Girl's Night In and Out
by: Anonymous

I live in North Carolina and I am wanting to invite 5 or 6 girls. I am really hoping to have a dance party at the town hall, and my budget is from $150-$200. I am in need of other ideas for what to do. Some theme suggestions would be nice, too. My birthday is on April 15th, and I need some planning help quick! I was hoping to do something really cool and involving going out somewhere cool and then coming back and hanging out at my house for a sleepover. Your help is appreciated, thanks!


Rock of Ages is so popular right now with the Broadway Shows and now the movie coming out. I personally went and saw the Toronto show 3 times. It was that good and the music was awesome.

Rock of Ages highlights 80s themed music, so you could integrate some popular 80s games, foods, and of course costumes into your party.

Have the DJ break up the dances with a variety of competitions related to the 80s.

Please Help! xxx
by: Yasmine

Hi! I just saw this website, and I am so proud I saw it.<3

I am going to hire a limo for 8 people and I have already thought of who they are going to be. Then we are going to ASK resistant. I am also going to have a sleepover :) but I am only allowed to have 4 for that! I have chosen them, so that is not a problem. My problem is that when I went to my friend's 13th sleepover, they had so many good games that kept us entertained, but I can't remember any, so i was just wondering if you could give me the most helpful ideas to make my 13th sleepover special <3

Thanks x x

From a worried teenager (to be), that needs your help xx

Please GET BACK TO ME ASAP xx x x


Having something to do is important, even if you don't get around to doing everything you plan to do. I have planned several sleepovers for groups of several dozen girls at a time and usually create a calendar of activities with what we will be doing each hour through till the morning.

I always schedule the movies for later in the evening so that the girls who really can't stay awake for whatever reason, don't miss anything.

Our schedules usually consist of a main activity like bowling, sledding, swimming followed by snacks.

Then we will have an hour of creative activities where we make a craft or have a fashion show or bake something (depends on the theme of our slumber party).

Then we will have an hour of games from scavenger hunts, to crazy relays to dice games.

Next a half hour of free time to use the little girls room and have a beverage or snack.

We change back and forth between activities till about 10 pm and then we watch a few movies.

Even breakfast is scheduled on the calendar. The girls always love the calendar of activities.

What Should I Do - I Am 13
by: Anonymous

My birthday is in 2 months and I want to have 17 people over. I have $200 to spend. Last year I did a carnival theme with homemade games. It was very fun. We also hade a freak show in our laundry room with our paper towels as world's largest fish eggs. Anyway, I am having my party at my house which is one story and I don't want to go shopping or have a pool party. I want to do everything at my house. Any ideas?? Help me please.


Some parties that can be done at home in your price range...

Pink Vogue Party

Chocolate Themed Murder Mystery Party

Glow in the Dark Party

Last Minute Birthday!
by: Kelley

So my birthday is in just over two weeks and I need an idea!!!!!

I normally have super extravagant parties (last year my friend and I rented a limo and drove around everywhere it was super fun!) But this year I'm turning 13.

I want to do something really fun and invite around 11 or 12 girls. I am a dancer and I'm really energetic (as are my friends.) Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Reply: Would you be up for a Bollywood party theme? You may not have costumes, but I have designed some pretty cool outfits in the past by tying large scarfs together. You can make really fun pants and shirts that way if you wanted to take it that far.

It would be awesome to get a real Bollywood dance instructor to come and teach you some of the moves, but otherwise there are instructional videos you could rent or buy. It would even be fun to watch some of the SYTYCD Bollywood dance videos for inspiration.

Henna tattoos are the perfect activity. I am working on an instructional video for that right now that should be ready soon.

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancers

Bollywood Dance Demonstration

Try This on Your 13th If You're a Girly Girl!
by: Party expert

Ok, if you're a girly girl and need an awesome bday idea, then invite 5 to 6 girls and have them dress like they are famous and hire paparazzi and some lady to do hair and make up. Get pro pics taken and make the theme Hollywood.

Birthday Party
by: diamond

Hey! I am turning 13 on June 5th, but I want to have it on a Saturday. I want to have a diva party with all my friends and I don't know what to do... lol. I want pink. I know that, but just help me please.

Reply: How about a Pink Frosting party? It could be all diva glam, but everything would be about "frosting" in pink.

For instance you could "frost" each other's finger nails in pink, topped with white crackle polish and a mini diamond on each thumb nail.

You could do glam makeovers by highlight frosting your eyes and cheeks in shimmering pink.

Make homemade pink gem jewelry to "frost" yourselves in diva jewels.


Turning 13 and Having a Dance Party
by: Anonymous

I'm supposed to be having a dance party and I'm really stressing out because I can dance good, but I want to dance a heck of a lot better. Anybody have any ideas of what I should do? Please, I'm really stressing over this!!!

Help with My Baby Girl's 13th Birthday
by: Hopeful Mom

HELP!! I am planning a 13th birthday trip for my daughter in late April in NYC. I want this to be so memorable for her! We are flying into the city on a Wednesday and leaving on a Sunday. We are staying on Broadway. I want her to look back on this rite of passage into her teen years with fond memories, so please help with any suggestions!

She's really interested in photography, fashion, music/popculture (especially Wiz Kalifa {did I spell that right?} basketball, volleyball, cooking, her dog, and most anything creative. She really wants to walk the streets and take pictures of the architecture, try to get on the Today show the morning of her birthday, spend some time in Macy's, and take in a broadway show. Aside from that, I'd love to let her see/tour something in the fashion industry; to see the creative process.

She's been there before, so we've done the Empire, Statue of Liberty, museum of Natural History. But anything you can recommend to help me make this a trip of a lifetime for my very special girl!!???!!???

Reply: If she's interested in Fashion I would definitely suggest touring poular Project Runway locations like Mood. In March, season 9 All Star designers are in NYC holding a sample sale and available to greet and pose for pics. It's possible they'll be in town during April, but I can't confirm that.

The new show Fashion Star premiered this week and the stars were at Macy's in NYC to celebrate. As the time of your trip draws closer you may find other events associated with the new show in NYC.

If your daughter is familiar with the show What Not to Wear it's fun to visit Nick Arrojo's studio for an hair or makeup experience. Of course, your daughter may not be familiar with the show. His studio, as well, as Carmindy's is in NYC.

There are fashion design schools in NYC that hold events. You might want to check if any of them fit your schedule.

I LOVE taking backstage tours of the theaters. The costumes and sets are to die for. For anyone who loves fashion, a tour of an historically based musical would be particularly exciting.

There are a number of designer sample sales in NYC during April. You'd have to verify which ones are running while you're in town to be sure, but historically Elie Tahari, Jimmy Choo, Kooba, Max Mara, and Manolo Blahnik have sample sales in April as do several others. Even window shopping at those shops would be fun.

The 11th Annual Tribeca Film Festival will be held from April 18-29, 2012 and that usually attracts more celebrities than Fashion Week even, so you never know who you may spot.

I Have No Idea What to Do for My Birthday
by: ashii

I am 13 years old and I have no clue what to do for my birthday. I am going to have like 11 bestfriends over. I am a girl and they are all girls.

I want to have a sleepover and not spend a lot of money. I live somwhere where there is like nothing to do in town and I need ideas and examples of games I can do. We are kinda girly, but not that much. We are into boys and make up but we need other ideas then just doing make up and talking about boys.

I have read alot of websites they DONT help. My birthday is April 30th but I need to know SOON :p Thanks! Hope you can help :D

Reply: I don't know if you and your friends are into cooking or baking, but you can have a riot dividing girls into teams and giving them a box of mystery ingredients they have to make a meal with. It's especially fun when you all have to eat it later. Guaranteed to spark giggles and usually a few grimaces when you're taste testing.

There are a number of fun games associated with food and cooking if that is a theme that interests you.

by: elle/antonia

Elle's big 13th birthday is coming up and we have totally no ideas!!??

Need Birthday Help - I'm Clueless
by: Hannahbanana

Hey! My name is Hannah and I'm turning 13 and I want something out of the ordinary for my party. I don't like doing things twice so please don't say hotel, skating, or bowling. I really need help. By the way, my birthday is on St. Patty's Day.


How about a Lucky 13 party theme or a Loopy Leprechuan party theme? Either one is perfect for getting affordable decorations, invitations, prizes and favors.

The Lucky 13 theme could be centered around games of chance where you win by luck. For Loopy Leprechaun you could ask guests to come dressed as Leprechauns and give them funny names. Then you could have all sorts of wacky games and activities.

I Need 13th Birthday Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

Ok, so my birthday is coming up in a week and I have no idea what to do. It's my 13th and I want it to be special. I live in California and it can't be pricey (under 70$). Help!

Reply: There isn't enough information about number of guests, where you're holding the party, your likes, etc.

For example, if you are inviting 14 guests that would mean an average $5 per guest to cover food, party decorations, activities, prizes, favors, beverages, etc. In that case certain ideas would be out. See what I mean?

I am going to assume you are inviting 5 guests and with you that makes 6. If the party will be over a 3 hour period you'll need some kind of food and beverage, one or more activities, and possibly decorations, prizes, and/or favors.

I don't know what aspects are most important to you. For some it's an amazing cake, and others it's the favor bags. For some it's the games and for others it's the atmosphere and decor.

This is why it is really important to give as much detail as possible to get an answer that will fit you.

I've done ice cream parties for under $100 for more than 40 people, but I didn't pass out favors in that case. I did have games though and a totally fun ice cream bar.

There are a lot of parties you can do from a Western party to a rock star party, a Parisian Cafe to a Peace Party, for your price point depending on what you like and what elements of the party are most important to you.

Freakin' Out!!
by: Anonymous

I have no idea what to do for my b-day, I really don't! I would LOVE if Katy Perry came to my b-day but I know that will not happen. Help Me!!!

Reply: And if Katy Perry actually DID come to your party, then what would you do? That might give you some ideas.

Could you build your party around your favorite Katy Perry song? For instance, if it were "Hot n Cold" you could do an opposites party. Ask friends to come dressed as opposites either by pairs or opposites such as being half dressed like a girl and half dressed like a boy, or half dressed like a baby and half dressed like a senior or half of them looking happy and half sad.

Then everything at the party would have opposites.

Of course there are tons of her songs you could build party ideas around.

13 Year Old Problem
by: animalover123

Ok I'm turning 13 in March and I'm an animal freak, but my most favorite animal is a wolf. I need an idea and I'm really into winter... not so big on the hotness. I want it to be fun for my friends too, but I need your help for some ideas.


Wolves are known for being strong and cunning. It would be fun to divide your guests up into two packs of wolves and give them each a wolf name.

Then begin having strength challenges, followed by strategy challenges. Each win gives points to the applicable pack. The pack with the most points after all the challenges wins.

Ice Skating Party
by: Anonymous

Hi! You could host an ice skating party or a shopping spree.

SOS Help!!!
by: Cookigurl

Hey! So I'm turning 13 in August and I have no idea on what to do for a theme. I want something really cool, but not over the top. I want something for just girls, but *none* of the following:

1. Makeovers
2. Boys
3. Movie night
4. Slumber party
5. Justin Bieber
6. Pool party

I just want it to be fun and memorable, since I only turn 13 once.

Reply: How about building your party around a popular teen tv show, like Pretty Little Liars? You could have a mystery guest that your friends have to try and find. That mystery guest could send text messages with clues that lead to different locations till the eventually arrive at the final destination and the revelation of your mystery guest.

Have a hint item at each location and allow guest to send up to 3 guesses throughout the game as to who the mystery guest is, but don't reveal the right answer till the end. As the end, first check to see which team, if any guessed the right person first. If no one did provide another clue or let the mystery guest speak in a distorted tone. First team to guess WINS!

The teams could be led to a mystery item rather than a mystery person if not enough people at the party would be familiar with someone you could get to fill the role of the mystery guest.

Vampire Theme Party for a Lot of People
by: Anonymous

I am turning 13 in February and I want a party. I'm in love with the gory vampire romance thing (but not Twilight. Anything but Twilight.)

I need a cool party and I need to invite my entire class of 23 and invite my close family friends of 8. I also will have my brother there. I want minimal to no adult supervision.

I like swimming parties, but it seems so expensive and won't allow me to invite 32 people. I need ideas, games, and places. Most of all I NEED HELP!!!

Reply: Couldn't you go more historic with a vampire theme and either build your party around a movie like Van Helsing? On a lighter note you could build around a Transylvania theme and have almost Beetlejuice type wacky activities for your guests to participate in.

Please Help
by: the girl who needs help

Okay so my birthday is next week on January 20th. I live in Lake Elsinore, CA. I have a budget of $100-200. I want to go some place where my guests will remember. I haven't decided if it will be coed or if I will just have my 4 closets girlfriends. I don't really want to go ice skating. I want a more of a teen fun place to go.

I'm considering going to Knots Berry Farm, but I'm not sure yet. The girls will be spending the night at my house so I'm not sure what to do. Like I said I want it to be more teen with lots of laughs (you only turn 13 once).

I want my day to be fun and creative as we enjoy our day someplace. I'm really stressed because my birthday is next and I'm not sure what to do. <3

OMG I Need Some Ideas!
by: Abigail

Hey! I am turning 13 on February 17th and I don't know what to do. I was thinking of going to London with my friends, but my mum just said, "What's the point?" I thought it through and I also said it was pointless, so now I have no idea what to do. I was thinking of maybe getting a limo around my place and after go to a nice restaurant, and then go to my dad's and just settle down. Anyways, I thought that was pretty lame so now I am thinking to get a hotel and have a little party there, but like before am thinking it through as LAME!!

I don't want a party cause something will just get broken and this is why I need your help. My mum and dad don't want to pay a lot for this but I want to do something I have never done before.

I've been ice skating for my 12th. Please someone reply with a good idea soon as I am freaking out!

Reply: You didn't say WHY going to London was a lame idea. You could do an "I NEVER" party and then travel around the city with your friends and each try one food you have never eaten, visit one place you have never visited, dare to do one thing you have never done before, buy one thing you have never seen before, etc.

My Birthday Is in May and I Have No Idea What to Do!
by: sydney owens

I have no idea what to do. I am stuck with everything. I will be turning 13 and I have no idea what to do. I want it to be at the top. I am a girly girl and I am having 30-40 people come, but I don't know what to do as a theme or what I need. HELP!

Help Before I Burst! :)
by: jade

Hey guys!

Can anyone help me? I'm 12 and I am planning my party now because it's my 13th I'm planning. My birthday isn't till March, but I want to plan ahead, so me and my mam and dad can all get enough money together. My budget is no more than £200.

I'm stuck because I don't know what kind of party to have for all my friends before the sleepover with just my close mates. I want a party that some of my older friends will enjoy... those who are like 16+ because they're invited.

I have one question for you guys. Can anyone help me?

What makes the perfect 13th? Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you xx

13th Birthday
by: LOL23344

Hey! I am turning thirteen in April and am unsure on what to do for my party. I have never had a big party before except for having a combined party with my sister.

I would like to invite 30 to 40 people. I am a dancer, but am not big on make up and stuff like that.

Last year I had a sleepover but this year I want to go BIG!!! My mom wants me to invite all of my friends, but keep it at a conveinent price! I offered to help pay but I also want to keep it cheap! Does anyone have suggestions???

Please no mean comments :)

Reply: Where to you plan to hold the party... at home, at a venue or at hall, indoors or outdoors? The space you have available will partially dictate what you can do.

13th Birthday Dilemma Help!
by: Libby

I am turning 13 next month and I want to have a big party, but one that doesn't cost masses of money. I want to invite loads of my friends (mabye 25) which include boys AND girls I really don't know what to do :( HELP PLEASE!!!

13th Birthday Help Please
by: sarah

My 13th is in 6 months and 20 days and I desperately need help organising a party that involves zorb balls, but they are $150.00 every 4 hours. HELP!

Reply: Could you please give a little more information? Are you asking for an alternative to zorb balls because you think they are too expensive to rent or are you asking for my ideas to include in your zorb theme party?

Party Help Needed
by: Maddie

I'm 12 (turning 13) and my birthday is in like a month and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to do!!!!! It's in February so going to the beach and stuff is not an option. I also don't want anything too expensive, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

Reply: Please see the Minute to Win It idea immediately below. Would that work for you?

A month away
by: Anonymous

My 13th birthday party is in less than a month and I don't want a huge party or presents, but I do want to do something with my friends. I'm not a girly girl or a tomboy, and neither are my friends. I need help coming up with an idea.

Reply: I don't know if you are open to this, but I've seen some young teens who made their parties into either a fundraiser for a local charity or centered it around helping someone in their community.

I'm sure I've mentioned doing a Minute to Win It party before, but if I haven't on this page all you need to do is go HERE and you'll find the instructions to dozens of Minute to Win It games. I've done this party with adults, teens, and kids and they've all loved it. It's especially great since it works for girl parties, boy parties AND mixed parties.

My Sweet 13!
by: Nicole Kerbay

I want to have a big sweet 13 party and rent a hall at a hotel and get a DJ and have 5 of my very close friends and some family spend the night at the hotel with me. I also want my party to be glamour ... wild zebra, cheetah jungle party. I want it to be a night to remember and the best night of becoming a teenager. I want a celebrity to perform at my party and stuff, but I can't come up with a theme and the best way to have my party. I need your help.

Thank you :)

Reply: If you're planning on having a celebrity, I'll assume it's a celebrity look-a-like you'll need to get. Depending on who that is, you could build the theme around something related to that particular celebrity or otherwise a Hollywood party theme would be the perfect fit.

Party in January
by: Momiko

I'm turning 13 and my birthday is in January. I would like to invite my seven closest friends. My parents are not into slumber parties, though that would be my best choice, so I need ideas for other types of parties. My budget would be under $100. Some ideas I have thought of would be a swimming party at an indoor pool, a roller skating party, a movie party, a game show party (such as Minute to Win it), and renting a gymnastics gymnasium (which might be too expensive).

I'm not very girly, so any spa or make over parties wouldn't be a very good option. Since my birthday is in winter, it is always pretty hard to find something, but I want my party to be fun!

Please Reply if YOu Have Any Ideas!

Birthday Help Needed
by: Me!

My 13th birthday party is supposed to be in a week but I haven't planned at all. I don't like any ideas on this page. It's cold but not enough snow to sled or anything like that. No makeover mani pedi or hair. No bowling or cooking or other stuff on here. I live in a tiny towns where there is nothing to do and city is 1 hour away but possible to go there. I like hotel but I think it's too expensive. Not at home!!! I want 4-7 girl friends.

Me Too!!
by: Anonymous

Kimberly - I just turned 13 last week and I am having my party this week. I didn't have it last week because it was on Thanksgiving... lol. Y'all should go places that y'all have never been!! That's what I think!! :)

13th Birthday Dilemma
by: lenaya thomsen

I need help. I'm having a pool party and everything is sorted; it's just that the night of my thirteenth I don't know what to do. We are sleeping in a tent out behind my house and that's all I can think of. What can I do please. I need help. Should we do makeovers or what?

Reply: If you'll be outside, you might want to try a glow in the dark scavenger hunt. Also, spooky stories are always fun outside in the dark in a tent. You could make your stories humorously spooky by playing this ghost story mad lib.

I Need Help
by: MaRee'

I'm 12 years old and turning 13 this year on December 21st. Last year I had my party early on December 11th because my birthday is so close to Christmas. But this year I'm not sure if I want to wait till January or just do something with my mom in December, since her birthday is December 19th. I'm also not sure what kind of party I'll have. Do I want to have a hotel party? Which brings up another conflict... my parents are cheap! I'm so STUMPED!!! I like watching movies, shopping, eating, being pampered. If I do have a party I will need to invite my best guy friend and my best girlfriend! Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!

Reply: How about your own Academy Awards party, only you pick the movies up for awards and have your guests vote secretly before arriving at the party. You might even want to watch the winner of BEST MOVIE together after playing movie games, etc.

Girls Night Out Idea
by: allie

I wish I knew where you lived. I mean like what city and state because I live in Deep Creek in Chesapeake, Virgina. We have a teen club right behind Chesapeake Pizza. It's very fun... Maybe you have something similar in your town too... or just be like me and go crazy... IDK... LOL!

by: cammi zebra gurl

I'm turning 13 in a month. I'm in love with zebras and pretty much anything blue. My budget is 80 dollars and my birthday is in January. I've done everything from bowling to ice skating. My mom's not crazy about the whole slumber party thing. I'm not a girly girl, so no manis, pedis, facials, or pink... eww. I'm more on the tom boyish side.

Reply: In that case, what about a Survivor (blue Zebra print on the invites for that would be cool) or Fear Factor party? A Minute to Win It! party is also a good fit, but covered a few times below.

Me = Stumped
by: lindsey

I don't know if these are good ideas or which one to choose. Please help.

1. Boy-girl pool party
2. Boy-girl Justin Bieber pool party
3. Boy-girl beach party at my local beach
4. Boy-girl party at the park
5. All girl sleepover

Which do you think is the BEST idea? And what could we do at these parties? Please reply. Thanks!

H.E.L.P! Please!
by: Emilee

Hey! I'm Emily and I live in New Hampshire. I was born on December 22nd, 1998. Since my bday is in December (near Christmas) no one usually comes so I was thinking of doing my party in June or July when we are on summer break. I will be turning 13 pretty soon. I know since I'm doing my party in June its kind of a long wait, but I love planning ahead.

I need my party to be PERFECT. I was thinking of doing it at my house, but every time I do it there we usually get bored fast. I was thinking of doing a pool party with swimming for 4-5 hours. I don't know if that's fun. What else can we do at a pool party besides just swimming the whole time? Also, I don't really have a big pool, only about 5-6 people can fit in it with breathing space and I'm inviting about 30-50 people so I don't know what to do.

I'm inviting both boys and girls and I'm not sure if it'll be awkward since it's a pool party and boys are coming. Most of my friends are immature and think it's weird and said they won't come if I invite boys. I think it's fine but I don't know.

I really like Justin Bieber but most of my guy friends hate him and will murder my decorations if I do that. I don't know what to do. I'm really stumped. Boy-girl Justin Bieber pool party or just a regular no pool boy-girl party (but what fun is that and what will we do?), or a girls only Justin Bieber pool party (as much as I want to invite my guy friends), or could I just invite 20 people and we could all have a party at the beach because I always wanted to do that. Only one problem though. I hate swimming at the beach. I just love the boardwalk and volleyball and I don't think all the parents would like us all going the beach.
I'm soooooo confused on what to do. Pleeeeeease help and reply. -Thanks for your time.

Reply: My birthday is close to Christmas and I love winter parties. You may not, but if you do why not have your party earlier in December rather than waiting all the way till June.

A toboggan party coupled with a tree trimming party could be fun. You could even play Justin Beiber's new Christmas cd while you're trimming the tree. It could be a special thirteen birthday tree and you all could get really creative with it and possibly even have competitions. There's a lot of fun gift exchange games that you could use for competing for prizes instead and you could even include a crazy Christmas scavenger hunt.

If you prefer summer parties then Hawaiian luaus are fun because you can swim and hold all sorts of fun competitions like a limbo contest.

First Day of Spring
by: Anonymous

My birthday isn't for 4 months, but I want this to be special. All my other parties have been sleepovers and pool parties, which were OK but could be better... I was thinking about the hotel and limo idea, or maybe even dinner and a movie, but I am not sure... I NEED this to be special. People at my school have already done hayrides, a place called Bradford Camp with ziplines and stuff, and bonfire w/ a D.J. My brother's bday is in May and he already has it planned out! HELP ME!!!

14th Birthday Party
by: courtney

June 16th is my birthday and I want to either book a hotel room or have a party. In the hotel I would have only about 6 people, but then for the party I would have about 90 to 100 people. Please let me know what I should do asap!! xxx

OMG Katy
by: kristen

This is totally random but OMG Katy! Whoever you are, I just need to share this. My birthday is October 19th too! I'm also turning 13 like you.

I Need 13th Birthday Party Ideas
by: kristen

I'm turning 13 and really need some ideas. I want to have a killer party, but not too expensive. I'm thinking of maybe going somewhere (don't know where so need suggestions) and then having the girls sleep over. I want to do a blacklight neon theme and karaoke party. Maybe I'll also have Wii games and movies with lots of junk food. I live in Tucson.

I just need ideas on where to go or what to do. I'm not too girly. I'm more of a tomboy, but still enjoy some girl things. Please help!!!

I'm Turning 13. What Should I Do for my Party?
by: Katy

I love HELLO KITTY!!!!!!!!!

I'm planning on spending $100 tops. Any Advice?

Please respond. October 19th is my birthday!!!!!!!

I really want a gamer truck, community pool for party location, or you know something simple, YET AWESOME, but everything's too PRICEY!!!!! Thanks.

Yours Truly,

Reply: So are you going to have the party at your house? Because a Hello Kitty party theme would be so cool. There's so many fun decorations that you could even amp up with some zebra prints. Games could be converted to Hello Kitty or you could do something like a Hello Kitty spa and pamper the girls. It really depends on what type of activities you all enjoy. Any theme can be tailored.

13th Birthday Ideas PLEASE
by: Katy

I'm planning my 13th Birthday and inviting 1-10 people. Suggestions are below. Please help me as I need a theme and halloween party location-type-place-thingy. Desserts are also necessary. What is the best bakery EVER? BACK TO THE IMPORTANCE: LOCATION!!!!!!! Post party ideas I need ideas BTW I like:

Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Nicki Minjai
Hello Kitty
Pastries/Desserts/ SWEET!!!!!
Neon Pink
Any Neon Color

I need to know where I should have my party. Somewhere HALLOWEEN themed or something nobody's ever done before, yeah that awesome!!!!!

Reply: It's difficult to suggest a party location without a city/town and country. I live close to Niagara Falls, Canada but if you live in Arizona my party location suggestions won't be helpful. Can you give me a city and country?

What Should I Do for My 13th Birthday?
by: Katy

I'm turning 13 October on 19th, but I've already covered the basics... sleepover, bowling, park, barbeque, house party, Teen Center Dance... then party, ice skating, etc. I can't do a pool party though because I don't have a pool.

Any Suggestions?

Reply: Are you looking for an activity or a theme? A retro party can be so fun, but if you are strictly looking for an activity then how about a Game Show party where you play some of the most recognized prime time TV game shows or a carnival party where you set up a ton of those challenging carnival games.

I Need Help with My December Birthday
by: Anonymous

My birthday is in December. I've always had the best parties and I want this year to be better. My past parties have been three hundred dollar dinners, bounce houses, water slides, camping, and a few more. I'm turning thirteen and I want this party to be better than last year. I'm having about 10 people come and I have a budget of 200 dollars. I don't want to do a hotel party because my friend is already doing that. I already have shirts made with last names and numbers on them football jersey style. So what should I do?


Is this an all girl party? If so, are they girly girls or more athletic - outdoorsy girls?

I'm trying to decide whether you need sports theme ideas or cheerleader ideas for your party to go with the jerseys you already bought.

13th Birthday
by: Nicole

Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm turning thirteen in about a month. I need help on planning a birthday party because there's not much you can do in October. It gets really chilly in that month and I have no clue what to do for my birthday. I was thinking of inviting 20-30 friends and I have budget up to $300. I was thinking of doing it somewhere fun. I can't really do it at home because it's a complex and really small. So I was wondering if someone can tell me some ideas or places I can do a birthday party at. And I was thinking of something more you know for teens not for like kids. Someone please respond. Thank you.

Reply: Assuming you invite 30 guests, your budget would allot for $10 per guest if you did an activity somewhere. If you were able to rent a location for $150-$200 it would leave $100 for food and activities.

Do you have a friend or relative that would allow you to have the party at their house so that you could eliminate the cost of a venue?

There are a lot of fairs and carnivals in the Fall that could make for a cost effective location to host your party, but it's unlikely you'll keep 30 people together that way.

Bowling, movies, and rollerskating could fit your budget, but you wouldn't have exclusive use of the building.

Laser tag, paintball, and go-Karting would be outside the budget unless guests were to purchase their own way in (not likely, depending on your friends).

There are some theme parks that would come close to your budget, however, not knowing what town or city you are from makes it difficult to determine if there is one near you.

Haunted houses and such are probably within your budget. Often there are shows and concerts that you can get at group rates if you know far enough in advance, but they will be hard to find at $10 per ticket.

Isn't there a room in your complex that can be rented for parties?

Birthday Party Ideas :)
by: Anonymous

Hi! So my birthday is in 15 days and if falls on a Saturday so 7 of my closest girlfriends are gonna sleepover my house, and I'm thinking of fun games and activities:

Taking lots of pictures
Truth or dare
Who knows the birthday girl best
Face masks
Spin the bottle except with nail polishes and whatever color it lands on, the spinner has to paint there one of there nails that color

I hope I helped, I will probably have more stuff, but that's all for now! :)

Birthday Help
by: alison

Hello! I need your help. My birthday is on the 17th of September and I dont know what to do. I want to have a sleepover, but I want a theme and I dont know what.

Please! Please! Please! Help me choose what to do.

Reply: September 18th in National Women's Friendship Day so it's a great time to have a BFF party to celebrate friendships with your besties.

There are lots of girlfriend games. You could also make friendship bracelets and friendship memory albums or photo calendars.

Your invitations could be half of a heart like the best friend necklaces. You may even want to make a game of having the girls find the matching piece of their heart at your party.

I don't know how you feel about a Pirate Party, but September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day and on September 20, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is set to come out on DVD so you could even rent the DVD if your party wasn't on the exact day of your birthday.

Pirate Party Ideas

My Brain is Frazzled! :/
by: ...........

I live in Britain (Runcorn) & I am turning 13 in 3 months(November)! I need help. Everyone is having a 13th and I have completly no idea?

It has to be low budget (and I mean extremely low) because I am going to Florida with school next year and it costs the bomb!

So, I will invite just girls but I might invite some boys, but I think mainly girls.

I need it to be the best party EVER! My mum doesn't like me sleeping over at other people's and anyone sleeping at mine :/

Please, I need help and I'm running out of options... Please give me ideas! x

Reply: A Minute to Win It! party is so fun and very low cost. All of the games are based on items everyone has around the house and I have yet to see anyone who doesn't enjoy the challenge of beating the clock on these games. You may want to bump up the time to two minutes if no one has tried the games before. You can find instructions and video for the game on the NBC Minute to Win It games page.

It's My 13th Birthday Soon
by: s.n.d 123

Hey! It's my 13th b-day soon and my mum and dad won't talk about what I am going to do for it

I was thinking about having a big party with all my girl and boy mates. I was going to get VIP wristbands and if you don't have one you cannot come in. If you have lost your wristband there will be a list at the door with a man there, but how will I get my mum and dad to listen to get my b-day happening. HELP!


Reply: It depends on why your parents don't want to talk about your party right now. One thing you might want to do is to create a written list of what you want to do and look up the prices for each thing. Be sure to figure out prices based on how many guests you plan to invite. Then give the list to your parents to look at when they have time.

Again, since I don't know why your parents are not wanting to discuss your party at this time, it's difficult to answer you on how to approach them.

Please Help
by: Anonymous

I really need help. I'm turning 13 in 1 month and I want to invite 20 people. It's boys and girl and my crush is included. I want it to be fun for all of us and romantic for me and my crush. Well, I want to have my first kiss on my birthday!! PLEASE HELP!
I live in Dubai, but I don't want it to be in Club Rush!! Thnx! Lots of love.

I Need Ideas for an America's Next Top Model Party
by: Anonymous

Hey! I am having my birthday party in a few weeks. MY theme is AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. I am inviting two of my closest friends and we all love the show, but I don't really know what games and activities we can do. HELP!!!!!!

Reply: I would rent or buy your favorite America's Next Top Model season on DVD or whatever player you have and have a marathon viewing, especially if you're having a slumber party. There's also the option of renting from Net Flix...

Then, either use the Season you rent as inspiration or create your own list of challenges for the girls to compete in. Think of the great photo or video diary you'll be able to create as a keepsake.

Some ideas might be to give the girls some vegetable or fruit and create a pose wearing one or more of the items.

Give the girls a selection of unique eye shadows and liners and have them create the most interesting eyes they can. Then photograph them.

Justin Bieber Party?
by: Brooke

Im 13 in about 5 months in summer :D

Yeah, I know it's early but I want it to be perfect so I'm planning now. I'm having 2 parties... one for family and then one for friends :)

For my family party I am just having family and my bestfriend over and a backyard BBQ at night :)

But then for my 13th with my friends I have no idea what to do. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! so I was thinking a Justin Bieber theme, but I need ideas on what to do. Any ideas? I've got a budget of $1000 :)

I've already planned my cak. It's a Justin Bieber cake & it's three levels (like a wedding cake).

Reply: If you have a large screen tv you could set up the party to be a Justin Bieber "concert" and mail VIP ticket invitations. Rent a concert video to show. You may even want to set it up to have a mosh pit/dance space if you have lots of friends who like to dance.

Have a competition to see if friends can guess the title of Justin's songs by playing a few bars of the song.

Instead of an airband contest have an audition for backup dancers for a Justin Bieber tour.

13th Birthday ideas
by: Anonymous

Hey! I'm fixing to turn 13 myself so here are some ideas:

  • Have a bonfire with friends. It gives you a chance to talk and laugh and tell stories while roasting marshmallows (:

  • Do makeovers on each other. Each person has a theme for their makeover (like once we did it where we put tons of make-up on like the girls on Toddlers & Tiaras) LOL

  • Get the "crackle" nail polish and do each others nails (you can buy it at your local ULTA shop).

  • Watch a scary movie and afterwords watch a comedy so that your not as scared later on.

  • Buy cans of Silly String and have a huge silly string fight

  • Get confetti poppers and when it turns midnight go outside and pop the confetti (because your birthday is now over)!

  • Get lots of your favourite soda (make sure it's not caffeine free) and candy so you can stay up all night. And when you'rw up at like 4 in the morning and really hyper...its really hilarious (;

  • Play music from your ipod or mp3 and dance to your favourite songs and even make up a dance of your own.

You don't have to have an expensive party to have fun with friends!

I hope this helps!

Need a Theme
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in 2 weeks and I don't have a theme for my party yet. I kind of want to have like a girls night out theme, but i don't know what supplies I need for my party?

Princess Party
by: sophie

Hi! My name is Sophie. I am turning 13 this year. I would like to have a princess theme party. How can i make it more fun for my friends and me?

by: Anonymous

Get a bunch of friends together and make your house a dance party. Play all the latest music and even get some games if you have a wii!!!

I Need Something to Do for My Birthday
by: camcam

I'm 12, turning 13 in 11 months. Yeah... I plan ahead... oh well. It's my 13th and it has to be perfect. I can't think of anything. Write back as soon as possible. Thanks. Have a good birthday!

My 13th Birthday :)
by: jade

My birthday is on the 18th of August and I don't know what to do for it. I was thinking of going shopping and then to the cinema with 2 or 3 of my friends, and then have them stay at my house. The only problem with them staying is I have a little brother and sister and anytime my friends stay they always annoy us and I want my friends to have fun and not be annoyed by them. Anyway, do you think my idea of shopping, cinema, and then stay at my house is a good idea? There is lots we could do at my house so it won't be boring. Do you have any other ideas like mine? :)

Reply: Sounds fun to me and even though little siblings can sometimes be annoying there's no reason why you can't have fun anyway.

If you have a single aunt or older family member that loves kids and doesn't have any at home, you might be able to convince them to let you have your sleepover at their house. I've seen that done before.

Turning 13 in September!
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in about a month now & trying to plan early! I do live in a small town so I have to drive about and hour and a half to get to the movies, mall etc. I was thinking about having a pool party because I do have a pool & then having the girls stay over. I don't quite know what to do that night! I'm having 7 girls over, ideas please!? Thank you! ( :

Fun New Jersey Party Venues
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm turning 13 in March and I want to do something memorable with my 5 friends. I want to know if there are any fun, dress up all fancy type venues and or events in Jersey. We're going to be flying there during my bday. Thx!

Reply: Not sure what your budget is, but a dinner theater makes for a great girls night out. There is one called Hunterdon Hills Playhouse in New Jersey, but I'm sure there are others. You may even be able to cross over to NYC and see a show.

Please Could You Give Me Some Ideas
by: Paige

Hello! My birthday's on the 18th of September. Please help me. I'm fussy because I don't want to go bowling, swimming or anything like that. I just want it to be a birthday I will remember. I've been looking at the comments that some of you have made and I like the idea of camping, but it would have to be in my garden and it's all steps. I have a 4 man tent and wouldn't be able to do it in my garden. Also, my mom and dad don't like the thought of me being outside all by myself (with no adult)!!!!!

I am a girly girl, but I so love the idea of camping in my garden. I might go with a beach party take a beach tent and a BBQ and it will be great but, I need more ideas. I still have 2 months till my birthday, but my mam and dad need to know by next mouth. Please please please reply even if you think its not my type of thing, I NEED IDEAS!!!!

Thank you!

Reply: If your parents would prefer that you not camp outside alone, but you like the idea of hosting your party in the garden, why not plan a whimsical garden party... even a Mad Hatter Tea Party. Have your guests come in fun hats or make some when they arrive. One of my friends makes the coolest top hats with bristol board and accessories.

You could serve lunch or dinner on an elegant table setting in the garden and play some traditional outdoor games like bocci ball, croquet, lawn darts, etc. If you go with a Mad Hatter theme you can kick those games up a notch to match the theme.

If you're having a slumber party set up the tent in your basement and have the girls crawl through a rabbit hole to get to camping world. Dress the room to look whimsical.

Garden Party Ideas

Mad Hatter Party Supplies

13th Birthday
by: shanece

I need help. It's my birthday in a couple of months but my mum and dad are planning it now. It's going to be my 13th birthday, but at the moment we don't have a clue what I want to do for it. We were going to hire a limo to take me and my mates to the place where the party was, but then the place shut down so we cant do that :( So, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. <3

13 Birthday
by: Abby C


I turn 13 in a couple of months and I'm really excited so I'm already planning it.

So, what I am going to do is ...

  • 01. Have 25 girls over for a FANCY DRESS DISCO themed party. We are gonna have a huge disco downstairs with food and drinks and games outside.

  • 02. Play some games like donut eating comps and stuff like that.

  • 03. Have a huge cake and go swimming. When we go swimming we are gonna have a HUGE watermelon covered in oil so its slimy and try to play water rugby with it. That should be really fun.

  • 04. After the party, im inviting my four best friends to stay the night.

  • 05. At the sleepover, we are going to first go out and get a movie from the DVD store

  • 06. Then we are going to come back and get ready to go out and put on nice dresses and stuff

  • 07. Go to a fancy restaraunt and Mum and Dad can get a table of their own, then us 5 will have a big table to ourselves and eat heaps of food and talk about stuff.

  • 08. Go and get an ice cream and drive home.

  • 09. Watch the movie we got from the DVD store

  • 10. Go to bed downstairs in the disco room with mattresses and stuff

  • 11. Tell scary stories and truth or dare and eat heaps of lollies

  • 12. In the morning, eat waffles and chocolate french toast and go to Max Brenners ( choc shop) and stuff oursleves with chocolates!!!!!

  • 13. Then my friends go home...

Hope this gives you some ideas for your 13th!

13th B-day Party
by: Anonymous

Ok, I know my birthday is in October, but I want to think ahead of time. I'm not sure if I want to just stay home with a couple of my closer friends (that are girls) or go out and do something else, or have boys over. If I have boys over I want to make sure its cool so they don't make fun of it. If I would have three girls over and if I have boys over I would invite three boys over. I don't know if I want to go to a haunted house because my bff is afraid of them or if I want to go bowling, roller skating, watch scary movies, or something else. Help me!!!!

Reply: I like all of your ideas. If you like scary themes and your friend is scared of haunted houses maybe she could help you make a haunted house setting at your place. There are so many fun things you can do for that. Then, you could watch a scary movie later.

13th Birthday in a Month
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in a month : good. No ideas : bad. My mom is anti-sleep over, I'm inviting 10 people, and it's at my house! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Reply: All girls or coed?

13th Bday Help
by: Maddy

So my plans changed, my bff is having knee surgery and can't gor horseback riding or swimming. So now me and 3 friends (including my bff) are going to a hotel with an arcade and mini-golf and we're getting manicures. It's a pink vogue spa party theme. I went through all the spa games but I need a couple more. HELP!

Night Club Party
by: gail13

Hello! I am turning 13 next month and I have a twin sister. I was thinking of having a night club party with soda and pizza. Should I do it?

Reply: Sounds fun to me. You can get a few ideas from this Club Freeze party, but there are so many things you can do with a club party!

13th B-Day Party
by: Maddy

For my 13th B-Day me, my BFF, my mom, and my dad are going to a resort. It's very outdoorsy with horseback and kayaking. We are spending one night there. The thing is, I want to do something very memorable while there. I'm a very girly girl and we have a lot of spare time. What is something I could do while there that would make it very memorable and take up a good amount of time?

Sweet 13th and Desperate for Ideas
by: Mary

I am turning thirteen! Yay!

My interests are:
  • colorguard
  • singing
  • swimming
  • cooking (baking sweets I should say)

I like those things, but I DO NOT want a party with/pertaining to mani/pedis or something like that!

I just came up with a good idea...

A NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD REMIXED! We all dress up as our fave celebs and we act like we're going to an actual 'famous people only' thing.

My 13th Birthday :)
by: Isobella-Leigh&Ruby-mae

Hiya! We are Isobella and Ruby. It's Our 13th soon and we want to do something different. We don't want it to be too expensive or too cheap. We are inviting 6 people to come :) We need a theme as well. Please help if you have got any idea's. Please reply to us and we will be very thankful :)

Isobella-Leigh & Ruby-Mae <3

Help Me!!
by: Anonymous

It's coming up to my birthday and I am inviting 8 people. I am going to have a pink party, but I want something special so my guests don't get bored. I want to go in a limo (that's pink), but I need something special to do :L Please help me!

Reply: Where I live there is a dress up place with all sorts of Victorian costumes and girly girl costumes etc. and they serve tea and let the girls photograph themselves in their costumes. It's a very elegant shop with all sorts of jewelry, pretty rooms and furniture... It feels like you are stepping into another world... a fairytale almost. I don't know if you have such a shop where you live but that would be a great fit. If you don't you might be able to arrange with a friend or relative to set up something similar at their place so you'd have a destination.

I Need Advice on What to Do for My 13th Party!
by: Juicy Rainbow

My 13th birthday is in 10 days. I was going to have a giant slip 'n' slide in my neighbour's field because he has a huge slope and my garden is flat, but then he decided he wasn't going to let me rent it. I'm having a sleepover in a tent and a campfire, but I need more to make it memorable! I have 10 guests invited and have a budget of about $250. My party is at home. I'm not (and never will be) a tom boy, but I'm looking for something more boysterious than girly! xxx

IDK What to Do for My 13th
by: summer

Hi! My name is summer and my b-day is in a month. All my friends are doing clubs like dancing and stuff, but I only have the budget of $900 and I just don't know what to do. Can you help me???

Reply: $900 is a large budget for a birthday party. How many guests are you having?

Sleepover, Pool, Dressy Like Party?
by: Anonymous

Ok, so it's June 30th and my birthday is July 31st. This weekend I am getting a pool, 15' in diameter. I want to invite about 10 girls and 1 or 2 boys, my family and neighbors. I also want it to be a sleepover party and have about 7 girls sleepover. I am not so much of a sporty girl, I love looking good (dress-wise), and I have a budget of $200. I am planning on making the cake and ordering pizza and having some other treats laying around. Any ideas on what decorations I could have? Thanks in advanced. (: Oh yes and mosquitoes is an issue so I'm planning on having it mostly inside, and at home.

Reply: Three classy pool party theme ideas are "A Mid Summer's Night Dream" party, "A Fashion Fun Pool Party" and "A Casino Pool Party."

Give Me Some Ideas Please!
by: Jaclyn

I'm going to be 13 in August so it is warm but I don't know what to do! I have absolutely no ideas. I am definitely a sports person and I am a party girl! I also want a limo but idk if that's going to work! HELP ME! I need to know asap!

by: Brooke

I need help! I don't know what to do for my birthday! I like zebra print, pandas, and Broadway. I am very quiet and my birthday is in one month! I don't know what to do! Can you help me please? Thanks!

Reply: How about a Legally Blonde party? You could even have your guests re-enact scenes by using Legally Blonde scripts that are available in scenes or by character online.

Need Ideas
by: Cheyenne

Ok, my b-day is basically in a month, and I need goody bag ideas and stuff to do. It's going to be a sleepover and it has to do with blue and zebra, and I'm going to be 13. Hope you have some good ideas for my party.

Reply: Did you mean you are going to decorate in blue and zebra or is there some other significance to those two things in relation to your party? It would be fun to paint each other's nails in a blue zebra print if you were doing a Fashion Party or Girly Girl Party. You could even do some crafts like painting a mirror frame or sewing a make-up bag in blue zebra print.

13th Birthday
by: Sadie, gabby, carly, sophie


So I am having my 13th birthday in 2 months and am having all the gifts be donated to an animal shelter. The party will be from 12:30-3:45 pm, but I want a few of me and my quad (yes I'm a quad) friends to sleep over. What should we do?

Thanks a million!

Reply: I am assuming you are an animal lover if you are donating your presents to an animal shelter. It could be fun to build the party around an animal theme? Do you live on a farm or location where your friends could bring their pets and you could have competitions, etc., perhaps even a pet and owner look-a-like contest, a pet fashion show where you design outfits and then have you pets walk a runway (not that they'll behave, but I'm sure laughter will ensue), and watch a favorite animal movie like Secretariat or such.

Need Help Fast!
by: Anonymous

My birthday is less than two weeks away, and I'm totally stumped as to what I'm going to do for it. I'm turning 13. I'm only inviting one person to my house and that's my best friend. My mom said we could do anything we wanted to. So she left it up to us to plan. I know we might be going to the movies that afternoon, and then we're going out to dinner and the whole family is coming with us for that. So we're trying to figure out what we could do during the day. I know I don't want to go to an amusement park or anything like that. We thought about the mall, but I haven't decided if we're doing that or not. People have suggested a lot of things but I turned them down. I'm not much the girly type, so I don't like the makeovers and what not. I just really need ideas as to what I can do on my birthday. Please help :)

Reply: Are there any demonstration classes in your area, like candy making that you could do something new hands on? Since there are only two of you it could be quite affordable. Depending on what you like there are classes for everything from improv to glass blowing, candy making to dancing, and if you're allowed you can even take a flight in a small aircraft and get a chance to steer... so FUN!

Please Help!
by: Pookypottery

Ok, so it's my thirteenth birthday in eight days. It's on the 30th. I'm inviting 15 people, three adults, and thirteen kids, including myself, which is really coincidental (thirteenth birthday, thirteen kids). Anyways, I don't know what to do for my b-day party. I live in an apartment complex so my apartment isn't the ideal place for a large group. The apartment complex has two pools. I asked my mom about possibly having a pool party, but she said that it probably wouldn't be a good idea. She always says our family has a history of skin cancer because we are all really pale, and she doesn't want me to get burned in the sun while swimming. I'm on a limited budget, so what would be a good place to go? I'm in Phoenix, so, any ideas????

Please help. It's really confusing. thnx!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3(*)<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Reply: I'm guessing that you want to do something active but your mom would prefer that you not be outdoors. You also need a party idea that works for kids and adults. Would you be allowed to go to a park that has a covered picnic area so that you would not need to be in the sun all of the time? If so, there is a Park Clue Scavenger Hunt here that might work for you.

Urgent Help Needed

Hi! I really need some party ideas for my 13th. It's in a few weeks but I want it to be something to remember. I went rollerskating last year so that is something off my list. PLEASE! If anyone can help me I would be so grateful. Thanks ILYBABE <3

Reply: DO you have a favorite board game? Whole parties can be built around that. In the case of CLUE, your whole house can become a giant clue board game and guests can come in costume. For Parcheesi, you can give the party a Bollywood feel and even give each other henna tattoos.

13th Bday Party
by: Anonymous

My 13th birthday is in about a month and I have an idea of what to do. I want to get a limo and invite about 3-4 of my girls and pick them up then go to dinner. Then the limo would drive us to a hotel and sleep there, but my mom seems to be changing my idea. I want to do this really really bad, but I don't think my mom is super crazy about the limo thing. She hasn't talked about that yet since yesterday when we were talking about my party. Please help! Should I change my party idea or how do I tell my mom this is what I really want to do! Help!

Reply: Did you ask your mom what the budget for the party is? A limo, dinner, and a hotel can be expensive unless it is off season, and then it still depends on your budget. Maybe your mom will let you do one of the things on your list and you'll need to compromise on the rest. The first thing you'll need to ask about is the budget though.

13th birthday!
by: Jaclyn

So, I want to go to a hotel. So what do I do and do you think a limo would be a nice touch? The money doesn't really matter, so thanks!

Reply: If you are allowed to have a limo and a hotel stay you really don't have to come up with much more to do as hotels usually have pools and other recreation and girls love to laugh and chat so for later in the evening just print some of the games from our party game section to play.

Ideas For Your 13th Birthday Party
by: Lilly

It can be hard to decide what you want to do for your 13th birthday party. Since you're turning 13, you probably want it to be big. Here is what I am doing for my party.

I am clearing out our basement. It will be nothing but floors walls and the ceiling. I am going to set up tables with snacks and play party music. My party will be in the basement.

I wanted my party to be both a wild party with lots of people and dancing, but I also wanted a small party with only my closest friends where we can be ourselves and go crazy, so I did both. After the bigger party is over, some of my girlfriends will stay.

After everyone else has left, we will go swimming. You may not have access to a pool or a lake, or your birthday may be in the winter, so swimming wouldn't work. We will Be slip n' sliding and water balloon fighting and squirting each other with squirt guns, but after it starts getting late and dark, we will go back inside.

We will change into our PJs and order a pizza. Then we will eat cake and open gifts and do a cupcake war and/or cookie war. Of course, we will eat them and then go back to the basement for manis and pedis. I will also be making homemade avocado and cucumber face masks :)

We will get our sleeping bags set up and play lots of games, such as: truth or dare, truth truth lie, I never, M&Ms, spud, sleeping bag game, etc...

After everyone is getting tired, we will turn on a movie. A friend suggested a movie like Fireproof or Ice Castle. After the first movie, if everyone is still awake, we might watch another or chit chat about random stuff.

The next morning we will get up and eat doughnuts. The girls might stay for lunch so we will grill hamburgers/hot dogs. We might even go swimming again :). I mixed mashed a lot of themes into one party. If you want just one theme consider these:

  • A color theme (purple palooza)
  • A chocolate party
  • A water party (swimming, slip n slide, etc.)
  • A Scavenger hunt
  • A pajama party
  • A cutie pie party (play games and do activities that remind you of the things you did when you were little. You could even have princess plates and stuff like that)

I hope I helped you plan your party!!! Have a fabulous birthday party!!

13th Brthday Party Ideas
by: Bahranita

I'm having a 13th birthday party and I'm inviting about 10-13 girls. I don't really have ideas on what to do. I do have one idea: play pass the parcel with make up and lipsticks in it. I think that's a fun and girly thing, but I don't want it to be too girly because I have some tomboy friends so I don't want it to be too girly. Please give me some more ideas... maybe even some food recipes! :D Thank you so much. :D

Help Please
by: Diamondbaby

My bday is in August, but I'm an early planner so I want to have all that stuff done. I'm trying to figure out what to do for my bday. I'm having a hotel party with boys and girls, but I dont know what to do when it's time to have the sleepover with 12 other girls. What should we do after we go up to our room.

13th Birthday!
by: Emma

My 13th birthday is next month and I'm stuck for ideas. I'm looking at inviting about 3-4 people, including myself. I'm an outdoor person, but I live in Wales so the weather probably won't be too good. I'm also on quite a tight budget. Please Help!

Reply: How about a scavenger hunt of an Amazing Race style game that is made to last the length of the party?

Coed 13th Birthday party
by: Demi

I'm turning 13 on the 24th of September. My friends are going in limos for their 13ths but I'm not into that kind of stuff. I'm not really a girly girl. My mom was wanting me to rent a limo or have a sleepover, but most of my friends are boys so I would like something more suitable for all my friends. Please help!

Reply: I wouldn't classify a limo as girly girl since guys enjoy limos too. It would be more the destination that would determine if the event was coed or girly girl.

Are you wanting to hold your party at home or at a location? Also, what is your budget?

!3th Birthday Venues
by: Catie <3

My 13th birthday is coming up soon and I really would like a big venue because I will be inviting loads of people. My maximum for the whole party (DJ, food etc.)is £500, so the venue would have to be around £400. I am quite a girly girl and I love florescent things and I love big bright lights and strobe lights etc.! I really am dead against a hall because all my friends will have a hall and I want to be different. Boys will be there so it has to be suitable for both genders.

I live in Reading so it has to be in Reading or very close.

Love Catie :) x

Please help x

Reply: How about a roller rink or skating rink? These venues often offer party packages. Some movie theatres also provide party venues and packages.

Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

I think a neon/fancy dress disco would be great. My birthday is coming up soon and I think I might have a neon disco. What do you think girls? <333333

13th Birthday Masquerade Party
by: Sophia

I am having a masquerade party with 21 people for my thirteenth and it's going to be held at a fancy hotel. I will arrive in a hot pink hummer limo at the venue and have a three decker hot pink and silver cake. I don't know about games! I think I will just have dancing because there is no way am I having "pass the parcel" or things like that. I will have an after party in the lobby. I like my idea. We're going to have waiters and stuff and a professional chef to cook for us.

Brogan's 13th Party!
by: soon 13.

It's my 13th birthday in 2 months an I want a really good party as my friends have all had big disco's but I dont really want something like that. I want to be different. My mum has booked a limo for 8 people. I was thinking that after that we could get dropped off at a restaurant and then have a sleepover at my place... maybe in a tent. Do you think they will have fun?

Reply: Definitely. From experience of hosting and attending hundreds of parties I can say that friends enjoy each other's company and have fun even doing the simplest things. Extravagant things and special parties are a fun surprise and it is a rare friend who will not have a blast at such an event.

13th Birthday Party Advice
by: Anonymous

Do you think this is to big for a 13th?

The night before, 2 of my closest friends stay over at a hotel with me in my area with my mum and then on the day of the party we get £20-£35 each to get a outfit for a disco. Then we will go back to the hotel and do our make up and get ready. Then, a limo (maybe) picks us up and takes us to a disco with all my friends. After the disco we go back to the hotel and stay the day.

Do you think Pink Party or Black and White and Pink?

I was thinking if anyone needs a decoration idea that my cousin had two big martini glasses and filled them with white/black/pink crystals for her 13th birthday.

Please reply xxx :)

Reply: Whether the party idea is too big really depends on your budget. That is something you'll need to negotiate with your parents.

I love black, white and pink as you may have guesse. Whether it is pink, blue, red, or another color, its' always nice to add a punch of color to a black and white party.

13th Birthday Outdoor Sleepover
by: <3

I have a pretty good idea for my 13th birthday party. What I'm doing is inviting a few girls over to my house to stay the night. We are going to sleep in a tent in my backyard. We can have a campfire going and cook marshmallows :) It's going to be awesome!

Turning 13 on September 6
by: erionica

I don't know what to do for my 13th birthday. I'm a Fall baby and all I know is that I am going to have a sleepover and go to a fancy restaurant, but that seems too simple. I'm inviting about 9 or 10 girls and I can only think of 2 boys. What should I do? I don't want to make them feel left out, but it's my party. What should I do to make my party be remembered as the best party of the year?

Reply: I don't know any teenagers that would not enjoy a night out at a restaurant with friends. It's more important that you invite friends you enjoy spending time with then the details of your party in most cases. Fun people have fun no matter where they are or what they do. You can even take a kids themed party idea and grow it up for a teen party and teens will have fun.

My 13th Birthday Party
by: charlotte love

I want a party for my 13th birthday, but not a big one. I want it with my best friends Lucy and Fern, but I do not know what to do. xxxxx

Reply: How about a BFF Party where everything is friendship based from games to crafts (eg. friendship bracelets)? If your family enjoys baking, there is even a special friendship cake that you pass the dough on and on for.

My Sweet 13th
by: Anonymous

I live in New Zealand and it's winter here in May. I'm going to have a spa party and then jump in the pool (its winter!) with all the girls in my class (which is 13). What games/activities can I do for fun? It can't be something so crazy that I will get hypothermia! It has to be mature, but fun!

Help Needed for My 13th Birthday
by: Meaghan

I need help! I am turning thirteen soon and I am going to the movies, but what do I do after the movie? I want to do a scavenger hunt or murder mystery. What should I do?

Reply: Do you know what movie you are going to see? It would be cool to build a scavenger hunt around the theme of the movie.

Beauty Pageant 13th Birthday Party Theme

I'm turning 13 in 2 months (June) and this is what I'm going to do... a Beauty Pageant Party and invite 6-10 friends.

Name the pagent... Miss June (or whatever month you were born).

Have three sections to the pageant.

1. Evening gown competition (have guests wear the dresses they wore to school dances so no one has to buy anything new).

2. Talent competition (girls can sing or dance or do just any random trick they're good at).

3. Question and answer competition (use questions like "what would do to change the world or if you're really shallow (like me) ask them to pick a bad girl's best trait.

This works best if it's a sleepover. Hope this helps! <3

Birthday Ideas Too Expensive! What to Do!?!
by: Flo

I am from England and I am having my 13th birthday party on the 1st of July! First of all, I wanted to go bowling with my best friends, have some party food and my chocolate fountain and then have an awesome sleepover with sweets and movies! The trouble is that there are about 8 peeps I want to invite, but there is totally not enough room in my house for us to all get out our sleeping bags etc. and chill. I really, really want to have a sleepover!!! Also we only have a small budget as well! What shall I do? Please give me some ideas! Thanks! X <:D

Hope This Helps:)
by: Anonymous

For a 13th birthday you really shouldn't have that big of a party (not one too small either). Invite your closest friends. Don't have TONS of people or it will get overwhelming.

For this idea I would just invite maybe 7-8 people. Do something like going to a spa and getting facials or your nails professionaly done.

After that go to a fun place to eat like Dave n' Busters.

Finally, rent a hotel and have a sleepover in the hotel. Make sure there is a pool/jacuzzi so you can go swimming. Stay up all night and party!

Well hope this helped:)

Hope My Ideas Help....
by: Rosieeee:D:D

For my birthday, me and five of my friends are being picked up from school, either in a limo (if our budget allows), or just my dads campervan. :P

Then, because my dads friend owns a recording studio, we will be recording a song and each girl will have a cd of it. :P This is good because then we'll always have something to remember my 13th birthday by.

After this, we are going back home, and if there is enough time, we will walk to the park, and then come home and play in the garden with the hose. ;D

We will camp outside or in the summerhouse and do blind makeovers and stuff like that. We are going to buy a comedy or horror movie that we can all watch together.

The next day we are all going to Brighton for shopping. We'll have lunch there and shop till we drop :D

When we get back everyone will be picked up.

I hope this has helped to give you a few ideas.

Another great idea is a digital scavenger hunt where everyone has to go around town with a list of things they have to take pictures of like shaking hands with a policeman etc.

<3<3 :):)

13 Birthday Help!!!
by: Jamie :)

Okay, so my bday is in 1 month and I don't want to do a sleepover. I'm more of a sporty outdoors girl, so no cooking or makeovers. My budget is about $100-$150. I can't decide if it should be outside or going somewhere. I did camping last year. NO scavenger hunts. HELP!! IDK what to do. Someone please help me. My birthday is May 6 and it is April 8!!!

Thanks, Jamie <3

Animal Print Nails
by: Anonymous

I think this is a great idea. You could have a bit of a mini makeover and have different animal prints nails and eye makeup. Possibly get a makeup artist.

My 13th Is In 2 Months
by: Marine

It's my birthday in 2 months and I've changed my mind loads of time! I wanted to have a big birthday party with a big topsy turvy cake. I love shopping and fashion and my favorite colour is pink! I wanted the party of the century! I really don't know though!

I have 2 categories of friends: my school friends(not a lot of them, like 6) and my church friends!(loads which I LOVE). I wanted to have a sleepover with my school friends and a big party with my church friends. Which theme is best for me?

Please help! I live in Mauritius and it's quite hot here.

Where should I have my birthday parties? Is 2 too much to ask? What should I do on my birthday? Should my big one be a dinner?

B-day ideas 8) <3
by: A. Wesome

13th B-Day Ideas

  • 01. Decorate hotel
  • 02. Wait for everyone to be dropped off
  • 03. Head to the pool
  • 04. Eat pizza
  • 05. Rent movie
  • 06. Nails
  • 07. Talk
  • 08. Decorate pillows
  • 09. Open gifts
  • 10. Make ice cream sundaes
  • 11. Eat donuts

13th Birthday Ideas
by: Party Girl!!!

Ok my birthday is on July 22nd!!! Here are some ideas that I am doing that you might want to do!

  • 01. Go bowling with some of your besties! The winner of bowling gets candy.
  • 02. Go home and give each other manicures, pedicures, hair, etc.
  • 03. Play games and have them write down truth or dares. Put the truth or dares in balloons, and then pop them to get it.
  • 04. Have a bonfire! You can roast marshmallows or smores.
  • 05. When it's time to go to bed, don't tell anybody this until the first person goes to sleep. The first person who goes asleep gets a surprise to wake up to! Put her bra under cold water and then stick it in the freezer. Or draw on her face with eyeliner! Or stick her hand in some warm water!!
  • 06. Stay up and watch a movie.
  • 07. In the morning, the girl who went to sleep last, gets another prank. Give everyone but her VANILLA ice cream, with CARAMEL on top! Give her a cone with shaving cream on it that looks like vanilla, and then put barbeque sauce at the top that looks like caramel.

  • ***Well I hope this helped you out, and good luck with your party girls!***

    B-day Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Ok so I see everyone wants to know what to do for there 13th bday party so I have some answers...

    • Volleyball
    • Pie throwing contest
    • Water balloons
    • Bob for apples
    • Mummy wrap (with toilet paper)
    • Sleep in tents
    • Food-fight
    • Waterguns
    • Take pics
    • Movies
    • Make cupcakes
    • Play charades/pictionary
    • Smores
    • Egg toss
    • Pillow fight
    • Tye-dye t-shirts
    • Paint each other
    • Wii games
    • Dave and Busters

    Hunt for a Bag of Candy - Get a bag of supplies you will need through out search (needle to pop balloons, key to unlock ?., etc.)

    Put random actions in balloons (put shaving cream in your hair, dance like a monkey, do the chicken dance, like a piece of paper, ect.). Then, hand them out and 1 by 1 pop them and do what it says inside.

    ******CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN**********

    * HAKYSAK*
    ***rootbeer floats**

    13th Birthday Sleepover
    by: jade

    I was thinking about having asleepover party and inviting all of my friends from secondary and first going to the cinema and after that going shopping and doing a scavenger hunt. Some girls will go home and then later come over to my house for the sleepover. If anyone has some ideas, please tell me.

    My 13th xx
    by: Tabby

    My birthday is in April and I have about 3 weeks to go!! I'm not sure what to do yet, but I just want to invite about 5-8 people. Here are some ideas but I don't know which to do!

    • Go to a fancy restaraunt

    • Rent out a room at a hotel with a pool. This can be pretty pricey and I don't know what my budget is.

    • Have an outdoor party. Go go-karting first and then have a campfire and tents and play loads of camp games.

    • Go to a theme park or have a pool party.

    Hope this helped!! XX

    My Birthday Party
    by: tranay

    I am turning 13 on March 29th and I have nothing to do. Please help me figure out what to do. I need suggestions for a place with neon lights and dancing and loud music like a club but for 13 year olds like me. Please give me an idea please.

    Reply: Have you considered setting up your own dance club at home? That way you could name it to fit your party and renting a strobe lightand/or neon lights would probably even be cheaper then renting a dance hall.

    Help Me Please
    by: Ashley

    My birthday is coming up soon and I want to invite guys and girls to it. I want to make it fun and memorable! What kind of themes should I have and what else should I do for the party? (Where should i have it?) Thanks!

    Party Location Help
    by: Anonymous

    I'm turning 13 soon, but I live in a cottage and my mom wants to have the birthday party at home even though there are four places we could rent out for very cheap. My house is too small for a birthday party. What should I do?

    Reply: No location is too small for a party if you build the party around what you have to work with. You also have the option of holding all or part of the party outdoors. I've even done a party in a garage before. Was there a theme you had in mind?

    Birthday Ideas Please
    by: Keke

    My mom and I have been thinking of ideas for my birthday, but we can't find anything so can you guys help me and give me some ideas.

    My birthday is May 16th and I was born in 1998, so I am turning 13.

    Please comment and give me some ideas. Thanks!

    Reply: Since you were born in the 90s, how about a 90s party? Build your party around things that were popular in the 1990s or that became popular in the 1990s.

    Ideas for My 13th Birthday?
    by: :)

    Hi! I am going to be 13 on May 27 and have no idea what to do! I love animals and I would like to maybe have a disco. Please help! And what about boys?


    Zebra print is so cool for invitations and decorations. Layer it on some bright colors and it totally fits a disco theme party.

    Besides the obvious... having a disco dance floor set up ... you could have all kinds of crazy dance competitions. That way, even if your guests don't know how to disco they can join in the fun of coming up with moves for fun dance names you come up with.

    There were some popular game shows in the era of disco that you could incorporate into the party also, whether you play them via Wii, X-Box, etc. or live and in person.

    The room could set up like a club and decorated with retro 70s memorabilia if you are the type to go elaborate and you could have waiters serve food popular to that decade.

    Famous People Limo Party

    My Bday is coming up and I don't know what to do me and my mom are thinking to rent out a limo with my friends not knowing. We will have them get dressed up nice and we will pick them up in the limo one by one and have a FAMOUS person in the car.....


    Sounds fun! And for those on a budget or with no access to famous people, why not ask a friend who looks like someone famous to dress up and play the role for a night. Or if your budget allows, maybe even hire a professional look-a-like. Imagine how fun that would be. You could really play that up during the night.

    Stuck on What 2 Do 4 My 13th!!!!
    by: J.R. Anderson

    Ok, so I'm totally stuck on what to do for my 13th b-day!!!! I can't decide between a spa w/ manis and pedis or a mall scavenger hunt and then go to the movies and spend the night at a hotel and swim!!! HELP!!! BTW... My b-day is in 2 weeks!!!

    Reply: My choice would depend on your guests and your budget. Have you figured out how much per person each idea would cost? If so, do you know who you are inviting and which idea would be the most popular choice with your guests?

    All things being equal, the scavenger hunt and movie night would fill more time with activities that everyone is participating in at the same time with little work.

    by: lucy

    It is my birthday in 1 month and I do not know what to do. I had a sleep over last year but it didn't go too well, so I was looking to do some thing more outside or somewhere not at my home. Hope you have some ideas. Thank you x :)

    Reply: Everything depends on your budget of course, but my niece just had a go-kart party at a local go-carting track for her birthday last week and they had a blast.

    OMG I'm Stumped!
    by: Missymoo

    OMG! I am having my thirteenth (13th) birthday party and I will be inviting both boys and girls. I do not have a theme. My party is still a month away, but I need to plan ahead. I haven't had one valid idea! I would like a party to suit male and female and I don't think we will be allowed to go in a limo, or to an hotel or spa or anything too expensive. HELP!!!

    Birthday Photo Shoot xxx :D
    by: Anonymous

    I was looking for party ideas for my 13th and my mum told me about this photo shoot thing you can do. Find a location near you that does photo shoots and that is in your price range. If you want to pay a bit extra, you can even get a makeover before your shoot (BONUS)!

    I am a little camera shy so the whole idea of a photo shoot is a little overwhelming for me! If anyone's got any other party ideas I would be extremely grateful! xx Thank You xx

    Party Idea
    by: Being Anoyed

    How about a party at a club with a band and then after that have a sleepover with your mates. How about that??

    April Birthday
    by: Alyssa<33

    My birthday is April 14th. That's on a Thursday, but I need to have my party on the weekend. The only thing is that on the 15th and 16th my best friend is going out of town and so is her mom who always helps my mom with my parties also. All of my other friends had their 13th b-day parties already so they took ALL the good ideas. It's going to be cold out for my bday and I've already had all different b-day themes from iceskating to makeovers, sleepovers to swimming, and so on. All my friends had limos so I can't copy and they all took my hotel and scavenger hunt ideas. I'm having 15 girls come over and I can't spend too much money. Will someone please help!!!!!?????

    My 13th B-day Pool Party
    by: claire

    My 13th birthday is in March so I am going to heat my pool and have a pool party. There are going to be guys and girls there so I am thinking that there will be two different invitations. The girls' one will also be for a sleepover and the guys' won't because I'm pretty sure my dad would not let me have a sleepover with guys.

    13 Year Old Boy-Girl Birthday Party
    by: Anonymous

    I want to have a boy-girl birthday party, but I don't want it to be awkward. I was thinking about having a swim party, but everyone thinks it's really awkward. I was also thinking of go-karting, but there are no local places. Even a dance party would be awkward. I don't know what to do! Where should I have it? (House is not an option unless a last resort.)

    Sweet 13th
    by: *Hannah*

    Please comment if you have other ideas! So far my birthday plans have been copied by "close friends"... I'm only doing close buds this year.

    I want to have my Sweet 13 but I'm not sure what to do. Here's what I have so far.

    • 1. Rent a hotel room (friends get dropped off in the lobby).
    • 2. Go roller skating.
    • 3. Have dinner at a restaurant.
    • 4. Go to a movie (PG 13 movie :D).
    • 5. Go back to the hotel.
    • 6. Do manis-pedis, hair and make-up.
    • 7. Listen and dance to music.
    • 8. Go walking with boys. ;)

    Birthday Help Please
    by: water lily :D

    My thirteenth bday is coming up in 16 days. I want to invite a few friends over, but I don't know what theme to choose. Please help me!
    <3 YA

    Twin 13th Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    Me and my twin sister are having a combined party in about a month, as usual, and this is going to be our last party (besides our 16th). We want to do something really fun. My mom said that she doesn't want us to have a party because we're "to old" but me and my sis really want one. Any ideas?

    We're thinking dinner, a movie, and then a sleepover, but thats nothing special. Our other parties have all been big or really fun. Now we are only having 3 friends... ANY IDEAS WELCOME!!!

    Black and Aqua Party
    by: Sarah

    My B-Day is in a few weeks and I want the color theme to be black, white, and aqua because aqua is my birthstone and I am having 7 or 8 people. I can spend up to 50 or 60 dollars and I want the party to be at my house because it was at a pool last year!

    Please help me! I need some ideas. We are going to get all of the stuff we need for the party tomorrow.

    Hop These Ideas Help :)
    by: Shay

    Here are some good ideas!

    • 1. Go on a road trip with some of your buds
    • 2. Have a fun movie night and watch a whole bunch of movies
    • 3. Play alot of games
    • 4. Go to a drive-in and watch a movie there
    • 5. Play hide-n-seek in your house at night
    • 6. Go to one of your favorite towns or cities and go sightseeing
    • 7. If you are outdoorsy have a paint ball fight
    • 8. Have a bon fire
    • 9. Go to a water park
    • 10. Go to a lake or a river and have a party there

    And with all of these things make sure you have lots of food! :)

    I hope I helped somebody out there!


    I Need A Good Idea.
    by: Kari

    I am going to be 13 in March. My mom and I have tried to think of good ideas but all of them aren't really me. I am a sporty girl but I also like outdoors, so if anyone could give me some good ideas that would be very much appretiated! :)



    Good Idea?
    by: Kari

    I was thinking for my 13th birthday I would have a friend over. She would stay the night before and in the morning we would watch a whole bunch of movies and then after lunch go to the mall, have my mom give us like $40 to spend or something and go have fun in the mall. Then we would go out to eat for dinner and then go to a drive-in movie. Does that sound like a good idea??

    Party Tips
    by: Teigan

    Hey guys!

    I'm turning 13 in May and I want to do something real cool... something to remember the day I became a teen!! My mom's planning on taking me and a few of my friends down to the rocks ghost tour in Sydney! To make things more fun, we're all going dressed in scary costumes.

    Then, we're going to get a big bucket of KFC and eat under the harbour bridge near the astronomy building. What does everyone think!?!

    St. Patrick's Day 13th
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day!!! I don't know if I should have like this cool St. Patrick's themed party with friends and music. Another idea is just a REALLY FUN sleepover with my besties (I have an outdoor fireplace and hot tub)!! I don't know what to do!!! :0 Pleaaaazzze help if you have any ideas!!! :)

    13th Birthday in May
    by: Chilli14

    Help me! I am turning 12 this year in May and I really want it to be perfect because last time it went terrible. I really want a theme for my party, like a group of singers or something like that. I am not even sure what to get to eat. Could you also help with some fun games we could play. There is hopefully about 7 people coming, so please, please help! Thanks!

    Dance Party Help Needed
    by: McKena

    My birthday is in 2 weeks and I dont know what theme I want to do. I know I'm having a dance party, but I just dont know how to decorate for it! PLEASE HELP ME!!

    Reply: What type of music will you be playing? Knowing that would help in offering suggestions for decorations.

    Party Ideas and I Need Help!
    by: Anonymous

    These are what some of my friends have had for their parties...

    • Karaoke night
    • Movie star party where you have to have a ticket to get it and there are bouncers at the door.
    • Masked themed

    I need ideas, because I can't copy them!! Please give me plenty! It will be all girls... well maybe ;)

    Hotels in Florida for a Teenage B-Day!
    by: Anonymous

    I want to go to a hotel for my birthday but what hotel do I go to?! I want it to have a water slide!!! Any ideas? Please help!

    My 13th Birthday
    by: sydnee

    I'm thinking about my 13th birthday party, but it's January 29th. My birthday is in July, so I have some time. I think I am going to do this...

    Me and 5 or more friends will go driving around Hollywood in a limo and then go to Houston's or a place like that to eat. After that we will drive to a pool and go for a swim and then head to the mall or home to chill out.

    I'm not sure if that's big enough... I mean... I'm turning 13 so it has to be huge, right?

    13th Birthday Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    My 13th party is in April(4 months away). I know I have sorted it out early but I like to be organized. I live somewere were it is cold all year round so I am having a sleepover on Saturday night and having a camping sort of thing inside.
    We are getting lots of food and marshmallows to roast on my fire. Then, on the Sunday we will all go to McDonald's for breakfast and then go
    shopping in town for party outfits. At night I am having a disco... a red carpet one and we will all be dressed up with a DJ and a nice cake.

    After my party I will have some different friends sleeping over and playing dares and spin the bottle. It comes up to £350. Thanks for reading. Hope I
    gave some of you ideas! <3<3

    My 13th Birthday!
    by: Jessie

    My birthday is in one month to this day! I would like to do something big, like rent a big hall and a DJ! You should do something like that!

    New York Theme 13th Bday
    by: Anonymous

    Hey Guys! MY birthday is in 7 months (I'm planning really early!) I was wondering if anyone had any additions to the theme of a New York City theme party. I have ideas for sightseeing (scavenger hunt), Broadway (contest for singing, drama, and dancing) and that's it. I want to have a sleepover for 6 people and me... nothing expensive like limos and all tht stuff. Also my birthday is late summer (Aug 31). Please help! Your comments will be really helpful God bless you guys!

    13 Birthday Activities
    by: Anonymous

    This year I am going to be 13, but I have no idea what to do. Here are some ideas if you are in the same spot.

    • Bowling
    • Go karting
    • Skating
    • Cinema
    • Night club
    • Home party
    • Picnic (best with family depends what type you want)
    • Ice skating
    • Sleepover
    • Aquarium
    • Fancy dress party
    • Spa day
    • Theme park
    • Go to the mall

    13th Birthday Help Needed
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday's in 6 months. I want a party, but I'm not allowed? My father's going to build me a den and I want a sleepover with a couple of friends [1-3]. I know that's small, but I want to make it big by having a really cool theme and ideas to do at the sleepover. I'm on a really low budget too. I was thinking of the theme 'Sweets 'n 'Treats' But what could I do? Any ideas? Thanks<3

    Reply: Here are a couple candy party ideas others shared...

    Dylan's Candy Bar Party

    Candy-Themed Party

    There are some great ideas to use there for your Sweets 'n Treats theme. There is even a candy bar game on our party games page.

    13th Birthday Options for Anyone Stuck!
    by: Anonymous

    Hi! My 13th birthday is coming up soon, and I want to do something AMAZING with my girls. We're all fairly pretty, and I'm having a photo shoot with and makeover, hair, etc. and then a sleepover after.

    If you're thinking of doing this too I highly rcommend Alexa Beck. She's a brilliant photographer.

    Hope this helps!

    13th Dance Party
    by: Tilda

    I'm turning 13 on Monday the 24 of January! I was thinking of having a dance party at a Dance Studio or renting out a restaurant! There will be one of these themes...

    • Sneaker night (wear cool sneakers)
    • Masquerade Party (girls wear masks and for boys it's black tie)
    • Asain (formal but the only colors you can wear are black, white, and camo)
    • Black and White Ball (wear formal clothes, but only black and white)

    13th Birthday
    by: charlotte

    It's my 13th birthday in two weeks and I have a hundred pounds to spend on decorations and food and all that stuff. I need help. I don't know what to get. I also want to give out goodie bags but I have no idea what to put in them, so I need your help. I need ideas on dresses and shoes as well. Can any one help? x

    Some Great Party Ideas
    by: jadie

    Hey guyz n gals! My 13th is coming up on the 6th of March and I need to know if you guyz have better ideas than I have. My first idea is a Hollywood theme with a red carpet and big stars with all my friends names on them or a tropical island theme where the floor is filled with confetti and cocktails are served. I don't know which one to choose so please choose which one you guyz like or if you have any better ideas please tell me. Thanx xx

    Party Ideas Needed
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so my 13th birthday party is this week and I am going to have a DJ and have been searching all over the internet for fun games to play with my girls only party. I want my friends to have options but can only find like 4 options!!! Please help me! Any fun ideas? thanks :)

    Reply: I'd be interested to know what the 4 options are so we don't repeat them. That said, having a DJ could mean he could add fun dance challenges, trivia challenges, and more into the mix.

    Help :)
    by: Anonymous

    My b-day is in February. I'm turning 13:) and I want to do scavenger hunt, but my mom thinks it will be too expensive. It's in Tulsa. I live in Oklahoma. I don't do limos and spas and there's nothing on at the movies. ;) Help!

    Reply: I am very curious to know why a scavenger hunt would be expensive. In general scavenger hunts cost little to nothing unless you hire a professional company to run them for you. Can you fill us in on what type of hunt you were hoping to run?

    Please Help!
    by: Anonymous

    Hey, I'm turning 13 in August. I know that's sort of a while away, but my mom wants to know ahead of time. My mom is so nice. She wants me to have a special 13th party. I don't want to be greedy, because she doesn't have that much money. She always puts me before her. Anyway, I'm not like most girls where they get what they want, but my mom loves me so much. If you gave me some ideas I would be so grateful! :)

    Reply: Your mom is very blessed to have a daughter like you. Can you give me a little more detail about your party? How many guests do you plan to invite, do you want to host the party at home, and what kind of things do you and your friends like to do?

    July Baby x
    by: Shivyshaker x

    I'm not quite sure what to do for my 13th birthday. My parents said I could have a limo and drive around London, but I'm not quite sure what to do next/afterward. I'm going to invite about 6 girls and then they're going to sleepover. Any ideas for sleepover things/games or where to go (food wise) in London?

    Party Ideas for You!
    by: Anonymous

    Here's some ideas that I have used in the past..

    Masquerade party, where everyone comes in masks.

    Movie star theme - everyone dresses up as their fave movie star OR red carpet and everything, but just dress to impress,

    Karaoke - a big karaoke night!

    Hawaiian Luau Themed Party - I had this for my 10th and it was really good. I had palm tree stirrers from the pound shop and mini fireworks that when they went bang loads of gifts came out.

    Any one got any other ideas? I need some, but can't use any of these because I used them for a party already and need one for my 13th party.

    XD Can't wait!

    September Birthday in Australia
    by: Anonymous

    I?m turning 13 in September and I live in Australia. My birthday is in Spring so weather permits for this birthday. September is ages away but I like being organized. I?d really like some ideas and I?m sort of on a mid range budget. I?m having around 20 gals and maybe a few guys over. I love being outdoors and having fun with mates. I usually go to the pool with them. I like sports, but I also like being a girl (not girly as some girls are).

    A couple of ideas I thought of were.....

    1. A beach party and hire a disco bus for transportation.
    2. A garden party and have like a chocolate fountain and a bbq. Then after I?ll probably have a couple gals stay for a sleepover in a tent and we ca eat chocolate and all that sort of stuff. We?ll tell stories and gossip. It?s going to be a blast. The next day we will probably walk up to the pool.

    Thanx. Hope this helps! xxx

    13th Birthday Outdoor Party
    by: Anonymous

    A good idea for a 13th birthday if your budget is low is to have a garden/picnic party. You could have a chocolate fondue fountain (they?re really cheap) and have a bbq. If you want to make it a bit more extravagant you could probably have some of the girls/guys stay after for a sleepover outside in tents. This is a really good suggestion for any gals that love chillaxing, being outdoors, and having a rad time with mates.

    B-day Soon and This Website is Amazing
    by: Anonymous

    My b-day is in a week and a day..and it's in January so its hard!!

    I had NO idea what to do before, but I read these ideas and they are AMAZING!!!

    ~chocolate party sounds fun!!!
    ~downtown/mall and have a scavenger hunt- (you could like say find a bag with a red star on it (Maceys) and stuff like that!!!)
    ~i am also on a small budget and I always like going to cheap stores like the dollar store for decorationa!!!
    ~a bonfire with s'mores
    ~maybe even a Hawaii party as the theme

    Have fun b-days parties!!! and Happy Birthday!!!

    Give Me Some Birthday Ideas!!!
    by: nearly13

    It's my 13th birthday in 2 months and I really want to do something fun that doesn't cost much and is in Norfolk!! Please help me!! <3

    13 Bday
    by: Anonymous

    Hey guys! I'm turning 13 in about 2 months. I know it's best for me to plan ahead in case something goes wrong. Well what I have planned is a Black & White sorta thing. I dont care about my 16th bday so I'm going all out on my 13th. I'm going to have a DJ and a rapper at my party. The only thing that is going to cost alot is the DJ. So, 7th grade prom... here I come!!!!

    January 29th:/
    by: Anonymous

    Hi. My birthday is in about 2weeks and I have no idea of what I want to do. Originally I wanted to go to a spa in the day and get make up and hair. etc. done with 2 close mates and then get a 16 people limo with close mates and go to a huge disco. This plan has changed. It doesn't seem big enough.

    Reply: If that doesn't seem big enough, you probably have a challenge on your hands as I don't think you'll have time to plan anything bigger. If you've just changed your mind about the idea because you'd rather do something else, that's another story.

    by: AlmostATeen

    My birthday is next month (my 13th) and I am having an at home sleepover with ten other girls but I'm stumped on what activities to do while they're over. . . can you help me?

    Reply: The great thing about a sleepover is that besides classic games, movies, etc., there's actually enough time to make beautiful things like costume jewelry. I am always so impressed with the amazing pieces girls create with a variety of beads, hooks, jewelry thread/string and time. You can get all sorts of great beads and accessories at the dollar store for cheap and it's fun to work and talk at the same time. Even the youngest girls make earrings that look good enough to sell in a store.

    Of course there is also the option of cooking lessons, supplies for creating your own designer handbags and more.

    My Friend Needs B-day Ideas Now!!!
    by: Anonymous

    We need ideas!! WE wanna do something really fun!! we wanna do a sleep over afterwards but we don't know what to do b4 that!! Please help.
    -me <3

    Reply: How about a Rock Star party? Everyone could come dressed as their favorite Rock Star. You could have karaoke or air band competitions, music trivia, a rock and roll themed movie, Rock Band video games, etc. You might even want to record your faux bands or video tape them and watch them back later in the party.

    13th Birthday Party
    by: ALLY

    I'm having my 13th in about 1 month and a half and I want to have something special that involves me and my friends having fun. Please help me !!

    Reply: How about a Tacky Party? Create really tacky invitations and asks guests to come in really tacky clothes. Also ask them to bring something tacky the own and would like to get rid of for a funny gift exchange. Use one of the gift exchange games HERE to distribute them. Etc.

    Leaving and 13th <3!........
    by: Anonymous

    I need help:'/
    I'm having a 13th party soon and I want it to be big and one everyone will remember.
    I'm trying to find a venue but I cant find one anywhere and I need some other ideas seeing as though it's my last year with all my friends ever,
    and I need to to be leaving and it's my 13th so ...helpppppppppppp <3

    My 13th Birthday
    by: Emm

    My birthday in about another month and I want to spend time with my friends outside in the night, and I want to go to a disco so we could dance and have fun. You know what I mean? Every girl loves xxxxx having fun with their friends so I would be one of them but for my birthday I don't know what to wear so I kinda need to go shopping but that's not problem. The problem is would my parents let me go to the disco. If they wouldn't my friend and I could go to play bowling and go to the cinema and watch some movies, even a scary movie. Then we could head off to Supermac, get some food, and then head off home and have some small party like tell each other scary stories or anything... you know what I mean... anything... but it would have to be something that have in common with B-Day LOL xxxxx or we could text some boys, girls or even prank call them, yeah what ever LOL xxxxxxxxxxx

    Leave your comments here if you think I should hang out with some friends, going to cinema and stuff then hang out with Bff in the night like we could go to disco or we could go to cinema again!!!!!!!!!!! :) lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    My 13th Bday Party
    by: neversongirl324

    Ok..... my birthday is like 2 months away ...gosh it seems like I just turned twelve yesterday, but anyways ...I want my party to be a blast... I mean out of the ordinary. MY BIRTHDAY IS MARCH THE 24TH which is a Thursday. I want to have my party on Friday, March 25. I live in Florida by the beach so I want the limo to pick us up from school and take all of my friends to the o.w. resort but looks like the limo will have to be taken off the list bcuz the room itself costs 250.00. That's just the room... I know....... It's kinda pricey for 1 night and also we still have to buy party stuff and food and cake and ice cream and lots of stuff. When we finish we're out a good 400.00 for my 13TH party ... idk who all I want to invite bcuz I really don't want anyone left out. I want to invite boys this year. I mean the only thing is that there's gonna be like 15 girls and I've come up with only 6 boys. That's not gonna be right. I really want them to come though but they're not staying with us. They're just going to the pool and jacuzzi with us and to the movies and walk on the beach... just to basically hang out. Then I wanted them to leave at like 11pm but I don't know what to do. I'm just sooo confused !!!!! Help me please.

    This is My Idea for an Awesome B-day Party!! :)
    by: Joy

    Hey my b-day is March the 2nd of 2011 and I will be turning 13. For my birthday on the 2nd, me and my mamma will go shopping. Then the 4th 2 friends will come over to spend the night and we are going to have a spa thing and do each other's hair and nails and have facials etc. . . For the party we are having a kickball theme cuz I love kickball! :) and then we're just going to have a regular party! And that's what we're doing for my 13th b-day party! I hope I helped.

    My B-day is Going to Be Awesome!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    My b-day is in July and I am planning way early this year. I am renting a limo and maybe a banquet hall, but I know I am getting a limo. It will be so fun. I am so excited!!!!!!

    by: bry-pie

    I want something me and my mates can remember but is on a cheap budget cause I may be moving and I don't know what to do. Please someone give me an idea.

    Awesome 13th
    by: Kyra

    So for my 13th we went in a limo and we drove around L.A. for a while and then we went to the mall and had a scavenger hunt where you have a list of things you have 2 find and you buy it and you go back to a designated area and whoever is there first wins :DD. After that we went to the Hilton Inn in Hollywood and grabbed a bite 2 eat at their restaurant. It was so much fun. Then we went back to our room and got changed and went to the pool and jacuzzi! Then when we were done we went upstairs and called the massage people from the hotel and got massages, facials, pedicures etc. Then we were so tired we fell asleep watching a movie :P . That was my 13th Birthday party :DD

    Kyra S.

    Party Idea
    by: jeyda

    Hi! I'm throwing a really cool 13th birthday party and it's going to be a masquerade party where everyone's going to have a mask and be all dressed up, play on the wii, go to the park, have a competition with who has the best mask/costume, and a dance competition lots of food and everyone can bring a movie that we can watch and we will vote 1....Everyone can bring a change of clothes and have a water balloon fight at the end and coz my mum's a great cook she's going to make the cake. Hope you can use some of my ideas.

    Good Idea
    by: lera

    For my 13th b-day I want to go to a spa hotel where there is a jacuzzi and a pool. I'm going to take about 5 m8s. We are going to have our own room with NO ADULTS :) Hope that gave you a good idea,

    Party Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Hi, I'm planning my 13th party. I either want to invite about 4 of my closest friends and go shopping, then go for a meal, and then they all come back to my house and we have a girly sleepover. But my favorite idea is to go to a recording studio and record our own CD like popstars! My mum's not keen on spending much but we are stretching a bit to have that.

    Hope this helped!

    Also here are some other ideas I had:

    1. Go-karting
    2. Pamper party
    3. Bowling
    4. Ice skating
    5. Roller blading
    6. Swimming
    7. Theatre

    Have fun planning your party, and happy birthday!

    B-day Ideas
    by: Sasha

    Here are some ideas and themes:

    • Hotel (if you budget allows, go to a real fancy hotel, but if not, then u can pretend your house is one, so have a "lobby" which a relative can be the busboy or gal, and have classical music playing softly in the background. U can also put room numbers on all the doors in your house, and for the room where you and your friends are going to sleep put "special suite" on it. You can put chocolates on the pillows to.
    • Red carpet/ formal/ Hollywood
    • Mall or mall scavenger hunt
    • Fashion show
    • Candy themed so you have lots of candy, candy games, candy prizes, candy goody bags, etc.
    • Fancy dinner
    • Go to a play, or a musical if you're that type or if you're sporty, then go to your fave sport team game

    My B-day!!
    by: Sasha

    Hey! Well my 13th birthday is coming up soon, and I sorta know what to do. I'm having a French theme, so I'm getting 2 of my closest friends and we're going to a really fancy French restaurant by limo and then once we come home, we're going to do some makeover games and do each other's hair (maybe French braids, lol). Then we'll do typical sleepover games like spin the bottle, truth or dare, m&m game or something. After, we'll watch a movie, then we'll "go to sleep" (more like tell secrets, gossip, and giggle) and then have a random snack in the middle of the night and do midnight yoga! In the morning we'll have waffles with strawberries and whip cream (my fave). I'm really excited, and I hope it'll be fun!! : )

    13 PARTY
    by: Ms. ?

    Hey Divas,

    I'm turning 13 in 1 month and I really want to have a sleepover with, just me and my best friend, but she's not allowed to. What should I do?

    by: Anonymous

    I am a South African living in South Korea and my 13th birthday is in March and I absolutely don't have a clue on what to do with just my dad, mom and my two sisters (aged 14 and 7)!!! Please Please help!!

    My B-day Party Ideas
    by: Joy

    I hope this gives ideas to some girls! I'll be having my 13th b-day party the 5th of March of 2011. And I'm having a sleepover with a few of my girlfriends b4 the party and we're going to have a full mani and pedi with facials and a whole stand with lotion, hot towels, nail polish, etc. . . . And then on my b-day which is Wednesday, me and my Mom are going shopping! And then for my party we're going to have horseback riding and cake and all that! And then after the party I will have one girl that slept over the Friday to stay and one go home cuz she has to. . . and the other girl will stay and we will watch movies and tv, etc. and maybe go to mall or something idk. . . Hope this helps a girl who is wondering what to do!!!

    by: Anonymous

    I'm turning thirteen in January and don't know what to do! I was thinking about going to the National Western Stockshow, but that ends before my birthday. Anyway, two years ago I had a sleepover party and we all went swimming before we came home. Then, last year I did a horseback riding party. I rode my horse, and everyone else were assigned horses and we all rode around before we ate cake. This year I was also thinking about doing a bat mitzvah, but I don't know what to do after and what people generally do for that. Could you please help me out by giving me some ideas? Thanks!

    Fun and Actually Pretty Inexpensive
    by: Anonymous

    I am turning thirteen in January... and since last summer I've been thinking of many different ideas, and my party has changed like ten times. So for any of you who like these ideas... here you go:

    • Spend the night at a waterpark with your closest friends.
    • Rent out a big hall or the YMCA even.... rent a DJ, make a bunch of food and have a dance party!
    • Bowling party
    • A GNO. (Miley fans will understand) ;))

    Those are the ones that aren't related to what I decided to do. So officially, here is my plan...

    Well, you can have it at your house, but my aunt's condominium has a big party room that you can rent for like 20$. It has tables in there, couches for a seating area, a big stereo and a fridge. So I'm inviting around thirty-forty of my friends and family. We're going to make a lot of food. I thought we could play simple games like musical chairs, hot potato, and a scavenger hunt! It might sound stupid but my friend did this and no doubt it was extremely fun! We're also having a pinata! So we will play the games, dance to music from my ipod. We'll eat homemade food, I'll have a chocolate fountain :) and cake. Then we will open presents, and then everyone goes home. To be on the cheaper side, we will just give them candy from the pinata as the goody bags. That will probably last around four hours. But even though everyone went home, the fun hasn't ended just yet.

    The NEXT weekend, I am bringing my closest girlfriend to a really nice mall and giving her money to shop. We will just go shopping, go to the movies, and eat at some restaurant. The fact that my family's all pitching in with the money, the mall was able to happen and be affordable. But if that is out of the question, you can still have the party at the house. Balloons and streamers are perfectly fine for decorations. Hope you have a lot of fun! and ditto to me!!! ;)

    Some Ideas for a Girls Night Out
    by: Anonymous

    I read one of the comments and they needed an idea for like a girls night out theme. You could go to your local mall and have like an Amazing Race type thing where you like set up clues all over the mall saying things like now go to Claire's or something. You could give like a camera to each team and make some of the clues really embarrassing like play a game of leap frog in front a bench with people sitting down on it and take a picture for proof. Or start singing a certain song that everyone knows and try to get at least two random people shopping to join in and take a video on the camera for proof. Then after go out for supper at a nice non fast food yet not that pricey restaurant. These are just some ideas. Hope they helped!

    by: adrianaaaaaaaaaaa

    My bdays in 5 weeks and I have noooooooo idea what to do!!!!!! I want quite a small party but a good 1.... I don't want to go to the cinema or ice skating or swimming...a sleepover would be good, but as something after the party, not just by itself. Something relatively close to North London as well.....

    Can't decide???
    by: Taylor

    I have some ideas for my 13th b-day next month, but I can't bring it down to one great idea. Please tell me what ideas sound most fun to you...

    1. Scavenger Hunt
    2. Spa Party
    3. Make-over Party
    4. Dance Party (strobe lights, DJ, snacks...)
    5. Hollywood Party (dress like superstars and walk the red carpet)
    6. Skating Party
    7. Great Wolf Lodge (waterpark/hotel)


    by: Taylor

    I'm turning 13 in a month and I have a lot of ideas but nothing that I really love. I want something unique and totally original. My birthday is in the winter so I can't do a pool party or anything like that. I am a totally girly-girl and love pink so I would like a party that is girly. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Reply: You could tailor this sweet 16 Pink Vogue party for your 13th.

    My 13th Birthday
    by: Jayc

    Hey, my 13th birthday is coming up in just over a month and I have three ideas that might help :)

    1. Have a salon party with you closest friends.

    2. Hire out a limo for a couple of hours and get dropped off at the cinema or a restaurant.

    3. Have a photo shoot with some friends and even theme it ! Hope I helped :)

    BEST OF BOTH WORLDS- Thirteenth Bday
    by: tinky<3

    My birthday is May 14 and Ii am turning 13. My birthday falls on a Saturday so that Friday I am inviting 4 people over.. 3 of them are cousins and the other is a best friend and we will go out and get our nails done.. plus my aunt owns a hair salon so, we get it done for free.. After we will go down to the mall and shop a little bit.. and at about 6:30 we will go to a very fancy restaurant where we will make reservations... From there we will go to my house and hang out watch movies, play games, and have girl chats... They will all sleepover.. The next day will be my actual bday and I will have a pool party (indoor) with at least 75-100 people.. all my family and all my friends (ps: I have a lot)... There will be DJ and my dad will grill burgers, hot dogs, etc... It won't be expensive because I am on a swim team and the boys and girls club I swim for will offer me a deal to rent for $50 the entire day...and I love swimming so I will get the best bday and also have a great time with my best friend and best cousins!! My bday total will add up too at least $400 says the planner.. so that will be a great price! Not everyone could afford it but you could cut some people from the guest list and you don't have to go to a fancy restaurant, or get hair and nails done professionally.. Have fun!

    by: Anonymous

    Okay, so my birthday is in February, which means it's going to be pretty darn cold. I want to have a boy girl party but I really want to do something with my gals. There are 7 girls I want to invite for a sleepover. But I want to hang with my guy friends as well. One of my best friends is a dude. Please help me... PLEASE!

    by: Hannah

    Okay, I have a birthday in the winter so I don't know what to do! The money is not the prob, I mean it would be nice to not blow a lot of money but hey, I'm only turning 13 once right? PLEASE HELP!
    Oh and I didn't mean to sound like a snob.

    With Love,

    I Need Help!!!!!
    by: *mackenzie*<3=D

    I need help planning my 13th birthday party. I need ideas that don't cost a lot and will be tons of fun and keep my friends interested. I have a hot tub so we were going to use that and I was thinking about a scavenger hunt. I want my party to be unique so I can tell when my friend copies it like last year!!!!

    Hey, here's an awesome idea if you have a phone and can text send out text-vites to all your friends!!!! I did this last year and it was totally awesome!!!

    I Need Help for My 13 Birthday Which is in March....
    by: Brooke :)

    I need help deciding what I should do for my birthday. It's in March on the 13th. I was born on Friday, March 13. Let's say I have bad luck so I need a party that would not be unlucky so i don't have anything bad happen to me... please give me your ideas please.....Thanks!


    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so I want an AMAZING PARTY! ...something different, fun, memorable, and on a budget. I'm turning 13 in 3 weeks and I am having six girlies coming over. I have 2 possible ideas but I don't know which one to choose from. Ok so here are my ideas.

    Girls Day Out:
    1. Pick up everyone around 10:00 a.m.
    2. See a movie
    3. Everyone gets manicures
    4. Go out to eat - where we would eat lunch, open gifts, and have a cake and ice cream
    5. Drop off with goodie bags


    1. Decorate hotel
    2. Wait for everyone to be dropped off
    3. Head to the pool
    4. Eat pizza
    5. Rent movie
    6. Nails
    7. Talk
    8. Decorate pillows
    9. Open gifts
    10. Make ice cream sundaes
    11. Etc.

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I don't know what to do!!! If you have any ideas please comment..... Hope this gave you some ideas for your party!!!

    What Should I Do!?!!!
    by: hannah

    My birthday is in a month, and I have no clue what to do. I was gonna have a bunch of my closest girls over for a sleep over but what should we do when we get to my house? I was thinking everyone could wear white and we could have florescent paint and put it on our arms and stuff like that and have a blacklight, but that sounds like a big mess. I have no idea what to do. What do you think??!

    Help Me!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so my 13th birthday is in less than a month and i don't know what I'm gonna do? I want to go to a hotel but its pricey. I was gonna have a traditional sleepover at my house but since I go to a school in a different district they say where I live is a bad place where they have shootings and stuff so no one would come. So that is out of the question. I have nothing in mind and I need a theme and a place to have it. Even though I'm kind of rethinking the hotel thing. So if any of you has and idea to help me please share it!!!!!

    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is next month and I have no idea what to do for my party. My friends love Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner so I was thinking a Twilight movie and something to do with Justin Bieber.

    Girl Ideas
    by: <3 Sabrina<3

    My birthday is in 2 months. Right now its Dec.19 and I have my birthday party idea already.
    1. Get a hotel room
    2. Invite 7 of my bff's
    3. Rent a limo to take us to the hotel (maybe)
    4. Make goodie bags with nail polishes, hair brush, head bands, shirt's (girls nite rox's) and candy/gum

    Help Is Here!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so I have been to lots of parties, some have been fab where as some have been CRAP!!!! I think that one of the best was my friends Jessie's where a week before the party she brought in a hat with lots of pieces of paper in it. On each piece was the name of a celebrity with a unique dress code. I picked Amy Whinehouse which wasn't too hard. I got wash out hair dye, dyed my hair black, and went to the hairdressers who did it in a bee hive which only cost £20. Then I got an over sized bra, filled the gaps and got a tarty dress. Then I looked at pictures on the internet and saw if she had any tattoos. She had a few and my dad's friend is a tattoo artist and so he made some peel off ones the same as Amy Whinehouse's and I put them on. I them topped it all with big eyeliner flicks, some KILLER HEELS and bright lipstick. It was FAB!!!! Other people went as celebs such as Johnny Depp, Beyonce, Elvis, Micheal Jackson and Lady Gaga which was a good one. Then we all turned up at the party as celebs and as a surprise we were having a photo shoot. It turned out great and we all looked the part in our costumes. Then after the photo shoot we hit town (not in the celeb costumes) and went to an under 18 club which you would think would be kinda crap but it wasn't. We had a great time dancing and we even got SPECIAL DRINKS!!!!! lol. Then we just went back to her house and slept over! So yeah, it was a fab party and we all really enjoyed it. xx

    HELP!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Right, so I am 13 on the 11th of January and I don't know what to do for my party. Money isn't a problem but because of this there are so many options. Last year me and 9 friends went down to London in a pink limo and watched a movie, went for a meal then stayed at a hotel. I am now out of ideas and most of my friends have already had their parties with really good ideas and themes and I don't want it to seem like I am copying them. I am not a tom-boy but I am not a MAJORLY girly girl. I like the ideas about the bigger or better game but I am not that brave to swap a Popsicle stick for stuff. So far my friends have done stuff like an all day shopping spree and photo shoots. I was thinking about a day spa but we don't really talk much since we are having stuff done individually. If you are like me or have any ideas then please comment. Thanx guys, and suggest any thing at all that pops into your head because money is not a problem. xx ;D

    13th birthday party...
    by: duena:)

    Ok well its December 2010 and my party is in March...Well I'm getting a pro make up artist and she or he is doing 12 of my closest friends' makeup and telling us how to wear make up and then later that night, I'm inviting some of my guy friends, my boyfriend, and other girls and I'm havin a bon fire...Well it's still cold during my b-day so that's what I'm doing...Hope u like:)

    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so I loves the M&M game idea, so I'll probably be doing that for my bday which is coming up in January. Reallllyyy sucks having a winter birthday. You can't do any of the fun outside stuff or go swimming... Soooo, I was thinking either have a fun sleepover with four of my besties (there was 11 ppl last year.... disaster) and we could play the M&M game, talk about random stuff, make videos about stuff that no one else would find remotely funny. Then go to the mall the next day... the mall would be really fun especially if you're like me and my buds and can find humor in just about anything.

    B-DAY 13TH
    by: LACEE:)

    I cant wait........... I will have a sleepover and go ice skating at the civic center. Only thing is I cant skate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An Idea!!!
    by: B

    Ok, so if your turning 13....here's what you should do!!! Mom's, this might be a little bit of money but here's the plan!! You rent a limo, bring some friends, and go to a nice place to eat in downtown Nashville! Come back and have a sleepover! Do some facials and stuff like that! Watch a comedy, that's really funny, but not that inappropriate!!

    by: Korina

    Hi. I'm Korina and I'm turning 13! So my birthday is on New Years DAY! and I am sooo scared that no one might come because what if they have plans?!? I have NO clue what I should do! Last year I had a pool party indoors and everyone came, but it snowed! and I really don't wanna do a sleepover cuz I already did that. HELP!!

    I've Done Everything
    by: Meg <3

    Every year since I was born, I have done everything possible for a party. I have 2 bday parties a yr since my actual birthday is in February. I also have a party in July. I've done luaus, cinemas, glow in the dark, beach party, salon makeovers, spas, 2 limo rides, castle island, literally everything! I always plan my party early because I have been running out of ideas. I really need help! Please give me ideas!!!!!! Reply ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is what I did last year for my 12th bday (it's pretty awesome):

    • Have your peeps come over and sit down for a while and gossip until everyone arrives.
    • Then blast your music and have a dance off:::: Make 3 teams. Then go in separate rooms and think of dances that you could make up to the song of your choice. Then once everyone's done with their dance, have a competition in front of everyone.
    • Give out awards to the dancing winners.
    • Give everybody a glow stick then go outside or inside and play a game of manhunt, hide n seek etc,.
    • Around dinner time have everyone make their own pizzas with whatever toppings they want.
    • Play truth or dare and awesome things like that.

    I NEED HELP for My 13th B-day Party
    by: Party Girl `

    I'm stuck between two themes... Masquerade Ball and Winter Wonderland. I'm having a 13th birthday party and I want it to be huge !! Please help me.

    13th bday
    by: Allysa

    Hey, help me. I am turning 13 on January 6th.. I don't know what to do.. I wanna invite 11 people! What should I do first??:) Help me... This is a big step for me. I'm becoming a teenager... yes!! I get to hang out with boys, ahah:) haha help me!

    What to Do for My 13th Birthday ?!
    by: Demi <3

    Ok listen, my birthday is December 29th, and it's December 1st!!! so can you guys please help me? I'm inviting my bestfriend, and I was planning a sleepover with her but idk what else to do!! And since it's around winter time, I can't be by the waterparks or anything like that. But I live in Florida and it never snows here cause it's so hot, so that's a plus. But I still have no idea what to do!! ahhh!!!! Please help me! Please oh' please!!! idk what I want to do? Give me YOUR opinions what you would want to do for your 13th birthday! ? (:

    No Ideas for My Big 13th Party
    by: gabby

    Ok so my birthday is in like less than a month and I don't know what to do. I wanna have a boy-girl party but only have the girls sleep over but I don't know what theme to have or what to do because my birthday is in the winter and I cant really do anything like a pool party so I need ideas. Plz help me. I have to decide soon what I want for my party because we're on a budget and my mom needs to know now. I need cool ideas to do for a boy-girl party plz and I don't need parental supervision for the stuff so I just need ideas on where to go and games to play and stuff!!!! Plz and thank you. I need answers soon :)

    My 13th B-day<3
    by: kylieenicolee

    My birthday is in July and every year I always do the same thing: pool party and sleepover. This year, for my birthday, I am either going to take a limo to my favorite restaurant and have a great dinner and cake. After that we are all going to come back to my house and my friends are going to sleepover. The next day we will all probably go to the mall.

    I will invite a couple friends and we will go to the beach at like 11 since it's like two hours away. We will be renting a hotel room and go swimming at the beach. We will order room service and tons of movies. The next day we will go to the outlets and just shop all day (I love shopping). Then my friends will get back at like 6. This might seem a little expensive, but its not.

    I will invite my friends over and we will go to Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel that has a big water park and tons of games. We would drive there at like 11 and spend all day at the water park and sleep over at the hotel. Then we will go home the next day.
    I HOPE I HELPED<33333

    I Always Ruin My Parties! Help!
    by: partypooper

    Ok, seriously, I really don't want to wreck another party because this is my 13th. My birthday is on the 9th January and I'm still not sure what to do because my mums on an economical drive, and she's just skint. Can you think of anything that costs something cheap. taa from chloe xx

    by: cafwin

    Hi!!! My birthday is in 4 days and I'm having a sleepover! I wanted some ideas for what do do, I have ended up going shopping, then giving everyone french manicures, ordering pizza, renting a film. Then the next day we are going to go into a near by town, swimming, with inflatables and going ice skating!!!!

    by: Anonymous

    Mii bday is in like less than 2 months but I like 2 plan ahead and not quite sure.. I was thinking maybe me n mii 2 best friends could get a mani/pedi then go back 2 mii house n have the rest of the ppl over n have a dance party n take pictures, eat dinner n all that, then go in the hot tub, n maybe do s'mores with a firepit. N presents n cake n stuff. Then play some games like this m&m game someone suqqested on here that sounded fun, then do a movie n stay up all night! but idk! grr help if any better ideas.

    I Need Help Now!!!
    by: not quite sure

    My birthday is in two weeks...its during winter so I can never tell if it will rain or not. So I have to have it in inside. I want to have it at my house because I have not had it at my house for 7 years. I want something fun... something that all my friends will want to come to, but money is tight so I have to be cheap. I was thinking of going to the mall and having this big scavenger hunt and then the winning team gets a pretzel. Then we come back to my house and hang out and play games. And I don't know any games we can play. I don't know if that's fun or not... This is my big 13 and I want it to be perfect. 13 year olds don't wake up and say I can't wait to be 13 again...it's only once. Please help all of my friends are just turning 12 and they had the best party and I feel like last year's was so boring. I want to feel like my party was the best one yet. Please help me...oh and I don't like makeovers and I don't like anything without a theme and I want all girls..so ya...please help me out as this is very important to me...and I'm scared if it's not fun people will talk about it at school and say that was the worst party I have ever been to. Please help me:(

    13th Birthday Partay :)
    by: Jess

    I'm turning 13 in January and I want a party with girls and boys. I've been reading all your comments but they are all just with girls. I need help! My parents would never let me have a sleepover with boys.. I don't think... but if I hire out a function room it will be too expensive..... Do you think if we stayed in a hotel (just the girls) that they would let the boys and the girls use the pool in the daytime? ARGH I don't know what to do. :(

    Best B Day Party Ever!
    by: Boo boo bear!!

    For my 13th b day I had a combined b day party with my guy friend! His b day is the day after mine!!! It was so much fun! And it was huge!! It was the party of the year!! And I got asked out by my guy friend that I had the party with and it was perfect! I really think combined b days r great!

    January 14th.... Ugh.. I'm Turning13!!
    by: holleigh

    Okay, so my bday is January 14. It sux cuz it's in the winter. I'm going to have 2-3 of my best friends over and I wanted some of my guy friends to come over too. Problem is that my guy friends might not be able to come "because there's girls there"... lame. I know. I've already done craft parties, makeovers, mall crawls, and swim parties. They all failed pretty much. I want to have some fun this year. I was thinking to go to my gymnastics gym to goof around and have fun, but the problem with that is that my friends aren't ppl who you would call "FLEXIBLE" ....yeah. Please help me. I really want a good party this year! PLEASE HELP!

    by: Livi

    Well, I'm having my birthday party in about 1 month. I cant wait cuz I am having about 10 people come over. I am going to have a sleepover. I am not going to go far out or anything.....but I am going to do something different. You know how lots of people have slumber parties, right? As usual they watch movies, play games, etc. But I have a great idea!!!!! My family has a huge tent for when we go camping. I also have a huge backyard. Do you see where I'm going with this???? I am going to have a backyard campout theme!!! I also have an outdoor fireplace so that could come in handy!! You could roast weenies and stuff like that!!! I hope you like this idea. I really hope that this helped you with your party dilemma!!!! Happy birthdays to all!!!

    My 13th Bday [for mixed... boys & girl parties]
    by: Brooke-zii f babyy

    Okay so I'm inviting about 8 friends, but you can invite more. I have Foosball, a ping-pong table and air hockey... I also have a trampoline and a hot tub which all my friends will want to try, I'm sure. But its okay if you don't have any of that..

    I'm having a sleepover with a PINATA!! Also, you can have a neighborhood scavenger hunt, pizza, ice cream cake and much much more(: Since there isn't really much to do outside in December I guess I'll just live with that.

    Digital Scavenger Hunt
    by: Anonymous

    I've given many 13th birthdays for family and friend's kids. My favorite (and the one that is always the biggest hit) is the digital scavenger hunt.

    Break the kids into three or four groups. Pair each group with a parent driver. Send them out around town and ask them to capture these things with digital cameras:

    • Kiss a fish.
    • Get handcuffed by a police officer.
    • Sit down and eat with a family you do not know.
    • Lead a group of people you don't know in "I'm a little tea pot".
    • Get behind a fast food counter, wear the hat and look like you're serving.
    • Dance in a fountain.
    • Get your picture taken by the coolest car (4 extra points for the car you think is the best).
    • Sit on a fire truck.
    • Gather round the cutest guy you find for a photo (5 extra points for the cutest boy).
    • Have everyone gather around while one of you rides a child's amusement ride.

    Give each group an hour and a half to go out and complete the tasks. Instruct the parents that they can't go over the speed limit and that they must allow the girls to direct the locations and situations. The group must trade off as photographers so that each girl has several photos.

    When they come back the party goes on with movies or whatever, while you upload the photos and compile the scores. As an added bonus, if you're good with the computer, each girl can take home a montage of the pictures

    by: Alice

    My Birthdayy Is In 4 Months, I Know What Youu Must Be Thinking! But Trying To Get An Early Start Because I Want A BIG, HUGE 13th Birthdayy Partyy! But I Havee Noooo Ideaa!

    I Really Need Some Help!
    Doesn't Matter About The Cost Though!

    Please Help!
    xxx <3 xxx

    I need party ideas
    by: Katarina

    My birthday is so soon it is next month and I am having a sleep over with 4 good girl friends but I need Ideas for the sleep over so please help me I need this party to be cool.

    bye the way my birthday is in December
    so I need cool winter ideas.

    thanks :)

    My 13th birthday
    by: Katarina

    My birthday is in 40 days and I dont know what I want to do for mt birhtday.I want to have a sleep over with my 4 best friends but I dont know wnat to dow to have the best 13th party ever.

    Sorry for my spelling

    by: cool

    My 13th b-day is on July 5th I am going to invite like 44 people. It's going to be in this dance studio. The theme of my party is Hollywood. I am going to have a V.I.P. section and a stage. Then after that, me and my bff kek are going shopping. I might go shopping in New York. Me and my mom are going to fly there and rent a hotel.

    13th birthday
    by: Aly

    For my 13th birthday I am going to New York and I am taking a plane there. I am so excited and cannot wait. But I have a problem.... I HATE FLYING!!! I am going to the American Girl doll place and going sk8ing in Central Park. I am also going to eat in the boat house. I don't know what else to do when I am there. If any of you live in New York please respond to me and tell me anything fun to do on Long Island!!!!!!

    Need Help!!!
    by: angel <3

    I'm turning 13 in about 2 weeks and I have no clue what to do. I am thinking about inviting a few guy friends and I have no idea what to do cuz I want my 13th b-day to be amazing as my 1st year as a teenager.

    My Friend's Party
    by: Anonymous

    My friend had this diva girls party I went to and it was AMAZING. You should do it to. xxx

    by: Anonymous

    Okay well me and my friend are having our 13th birthday together around February 13th and we can't think of where to do it at. We want to have the whole grade there and be a boy and girl party. We don't want it to be really girly. We were thinking about maybe renting a place out and doing something...any ideas?

    13th Birthday Party Ideas
    by: Emily

    Hey! My 13th birthday is on Christmas Day, but I'm not sure what to do for it!! :( Should I have my party after or before my birthday? And I'm having a sleepover party, but I want to do something before the sleepover!! Any suggestions??

    FREAKED OUT!!!!!
    by: Addie

    So I will be 13 in 2 months but... want to plan early. I want all of my close friends to be there because I'm the first one to turn 13, but my bff tends to choose her soccer friends over me, especially when it comes to important things like... I was going on my first real date with a guy I didn't even know (she and her boyfriend of a year set us up) and she totally bailed on me. FYI the most uncomfortable time in my life. But I don't want her to bail on my birthday. Any ideas on how to deal w/ my friend and birthday ideas????
    Addie Lila Sherwood

    by: Anonymous

    It's my 13th birthday in a week, and I have booked a hotel for me and 4 of my friends at a nearby hotel. I have bought scary movies, lots of food, and other essential items. The next day we are going to McDonald's for breakfast cuz it's across the road and then going to the cinema after. Hope that helps. It's a bit of money, but worth it. After all, you're turning into a teenager, so make the most of it :D xxx

    13th Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    Ok. My birthday is in 2 months and I had no idea what to do! First I thought, sleepover... typical. My house is a little small for the 7 people I'm inviting, and my birthday is on Sunday, so it's school the next day! Then I was going to have a pizza party, but my dad couldn't come, and he was the one making pizza's! Then I thought of the cinema, but there was nothing on! So, after all this insanely bad luck, I decided on ice-skating with my friends for a laugh, and then come back to my place, get into 2's and get a plain pizza, then with your partner, do a random mix of stuff on your pizza, cook them, and then eat while playing truth or dare!! Maybe a movie as well. I hope this gave some people ideas, and it works out better for you then it did me!

    by: Sydney

    Last year I had my birthday at a hotel. We went to Moes' and ate. Then we rented a limo and rode over to the hotel. We went swimming and pigged out on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and pretzels. It was tons of fun.

    But this year I can't think of anything to do. Any ideas of what to do for a party in November?

    Kay thankkkks(:

    by: sleepover

    I am going on a mall scavenger hunt with eight of my friends. Then we'll all go home and about four girls will stay over for a sleepover the next day and go home... I hope. Help you guys?

    13th Birthday
    by: Krissy

    Hey Hey Hey!!! So I don't know what I'm doing yet for my 13th b-day but something that sounded fun was going to the mall, having a scavenger hunt there, then going to get makeovers, and finally going to a local haunted house and going to their "nightmare before Christmas" thing. Then have a sleepover.

    HELP !!!!
    by: dominique

    I have been so good this year and my parents said I can plan myself a party it all sounds good but the only problem is I do not know what to plan.

    Advice for Lexxa
    by: Anonymous

    Reply to Lexxa: If you can't have a sleepover, have a make-up party, or a spa party, or a scavenger hunt party.

    by: Anonymous

    My daughter turns 13 in a couple weeks and we wanted something different than the typical just turning 13 party. We are doing her party on the 13th, thought about doing 13 as a theme (13 games, 13 different treats etc.) but, after some discussion and what not we are doing a make-your-own video party. She and her friends have a playlist (that they are still compiling) and we are allowing the girls to make their own videos to the music. They have options for other games as a back up, but it allows them to be silly, have a memory (they can each get a copy of the videos or movie if they choose), and we are doing 'star' packs for 'gift baskets' sort of like the stars get at the Oscars, with body glitter/lotion, lip gloss, some bangle bracelets and the flower hair clips that are so popular here right now. The flower clips are actually really easy to make yourself and doing so is pretty inexpensive.

    LOL I Have the Perfect Idea for You Chicks!
    by: kaykay

    Okay, my wonderful idea has lots of money involved but don't worry, I will give you a cheap plan too. First invite your whole grade, or class, and invite boys too because I know you're crazy about them just as much as I am. So HAVE A DANCE PARTY!!! Who cares if you can't dance. I have no experience, but for my birthday I had the awesomest time.. Guys are over for you to dance with. Get an adult or someone to say okay ladies, pick your dance for this song.. if no one agrees, just laugh!! Okay so after that... say it begins around 5 or 6 at night, then end it around 12 or 1 pm. Girls, just send the guys home if they're on your nerves!! But just get all your stuff and sleep in the living room and other places. If that's too many people then send some girls home.. not EVERYONE is your best friend.
    So for my cheaper plan I'm going to put it on a new comment so be looking for it!! Hope you use my idea!!

    What to Do
    by: Elin

    My birthday is tomorrow and I don't want it to be ruined so i gathered some tips about what not to do.

    1. When somebody can't come try to invite someone else (more presents)
    2. Don't tell anyone else that isn't going to your party about your party (makes people feel left out and jealous)
    3. Make sure you have the right amount of food and drinks for all the guests (don't want anybody to be hungry or thirsty)
    4. Get lots of stuff to do (so nobody gets bored)

    Great Wolf Lodge
    by: mandyy (:

    Kay so I'm going to Great Wolf Lodge for my 13th in February, and I'm like SUPER DUPER excited. Great Wolf Lodge is THE BESTTTIEEE(: They have a Starbucks, 2 shops, a restaurant, a food court, an ice cream parlor, a salon, and the best thing of all... A FREAKING INDOOR WATER PARK!!! and its soo amazing... the rooms and stuff... and you get like special treatment when its your birthday... omg sooo fun (:

    My Christmas in July 13th Birthday Party
    by: Anonymous

    My bday is in July, so we decided to come up with a unique theme. I decided to have Christmas in July. We had a Christmas tree, lights strung all over, Christmas caroling around the neighborhood-LOL!- a gift exchange, and a bunch of games, afterward, the girls slept over. I hope that this helped in coming up with unique ideas for your 13th birthday

    Ideas, Ideas
    by: Poppy

    My birthday isn't until January, but never-the-less you need to have some ideas about what you want to do. I managed to come up with loads, so i hope you find some that you like.

    Swimming, ice-skating, Go ape, Wii night, House party, horse riding, skiing, sleepover, cinema, meal, theme park, disco, bbq, bike ride, pic-nick, spa day, shopping, cookery, zoo, family gathering, photo shoot, and many more.

    I hope you find these useful. But the problem is... which one should i pick? :)

    by: Taylor

    Okay, so I heard your troubles and thought: hey! I can help!!! So I'm turning thirteen in three days and my mom and me picked out a great theme for my party: fashion. I am totally into fashion!! We decorated our basement so cool! We have high heels hanging from the ceiling and sleeping bags fanned out in a pinwheel pattern. Then we have a "fashion studio" where we are making tunics and customized keds. (both crafts are from the website psimadethis.com) Hope this helped!!

    Could Any One Help Me? :P
    by: Anonymous

    Well, I'm turning 13 on the 9th of December, so all the cool adventure muddy stuff is out, because it won't be any fun in the freezing English weather lol.

    I want to a have a fun, memorable 13th, and I'm thinking to invite about 4-7 friends. Deffo sleepover with bonfire, sparklers and all that, but don't know what to do in the day.

    Wondering about doing laser tag, but everyone does that- I want my birthday to be different!
    Anyone have any idea's about what I could do on a winter day for my b-day?

    Thanks! <3 Xxx <3

    by: koolness42

    my 13 birthday is in January , and we don't have a lot of money to spend. I really want a camping sleepover in my back garden. We have a massive tent so I could have like 13 friends sleepover. but the only problem is that its January and it might snow on the weekend and we would have to cancel.

    Please help me xxx

    Reply: Could you set up the tent in the basement or a heated garage if the weather isn't suitable? You could always run most of your activities outdoors still, but then sleep in the tent indoors. Ghost stories in a dark room inside a tent with a flashlight will give you the feel of a night outdoors still. You might even perform Survivor challenges and then return to the tent each time you vote someone off (those voted off would then help with other challenges - make the last challenges harder so they can help with them and you can keep everyone busy for the whole game).

    Try this
    by: Amy

    OK idk but well maybe a movie pg-13 at the mall then go around and buy some stuff, and then either go home and order pizza, make pizza with some Pillsbury dough, or go to Papa Murphy's and get the pizza there. I would do a sleepover just for the heck of it. It might be fun. I'm not sure... but anyways you should try it, like I'm gonna try this out for myself. Any comment?

    Winter Party
    by: Anonymous

    A good idea for a cheap party, no matter the weather, is a house party! I'm turning 13 and that's what I'm doing. Just fill your house with friends, turn up the music, light the room only slightly and there you go! :)

    I'm having a bit of a twist though. Because my garden is quite big I'm renting an adult sized bouncy castle as well! Hope this helps! :)

    Singing Bee
    by: booger bear

    Ok, so I'm having a singing bee party with 4 of my girls and we're going to have the contest and do inside s'mores and bee crafts and hide and seek. It's kidish, but I love it and the place we're staying at is huge, but anyway ... I'm going to decorate two rooms ... one a present center and the other where we sleep ... and decorate it as the stage and everything and they have huge stairs so we will take pics. I'm excited!

    by: Anonymous

    Me and one of my best friends were going to have a 13th birthday party at a photo studio and get professional pics taken! But I went back on the website yesterday and they've raised their prices by £5 per person and it was already going to about £200 anyway, so now it's just too expensive! Typical. So now we really don't know what to do! We've already had our birthdays about a month ago but our parents were busy up until now and then we came to book the party and we can't!

    Soooo... has anyone got any DIFFERENT ideas as we want it to be something big and not just a sleepover and makeover (though we will do that as well :D)


    Reply: Don't you have any friends of the family that are really good photographers? We often get a few women together to do hair and makeup for young girls and then invite one of our friends to come over and shoot pictures of them. They always turn out so perfect and because it's not at a professional studio the photographer spends more time taking photos and takes more photos in general. It is so much fun! Last time we brought all sorts of hats and accessories and props for them to use. The quality of the pictures was amazing.

    Idea for Some People :D
    by: Anonymous

    First, when you send out invites tell your friends(2/3) to bring old clothes and cool fabric (weird I know but trust me). Before the day buy enough plain black dresses for your friends and yourself and of course, dvds, cds and snacks!

    When everyone turns up, take them to a room with a good table (dining room) and give each person a small needle and plain thread and if you don't get taught in school show them how to sew (if you can't check it out on youtube before hand). After they know the basics they can adjust the hem according to their preference(a sewing machine is great for this but don't worry if you haven't got one. Your friends can sew and listen to music).

    Then give them a hot glue gun (bought relatively cheaply) and some diamonettes in various colours and beads and get creative. As for the old clothes they can cut bits off and add it to their designs.

    This process will take a while so afterwards change into your designs and give each other makeovers. After you are made up go to the cinema and see a good chick flick or a lighthearted comedy.

    After the cinema buy a few pizzas and sit and watch some more movies. If you're still not tired talk and play truth or dare!

    In the morning have waffles, pancakes or just a good fry up for breakfast. Then go to the mall for a browse and before lunch your friends will be picked up and taken home and you can shop!


    by: Anonymous

    4.Dress as a celeb
    5.All out just a PARTY!
    5.Theme Park
    6.Spa Day
    I hope some of these helped you:]

    Help me x
    by: Bryony.

    My birthday is in a month and I dont know what I want. I was thinking about a big party because I'm going to be 13, but I really don't want to have loads and loads of friends. I am quite girly and have quite a few friends. Please may you help me?
    Bryony xxxx

    by: Madison

    I am turning 13 in 1 month. My mom keeps telling me to tell her what theme party I want. It is just cofusing. My brothers are always home at my sleepovers and me and my friends don't get to do ANYTHING... What should I do??????

    13th Birthday Party
    by: laura

    Hey!!! i need help!! I am 12 and I'm going to be 13 in a couple of weeks. At my birthday party last year it snowed!!!!! Everyone said it was the best party ever. How do I top that and what kind of theme do I pick? Night Under the Stars, Rock n Roll, or Mardi Gras? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Halloween Fun :)
    by: Becca

    Hi, Well where I live I'm known for my parties. If I have a party I like to make sure people talk about it for the best reasons. And it seems to have worked perfectly so far because when I was 3 I had a small disco (and I looked super cute too :) ) People talked about that, as you do when you're 3. Then when I was 10, I had a huge disco with my entire year group and loads others, and some guy called harry still goes on about it 3 years later :S But now I'm stuck. I have no idea what to do. I'm going to be 13 on Halloween. But the obvious thing is trick or treat. But that's been done so many times before.. Help!..

    My Bday Party Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Just get a bouncy house and a cupcake face eating contest with water guns and a cheap slip'n slide. Make it a sleepover too if you want. But you have to have scary movies, popcorn and candy. Lol. :) Have a happy bday!

    13th B-day - Please Reply - I Don't Have Much Time
    by: Madison

    OK so my 13th birthday is in November and this year its on black Friday. I'll probably go shopping with a BFF and do something at home, but I don't know what!!! I love the ideas about the fancy limos and hotels, but I am on a very, very tight budget. I mean, I can't even afford a day at the spa by MYSELF, let alone the ten other people I'm inviting! So I've thought about a think pink party, a spa theme, (but I had that on my 11th), and I really, really wish I could get a limo and a hotel but I can't!!!!! Plus my mom isn't thrilled about going all out with my b-day. I'm really bummed about all that. What should I do?

    I Don't Know What To Do
    by: McKinsey

    I'm turning 13 in like a month, but I don't know what to do! I want it to be something inexpensive but it'll have to be something me and my friends won't ever forget. I'm suppose to be inviting about 10 of my friends (just girls, no boys) but that's all I came up with. I just don't know what to do, I need some good advice! ~McKinsey~

    Help Plz!
    by: Emily

    Okay, so I'm gonna be 13 on NOvember 22, 2010...I really want to do something cool and exciting yet unexpenisve cuz times are really tough right now....My parents are strict so I have to only have girls. I was thinking inviting like 3 girls and just having a sleepover, but what would we do?! They are really close to me but I want it to be like a b-day party they will never forget. Another thing is that my parents will probably check up on us every couple of hours and I dont want them to! We have a playroom in my house right next to my bedroom so I was thinking we could use those rooms and just have popcorn, chips, and do our nails, but something just doesn't seem right. We can't use hardly any money... maybe 100 dollars including the cake and food and decorations and everything! So I mean like a decent cake will cost $30. So I need a lot of help... plz reply!

    by: Yazzzzz <3

    This is what I'm going to do for my bday which is on October 21 (I'll do it on a weekend around then). My 3 best friends and I are gonna go watch a movie at the theater, come home, do a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, and then.. This is the good part... We are gonna start a bonfire in the backyard and roast hotdogs on a stick and eat the dinner outside. We will roast s'mores and tell ghost stories until like 2 am and sing campfire songs. Then, we'll go inside, sleep, and make breakfast (MAKE) probably pancakes in the morning. B)

    My Spa Day
    by: Anonymous

    Hey! It's my birthday on the 29th of November 2010. So I am turning thirteen but I don't really want it to be massive ! :') I am going to this spa and we are all getting spray tans and manicures. If you are on a budget buy cheap self spray tan from the shop {which only costs a couple of pounds} and some false nails or nail paint and do your own spray tan and nails! :')
    Hope this helps <3


    Help? x
    by: Emmie&Olivia

    Right, I'm 13 in November and I have not a clue what to do?

    My budget is unlimited! (Thank you daddy :))

    I am really stuck for ideas!- can you help me please?

    It's vital I have the best party!
    Cheers :) :) <3 <3


    More Party Ideas
    by: amanda w.

    OMG! I just thought of a cute party favor/remembral! My aunt and uncle gave my grandmother a book that they made of my baby cousin for her birthday! It's a real book! You can put pictures in it and write what you want and pick the background design! It's so cute! Everybody knows that you take tons of pics at a party/sleepover so it would be so cute to make a book with all of them! For example one page could have a pic of you and your friends with facial masks on! and then under it, it could say "chillin with the girls!" or something like that! I'm not sure how much it costs or what the website is, but I'll ask my aunt and post it on here! Good luck with your parties girls!

    Party Ideas
    by: amanda w.

    So, I'm gonna be 13 on October 26th!! I was originally thinking about going 2 my grandparents house and having a fall theme party with a hayride, pumpkin carving, swimming (they have a heated pool), and maybe something different like archery! But then I decided not 2 do that so know I'm kinda thinking about going 2 see the movie Paranormal Activity 2, and then go 2 my dad's house and eat pizza and junk food and my cake that I'm gonna get professionally done! and open presents and play Wii in my theater and all the stuff that you do at sleepovers! Then in the morning go to my brother's football game with all my friends then go to this art class place and paint pictures!! But I don't know exactly what I wanna do! If anybody has any ideas that are not sleepovers or chocolate parties please tell me! I hope I helped some of ya'll get some ideas! :)

    P.S. I don't know if I want boys at my party because I have a 10 year old brother and an overly protective dad! So I need ideas for both... all girl and a boy-girl party!

    Ah-mazing Time <33
    by: Brin Lee

    Hey girlies. Well for my fantabulous birthday party I had all of my 7 best girl friends over and my best guy friends. We rented out the community pool for night swimming, :D. Then afterwards we went back to my house and had a huge bonfire. Hope I inspired you all. Lataaa <33

    Please Help Me :)
    by: LacyCharlton

    Heeylooo.. Right my birthday is soon (October 7th) and I have no idea what to do because I have done a spa sleepover, ice skating, cinema and meal, swimming, and that's in the past... See I would like my 13th to be memorable.. Please help me. I really do need help.. Thank you <3 x

    23rd October Going To Be 13
    by: Taylor young

    I am struggling about what to do for my birthday. I need some helpp!! We have looked at halls, but they won't take 13 yr olds... stupid. What should I do?x

    My 13 Bday
    by: Anonymous

    I know my birthday is in like 10 months, but I haven't done a friend party since I was 10 years old and I need a good 13 bday party. I want it to be really awesome and something no one has really done. Limos are too expensive. I am thinking about getting a bouncy house because everyone loves a good bouncy house.

    Help Me Please
    by: despratepartylover

    My parents never let me have parties and I want to persuade them that 13th is big cause they think it's not and don't want to let me have a party. I need urgent ideas and help. Please help.

    by: Confused

    Okay so... My 13th birthday is 2 months away so got time to plan. I want a really original party that isn't too expensive. I want something that's not cheesy. None of my mates are girly-girls and we just like a laugh so I think limos and makeovers are out the picture. All my friends are talking about what they are gonna do even if their birthdays are over 6 months away. Most ideas on here somebody has already had. I really want a memorable party. Ideas? Thanks x

    Photo Scavenger Hunt
    by: Party in SC

    This is an answer for all of you who want to spend as little money as possible or who are in small towns. My daughter had 7 girls over. We split them it 2 teams of 4. They each got a list of things to find and a digital camera. They had one hour to find and photograph as many things on the list as possible as they walked around our neighborhood.

    The list included things like a neighbor waving hello, a kid on a bike, the smallest car you can find. Some of the items on the list required creativity and hamming it up like the team in a fashion model pose, acting out a scene from a movie, or spelling something out with their bodies.

    Make sure an adult makes the list so it's fair to both teams.

    When the hour was up we popped the camera chips in and watched all the photos on the big screen TV hooked up to a computer. It was fun to see all the crazy pictures.

    A prize (candy bars) was awarded to the members of the team that got the most items.

    We then had pizza and a sleepover. All the girls loved it and it cost nearly nothing except imagination!

    by: Melrose

    Okay, so my birthday parties have been pretty extravagant in the past. This year, I would like to have the coolest party ever. I want to have a guys and girls party but I don't think my parents would allow it. I am kind of afraid to ask. Anyway, HELP! My birthday will be here very soon and we need to start making plans! Please respond asap!

    Cool Parties
    by: Anonymous

    For mine I was like going 2 go 2 the beach with 7 peepz and or go 2 the mountains in a cabin for a while, but we aren't sure yet.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    So my birthday is 20 days away and I have NOOOO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!??!?!?!?!?!? This is what I've read about:

    1. Sleepover (last year but we are redoing my basement this year so maybe)

    2. Hotel/Limo party... umm not many people can afford that.

    3. Pool party (don't have a pool. but my neighbors do... maybe if they are not home)

    THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEE HELP!!!!

    Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.............HELP!
    by: Anonymous

    Hi! My 13th birthday is in about 3 months, right before Christmas!! I live in Canada so it's all snow and cold, so no outside things :( I need some ideas, but every time I search I keep getting the same, makeovers, sleepovers etc.!! I want something different but no so pricey!! I was thinking about going to the city for a night and having a scavenger hunt in the mall and then staying in a hotel for the night, but I don't know if that would be too expensive!! Anyway, I hope you guys can help. I'm open to theme party's too!

    Thanks! Amy :p

    Reply: I live in Canada and my birthday is in December. I can remember having super fun skating and sledding parties for some of my birthdays. I'm guessing you must like the cold or the outdoors since you said you didn't want to be outside.

    You could have a "Club Freeze" party and decorate in blue and white and hang icicles and have a dance party, or just hang out. You could even have some activities set up outside if you have enough snow, like a glow in the dark ice cube scavenger hunt, snow races, a bonfire...

    by: Myia Lou

    Hey! I'm Myia And I Am Turning 13years old in December! I Want A Huge Birthday Party But I Don't Want It Any Where Expensive! I Want All My Friends There Boys And Girls!!!!!!



    by: beautygirl2

    My bday is on September 4th. I'm gonna have a friend over, but I don't know where to go. It has to be in Elkart, IN or Goshen, IN. PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!! :(

    Beach Bday Party
    by: alexa

    I'm gonna go to the beach for my birthday because I live in California - Laguna Beach. I'm gonna do a beach party. They are all gonna come to my house and then we're gonna go to the beach and then come home and have a bbq. What should i do when we get home before we eat!!!???!! Help!!!!!

    We're Gunna Partae!
    by: Anonymous

    I am just gunna go into town & walk around by the harbors, the docks, look at the boats, go to stores, stuff like that. I'm trying to find a cheap limo to drive us there bcuz it is like 30 mins. away... Then we would come home after hours and hours and get my mom's friend to give us makeovers(: Then take TONS of pictures to give to everybody(: Then eat, watch movies, and play games around the neighborhood. Like the Trade Game (I found it on here) Sounds like fun... Then the next morning we could go to the mall for a scavenger hunt of things that you DON'T have to buy! So my party's gunna be somewhat cheaper than I expected & still gunna be a blast!!(:

    Hope I Helped(:e

    September Birthday - Need Ideas
    by: Rdvchic

    Okay I'm turning 13 in September. I want a dance party, but I don't live in the city and I don't know where to have it or any other birthday ideas. Thanks for any ideas.

    I Need Help for My 13th
    by: EMILYY

    My birthday is in a month and I need an idea helpppppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What Should I Do For My 13th?? xx
    by: Ellie

    Heyy!! x

    Okay, so I want to have a really good 13th birthday party. I don't want too many friends... maybe around 5-8. I want it to be different, but really fun. We need to have a great time x
    I don't want the usual sleepover, makeup parties or any sort of crafts. Any ideas?

    Thankss xxxx

    Best Party Ever!
    by: Anonymous

    My bday is in November so here's what I'm doing...

    1. Me and my friends are gonna stay at a hotel for the night and play games, watch movies, and pig out!

    2. In the morning we will go downstairs and eat breakfast.

    3. We will get ready to go swimming and pick up the others who didn't go to the sleepover.

    4. Then we will all go bowling!

    5. Then we will drop off the others at home.

    6. Then me and my friends at the hotel will go to the mall and do a hunt down game.

    7. Then go to the hotel for the last night and hang out..!

    Party Idea?
    by: Anonymous

    I cant think of anything for my 13th. I want a hotel sleepover party, but my mom thinks we wouldn't be able to do anything! What can we do??????

    ?????? HELP
    by: kenzanator

    My 13th birthday is coming soon... and I still don't know what 2 do... I'm going blank... I don't want to do those makeover junk parties... I don't do those kind of things. I was thinking of laser tag, but it maybe 2 expensive. i want to have 10 girls, but I'm thinking that is too much. And I can't decide who to take out! I was also thinking of some kind of mystery murder party... everyone acting, and people keep disappearing... and they have 2 figure out who does it... but I'm still not sure.. need ideas!! fast!!

    I Know What You Can Do For Your Birthday
    by: Emily

    Well I would do something like fun cool you know. YOu're turning 13. Parents just don't get it and they are jealous they didn't get that growing up.

    Have lots of junk food like chips and pop and candy... lots of it. In fact, and if its a party with over 10 ppl then start having all that, but add meatballs and meat rolls, crackers, cheese, fruit fondue, and like sandwiches and just have fun.

    Play truth or dare (always fun), rent movies like Wild Child (it has Emma Roberts - Google it - its an awesome movie - don't judge the title) and Dear John, The Orphan, Grownups, When a Stranger Calls, The Last Song, The Grudge. Swim, hang out, rent a cottage, go shopping, movies, rock climbing, amusement park.

    The cottage is an awesome idea though or go out on a pontoon boat for a day and swim off of it. Go tubing off of it, eat on it, open presents on it, play games on it, and bring a radio and have fun.

    Ok hope this helped - bye bye bye bye

    My Fabulous 13th Birthday
    by: Allison

    So my birthday is in about 3 months and I'm planning to get a cool party up. I'm going to have a water balloon/gun fight, truth or dare, spin the bottle, slumber party after all the boys leave, and a huge jumper, and lots of balloons, and go to the park and play games. So I was wondering what else I should do unless that sounds too much or too fun. I don't know and I need some advice.

    Celebrity Party
    by: Anonymous

    A celebrity party would be super fun! All the girls could be a celebrity for a night. You could get a fake red carpet and everything!

    Help !!
    by: penny

    Hi- I turn 13 in October. I want a massive party, that doesn't cost too much, but the problem is, I am inviting lots of different people, ranging from boys and girls, and i want something different, but not ab-normal. Help x

    What Do I Do????
    by: Myia

    Hi. I Am 12 Years Old... About To Turn 13 Years Old. Everyone Like My Aunt, Mom And Grandma Think I Should Either Have A Little Sleepover With My Friends, Or Have Just A Girls Night Out At Skate World, Or A Big Party!!!

    I Want A Big Party But I Don't Know If We Can Afford It! My Aunt Said I Could Have It At Her House! I Have A lot Of Friends But 2 Of Them Don't Get Along Good At All And If I Invite One And Not The Other Then One Of Them Could End Up Not Being My Friend Anymore! What Do I Do? I Need Advice Quick!!!! :(

    by: Katie

    OK, my 13th birthday party is November 16th and we're having the party at my house and inviting boys and girls. I knew what to do with just girls, but how am I supposed to have fun with boys and girls? I am putting music on and everything but what else?? HELLPPP PLEASE!

    Reply: Knowing why you switched from an all girl party to a boy/girl party could help with providing ideas. Is there a reason why you made that change?

    In 3 days!
    by: ZebraLuv

    Well my birthday is in 3 days and I had no idea. I needed something that i didn't need to reserve or book. So we came up with inviting my friends over, going to the mall, getting our nails done, and buying cute dresses and shoes. Then buy makeup and apply in some bathroom in the mall. Then go out to lunch at some fun restaurant. It will be SOOOOOOOO fun. Hope this helps you guys.

    by: Anonymous

    My 13th Birthday is March 6 so I know I'm thinking early but my bff and I always seem to steal each others ideas so I need to know mine first so she can't steal it. I'm thinking like 13-15 girls and a sleepover for half, but idk what else to do... HELP ME!!!!!

    Sleep-Over Awesomeness!
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, for my 13th birthady I had a tent sleepover in my backyard. We borrowed this huge tent from our friends and had a lot of girls sleepover! It was sooo fun! I only suggest that you check the weather and have a back up plan if it suddenly rains. It's a good thing our tent was waterproof (mostly) and we all had minus 10 degrees Celsius sleeping bags because it poured in the middle of the night and I didn't have a back up plan (it was 13 degrees... Brrrr!). This was the end of August and when I went back to school all my friends where begging me to do it again next year!!!

    Hope this helps!!

    P.S. Make sure you next door neighbor has no roosters. Please don't ask about that one!!)

    by: Dominique

    Okay, my birthday is in 4 days and I need a good party idea FAST! I was thinking of rock climbing or seeing a movie, but a movie doesn't last all day... I live in Florida so it's too hot to camp out. Also, its going to rain all weekend, and I doubt my mom will take us to the mall for a scavenger hunt. I'm not into the whole makeup deal or things like that, but am definitely not a tom boy, so can someone please help!!! (:

    Winter Birthday!!
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so I've seen some of your ideas and I like them...ALOT!!!! I like the ideas for a campout or pool party, but my birthday is in February, so obviously I cant do those! :( The only thing is, every year I've had a sleepover at my house and I need new ideas. My 13th birthday is MONTHS away, but please reply if you guys have any ideas. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

    by: Roslyn

    Help me please! I'm turning 13 next month and I want to invite all of my friends! My mom said the most I can invite is 13. I have more then 13 friends! What should i do!?

    So Many Choices Yet None of Them Seem Right :/
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so I'm turning 13 on October 25, 2010 and I was thinking of going to see a show in London, as I don't live to far from there, do some shopping and then stay in a bed 'n' breakfast, but all of that together would cost a lot :( I don't just want to have the classic sleepover, where I can have all my friends, because I have that every year, but if I do something else which will cost more I can only take 2-3 more people :/ If any of you people have any solutions to my problem or can think of a way to spice up a sleepover or EVEN something else I could do that would be brilliant! Reply ASAP please :D

    by: Tia

    I am having a bowling party for my 13th in September 2010, but I am only allowed to have two friends and i don't know which ones to pick cause the friends that are not going are going to get mad at me. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Help Me
    by: Anonymous

    It is my 13th in a month and i don't want a big party. I just want to do something with me and another 4 girls. I don't know what to do that is cheap. HELP!! xx

    Reply: If your friends like to cook you could have a cooking party and actually make your whole birthday dinner together.

    There are cooking games you could play, but also, while you are making the cake you could write some fun challenges (get each of the girls to write a few) and then wrap them in tin foil and bake them in the cake. Then, when you serve the cake, whatever challenge(s) are in each girls piece of cake, they have to do.

    I've also baked pieces for a clue for a scavenger hunt into a birthday cake before. FUN!

    13th Birthday
    by: Lucy

    I'm 13 soon and I want to have a special party with about 15 to 20 girls, but don't know what to do. I will be having a sleepover anyway, but what is something really special? Help plz - UK

    Reply: How about an Oscar Themed Sleepover Party? The girls could come dressed up and you could either have a fancy dinner at home and then watch an Academy Award winning movie or you could all go out to a movie (depending on your budget).

    Then later in the night your could play drama games and movie games and of course, watch movies.

    My 13th Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    So, I am turning 13 in November 2010 and I can have around 160 people. I have picked those people with my best friend Lexis and we need something to do with that many people. It is a girl/guy party. I am pretty much allowed to do whatever I want to because it is my 13th!! I am so stoked, but i don't know what to do with that many people. It is kinda hard. I also live in a small town with not a lot to do ... HELP ME! I want to make it a party that no one will ever forget ... kinda like the party of the year ... a chance to meet new friends and just have a good time.

    Idea for My Party!!!!
    by: moko-loko13

    I am having a game show night where I will be the host and whoever wins each game, I will give a slip of paper that says how much it's worth. By the end of the night everyone will have at least 2 or more and the next day I will have a little thing were they buy things with that slip set up in my house... like makeup, candy, or pop, earphones, etc. I will play games like Let's Make a Deal, Minute to Win It, and have the wii. Of course, then we'll go to bed super duper late and play game shows all night long. I have blue lights that I will hang up to make it look super awesome.

    When we get up we will probably eat lunch cause we will sleep till like 12:30 and then have our thing were we give (or kinda sell in other words I would say) candy, makeup, pop, earphones, etc.

    I love the idea of this. It sounds like a blast. Hope you like the idea i thought of.....enjoy!!!!=)

    by: Anonymous

    Hey! My birthday is in January and every year I do a sleepover. I really want my 13t birthday to be extravagant... different... ya know? Please get back to me.

    ~Thank you so much<3

    MY 13th Bday Party!
    by: Lindsey

    My birthday is tomorrow!!!

    I'm having 4 close best friends come over. This is what we were going to do.

    First, I live by a busy street, so we are going to wave at people... always fun. Then take a walk through the woods! Also do trampoline and play a ton of games. Tomorrow is FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! so we are doing scary games, watching Friday the 13th :) and then camping outside in tents and having s'mores. The next day were going to the beach and taking pictures!


    • I never: It is a drinking game, but you can use candy. So you sit in a circle and everyone has candy. One person says "i never..." (ex. I never kissed a guy) and then everyone who HAS kissed a guy puts a candy in.

    • M&Ms: you put M&Ms in a bag and you draw one.
      Red means you have to tell a secret
      Blue is eat something gross
      Brown is do a crazy dare
      Green is tell an embarrassing moment
      Yellow is group decides

    • Bigger the Better: You split up into 2 teams. Each team has a Popsicle stick. You go to the neighborhood and knock on the door and say "Hi, I'm playing a game. Would you like to trade me something for this!" and if they do you move on. I've gotten cookies, pencils, and the biggest thing was a BIKE!!

    • Spud: You stand in a circle, one person in the middle and they throw the ball up and yell someone in the groups name like "SARAH". Then the girl has to catch the ball. While the girl is getting it everyone runs. Then when the girl catches the ball she yells SPUD and everyone stops. Then she can walk 4 steps to spell out SPUD and tries to hit the person closest to her with the ball! If she hits the person and he/she doesn't catch it, then he/she has a S then a P then a U then a D, but if she does then u get a S and so on. Fun! Once you get SPUD you are out.

    • Bomb: Have a volleyball net and split up. One person throws the ball and the other people have to catch it. If you don't you're out. Simple.

    Hope this helps! <3

    by: ellie<3

    My birthday is in December and my mum is nagging me to tell her what I want to do, but here's the thing... I have no idea:/. I was thinking about having a scary night or a girly night, but I can't decide. Maybe an ice skating party? There's not a lot to do in the winter. Somebody HELP:)!

    Birthday Crazyness!!
    by: Maddie

    My birthday is in a couple of months and I don't know what to do for my party:( I want to have like a hotel scavenger hunt and then have the girls and I sleepover at the hotel. I don't know if this is the best idea!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    I need Help Planning My Party
    by: by Gabby

    My bday is 3 months away and I have no ideas. I'm stumped that I have no idea. At first I wanted to do a Zebra theme. I need help fast. What should I do!?

    by: Ella

    Hey Guys:)

    I live in England and my birthday is 1 month and 18 days away.

    My mum said I can have a big party for my 13th, because I only turn 13 once, but everywhere seems to be too expensive, or you have to be over 18 to hire the room there. It's really annoying and I'm running out of options.

    Any help... PLEASE?

    My 13th Birthday
    by: Katie

    I'm having a 13th birthday in one month and one day. 7 girls are coming for a sleepover and I don't know what games to have or what things to do.
    I want to do something before the sleepover. I've already done bowling, corn maze, hotel, chuck e cheese, and a grill out. Anyone have suggestions PLZZ! I need your help!

    What Do I Do?
    by: Anonymous

    I need some ideas! My 13th birthday is in mid September and it's already August 8th! I don't have a clue what kind of party I want to have! All I know is that I want to have a boy girl party:) HELP ME PLEASEEEEE(:

    I was thinking maybe bowling.....idk?? Any ideas please(:?

    I Think...
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, so I don't really know what to do for my b-day party, but I'm thinking about a plain old sleepover where we stay up all night and watch movies.

    We could tie dye shirts and play a bunch of awesome games.

    Some other ideas I'm thinking about:

    • A purple palooza party (my fav color)
    • A swimming party
    • Scavenger hunts
    • A chocolate party
    • ...or some party where you surprise the guests

    What do you guys think?

    :/ Help
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is right in the middle of December...
    Christmas day. I usually celebrate mine like on the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. of December, but this year I turn 13 and I have no idea what to do at all.

    I want a boy girl party(:

    Please help by giving ideas. Thanks<3

    HELP !!!!
    by: Anonymous

    I'm turning 13 in November 2010. I know it's quite a bit away, but normally each year I say I wanna do one thing and then 2 weeks away from the party I totally change my mind!!!!! :) x

    I want something really original and something someone would be talking about for ages!!:) x

    Please give me some ideas... i want my 13th to be a night to remember!! xx

    Birthday Bash!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Howdy! I'm from the country and we are farmers of animals and seeds. We don't have all the money in the world, but I am turning 13 this year (2010) and I am having a Luau and we are going to be playing a lot of games like "The Dressing Game" "Limbo" "Hula Hoop" and "The Seashell Count".

    I will have my best guy and girl friends over then and we will be playing sports after that (volleyball, basketball, football, etc. etc. etc.)

    After that the guys will go home and my best girl friends will spend the night and the next day we will go to the mall and then go boating!

    Hope I helped with some ideas!!!

    <3 Lots of Love <3 :o)

    Don't Know What to Do AT ALL!!!
    by: Haley

    I don't know what the heck to do! My birthday is sooner than you girls think. My birthday is on August 13th. That's next Friday!!!!! I made a list of what to do for my birthday party but I don't know what the heck to do!!!!!! And this has to be the best birthday EVER because last year it sucked! S can you girls help me out? Pleeeeaaaase thanks. :S

    Messy Spaghetti
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, a cool idea for your birthday dinner is to serve spaghetti, but you can't use your hands to eat it. You use your face. I tried it before and it was a lot of fun.:)

    Throwing a Surprise Party for My Friend - Help!
    by: Marissa

    Okay, so I'm throwing my best friend a surprise party for her 13th birthday and I want it to be awesome. We live in Vermont and I can never think of things to do for birthday parties. We have a big slip 'n slide and some water balloon games and silly string, but we need other stuff to do too. We also need games for when it gets dark because we don't have any games except manhunt. Soo pleaseee give me some ideas[:

    Day Tiem Slumber Party ;)
    by: Anonymous

    Its my birthday on the 23rd of August and I'm having 17 friends round. They all have to come in their PJ's :P!

    My mum's bought LOADS of new fun stuff for us to do like sweets, games, music, etc ! We even bought an ice cream maker, and a make over set... everything ! You should try it... It's going to be awesome and I know that its really cheap ! All you need is a few bits and bobs !

    I Need Help
    by: kayla

    Hello. My name is Kayla and my birthday is October 14. So here's kind of what I was thinking for my birthday. I was thinking I could go to the mall all by myself with my friends. Do y'all think that's a good idea?

    My Awesome 13th Bday
    by: Anonymous

    Ok, for my 13th birthday I'm gonna have a sleepover and I'm inviting 4 of my closest girlfriends. We're gonna dance, sing, watch scary movies, play truth or dare, stress or confess, an m&m game, and a game my friends call the game of greediness. We're gonna stay up all night and eat cake and pizza and chocolate and candy until we're sick. We're gonna gossip talk about boys and since I live near a lake we might go swimming. It's totally going to be the best party ever! Any suggestions for other things to do?

    My Bday
    by: party girl

    Well, I'm turning 13 in December and here's what my mom has planned so far.

    She's renting this hall and we are having a dance party. She's uploading a ton of songs into her ipod touch and connecting it to huge speakers, and decorating the entire room.

    I'm inviting all the kids in my class...and some from my old town... family members too.

    We're gonna have cake and pizza.

    Then, that night I'm having 5 of the girls come back to my house to have a girls night... movies, nails, makeup games etc.

    13th Birthday Party
    by: Kaygey

    My 13th birthday is in September 2010, and I have a great idea for my party. I just moved into a new house, and we have a big backyard and a big back deck.

    On the deck, I'll have lantern lights to be lit when it starts to get dark. I'll also have tables with snacks on them, and drinks. I have a disco ball that can go on the ground. I'm going to have a stereo outside as well, for music on the deck. On the deck, there will be food, drink, music, and dancing.

    Then in the yard, I have a trampoline. I'm also going to get a slip-n-slide, since it's still fairly warm in September, and set up a small table with chairs for my mom to do face painting since she's really good at it.

    I'm going to have around 10 girls. They can go around and do whatever they want in the backyard (during the day). When it gets darker, we'll light the lanterns, sing Happy Birthday, eat cake, and open gifts.

    Then, most of the girls will go home, like 7 or 8. Only 2 or 3 will stay the night at my house.

    I have a pretty big TV in my room, and we'll have some scary movies rented, and me and my friends will watch those all night, along with playing games like Truth or Dare, board games, etc., and doing just whatever we want to all night.

    Hope I helped or gave you ideas! :)

    OMG!! I'm 12
    by: vanessa

    Well, I am having my b-day soon but don't know what I really want to do. I might invite all my close guy friends and girls too and do a glow party and play my own music, but my friends want kinda music they like and I want to rent movies and dance and at night watch movies. Then the girls stay the night and the guys leave like at 10:00 or 9:00. So, I don't know??? Hope that will help you girls :D

    by: lilayyy<333

    Hi everyone! I've been reading through this page and pretty much it's about swimming. Is there like something else to do. I mean i don't want to look like a prune when I get out of the water. Well, what I was thinking about doing was (if you have one) take our boat out to a lake/swimming area and invite a lot of friends and chill there and switch people from the boat to swimming, but what else should we do instead of just swim and go boating. In school I'm the main attention so everything I do people will know, so please help. I don't want my party to be lame so thanks if you do help. Well bye<333

    Needs any good idea
    by: April

    I am turning thirteen in October and I need an idea for a theme. All of my parties have had a theme. I want family and friends to be included. Help me!

    The Biq One Three !!!
    by: Tatiana(:

    I'm turning 13 in 7 months... Yeah, I know it's a far time away, but I need help! My best friend and I are having like a combo party and we want to have the biggest party possible! We want to have lots of guests and activities...Please give me ideas on places & ideas..Thanks..Please Help!♥

    by: Soccer queen

    HELP my birthday is this month and I have no idea what to do. I was going to do a co-ed swimming party, but I couldn't. I need help. If you could have it as like a lot of people for a birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My 13th Party
    by: sdh

    This girl had it right when she told me I could go swimming and then go home with my friends. After we get to my home we would make homemade pizzas, do our hair, make up, and nails. Then we would get fancy clothes on and go around the neighborhood. It sounds like fun. Thanks for your ideas.

    P.S. My birthday is August 29th and we are going to have it the day before for my 13th party.

    by: Juliana

    Kaysoo , my bday is in two months , but i'm planning WAAAY ahead so let I can plan my whole bay party & then invite people ahead of time ! Last year I asked 12 people (girls) to sleepover and 0 OF THE GIRLS COULD COME ! So i'm worried to have a sleepover, and i don't want one of the predictable bday partiiies ! HELP MEEEE .

    by: Anonymous

    ok....well im turning 13 in september and i want my party to be really cool. I was thinking about all my friends(about 10 ppl) come over to my house, we go see a movie then come back to my house to have cake and ice cream and presents then stay up all night playing games.And in the morning we go to the mall and hang out. But i dont know if this is what i want to do or if my mom will let me go to the movies and the mall(without a parent being there) cuz unfortunately im not allowed doing stuff by my self yet

    Have any idea's for me???????I hope you do!! HELP!!!!!!

    Birthday Idea
    by: Savannah

    Hey!!! My 13th b-day is going to be on September 11th of 2010, so I am not really sure what to do D: . My mom keeps asking what i should do but i looked online and everyone says rent a limo, go to a hotel, and other things like that.
    But since we are on a budget I think I am going to have a spa-sleepover party. I am going to set up a Manicure/Pedicure stand, facials, and maybe a little table for lotions, and things like that. Then we will watch a movie & play games.
    If you are going to do this too, make sure there are plenty of mini towels or wash cloths by the sink, and make sure everyone knows where the bathroom is.
    My other idea is a cooking party where the cupcakes or something is already baked, then we will all frost them, or something like that.
    Of course you could also always just do a regular b-day party, cake ect. But you could stay up really late if you do a sleepover, and watch a cool movie. Every 1 says to watch 13 going on 30 but my mom says that movie is really inappropriate, so a good idea would be like wizards of waverly place the movie, or some other fun movie :D ! See ya!

    - Barbie skate party theme
    by: - birthday qirl ;D

    - hi quys , so my theme for my 13th skate party is Barbie !
    Me && 9 of my friends are qonna dress up like Barbie's ,,
    im qonna be a 80's barbie ,, so no one else can be from the 80's ! ( they can be a 50's , 60's , 70's , 90's Barbie .. etc ] im qonna qet Barbie decorations , && a Barbie balloon bouquet ( a lotta balloons put together ] . the day of my party im qonna qet my hair done ( tracks , w/ pink && purple streaks ] , nails && toes done ( polished ,, maybe pink && to qo with my outfit ] , && after i qet dressed , we will head to my party .
    * also qonna qet a Barbie cake , && a Barbie cupcake cake .
    * not qonna qive details on my outfit . ( qet creative ]
    im not allowed to brinq food in the skatinq rink so , i can only qet pizza && soda . but me && my frans / family will buy other food . after my birthday party , me&& 2 of my besties will qo back to my house && order pizza , hotwinqs & soda , eat candy & bake cupcakes . Next day ,, swimminq time (:

    what should i do???
    by: Tori

    im turning 13 in about 3 weeks.... i was going 2 take a couple of my friends 2 my favorite place N.J but my dad who was going 2 take us got sent 2 the oil spill and it had 2 get canceled...... idk what 2 do 4 my birthday now. my mom told me 2 look up on the internet but i cant find anything i dont want the same old birthday parties that i normally have like a sleepover and what not... anyone have any ideas that could be fun??????

    13th birthday
    by: Anonymous

    My 13th birthday is in 14 days and I and I am really excited and I can`t wait.

    Heres a great idea!
    by: K8e(:

    I was stumped to on what to do for my 13th birthday party but here is a great idea that will be tons of fun!

    You could have a sleepover at your house and invite some friends over...for dinner you could personally make your own mini pizzas then after dinner you could play volleyball a game called bigger or better where each team starts out with a Popsicle stick then they go around the neighbor hood trading for things and whatever team gets the biggest thing they win! You could do a picture scavenger hunt where you get a list of things you have to take a picture of your friends doing (most people have camera phones so if someone doesn't just make sure they are on a team with someone who does) then you could go hot tubbing and do hair and makeup afterwards then you could play games like balloon truth or dare where there are dares and truths in a balloon and you pop it to do the dare or truth or you could play the M&M game where each color is something different like red is tell us your crush and then whatever one you pick you have to do. You could also watch a bunch of movies and if your not sure what movies to watch ask everyone to bring their favorite movies. also make sure you have alot of snacks such as chips cookies pretzels and lots of candy (if your finding this all a little spendy go to the dollar store to get your goodies)

    I hope this helped alot of people I haven't had my party yet but im sure it will be a hit! also if you want more games to play just search party games and you could find a bunch of them to make a great sleepover!(:

    My Golden Birthday Party!
    by: Skye

    Ok so my golden birthday party is in like 16 days. I'm going to be 13 on the thirteenth of August so it's a huge deal for me. So I invited 9 of my friends and my mom got a hotel suite for us to stay in. First, a couple of my friends will come with me to change into my dress and get my hair and makeup done. Then, we are all going to go to the mall and shop for a little bit before we check in to the hotel. Maybe I'll try the scavenger hunt thing some of you have said it sounds like fun. Then, we are going to go to the hotel and check out the room which my mom will surprise me by decorating with my favorite things. We will then all go to the pool and swim for a couple hours. Then, we will go to the room and eat pizza and eat tons of candy and chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite). Then, I'll get my cake. Then, we'll stay up playing games, doing our nails and watching movies. But you're probably thinking all of this was expensive it wasn't really because my mom got a discount on the hotel room through work, my hair and makeup will be done by me and my friends, my dress was on sale but is still gorgeous, and my cake will be made by a family friend. Also, I used babysitting money on my dress, jewelry, and decorations. So you can have a party like this with a budget as long as you help contribute and if you ask a family member to help make treats I'm sure they'd be glad to help with your birthday.:)I hope all of you get great ideas for your birthday and have an amazing time!:)

    13th bday
    by: Anonymous

    I'm having my 13th birthday in 6 days and I have no idea what to do. I thought maybe a party at Malibu beach what do you think??

    13th birthday party
    by: farah

    Hi, my birthday is in 4 days and I do know what to do.

    Some of my ideas are to play outside, dancing and singing contest between us girls and thing's like that. There is about 11 girls coming but 2 of them are sleeping over.

    Please help me !!!!

    by: lexxa

    Mmy birthday is in September... I'm turning 13 and I'm getting a laptop but I want something to do with my friends ... but I'm not allowed a sleep over ... What can i do x??

    Bored 12 year old
    by: Nadine

    I'm 12 and my birthday is in about 2 months, but my mum keeps pestering me to tell her what I want - easier said than done. I have no idea what I want to do except that I want something different. I'm going to invite around 5 of my good friends, but when I look on the Internet, I keep getting the same thing. (Sleepovers, Makeovers, etc.) Please, please, please help me!!!

    Reply: What about a cooking party where you learn to make something everyone loves but finds hard to make. You can even have a fun challenge afterward where everyone draws from a hat for ingredients and then teams have to use whatever ingredients they drew to make a delicious dish that everyone HAS TO eat.

    I've even seen packaged games that include everything from the invitations to what ingredients to buy for this kind of party before.

    by: Emily

    My 13th birthday is in September 2010 I will be 13 and I am inviting like 5 or 6 girls and we are renting a cottage!!
    Playing games like 20 questions(celebrity style)just Google this questions about.....(name) and who am I?
    Truth Truth lie and lots of different games.
    We are going to have lots of chips and candy and pop. It's good to ask every friend what they want and write it down so then you have everyone happy and just swim, go tubing if there's a boat and just hang out. Now you can invite everybody and only have girls sleepover and guys go home @9:00 or something. Watch movies and again ask girls which movies.. Wild Child, Dear John, The Orphan, Grown Ups... good movies and Wild Child sounds boring, but it is like amazing. It has Emma Roberts in it. Ok hope this help bybyebye

    OMG !
    by: Thaya

    My birthdaay is reaaalllly sooon && i dont know what to dooo :( someone help !

    13th Bday
    by: Bella

    My birthday is August 13th, about 22 days away, and I'm gonna have a swimming/sleepover. I'm gonna have a bunch of my best and guy friends come swimming and then have the girls stay at my house. We might camp out and have a bonfire but we have bears in our woods so maybe inside lol. Have fun at your party!!! :)

    Turning Thirteen and Freaking Out
    by: Jen

    My birthdays in 12 days and I keep wanting to know what I'm doing for my party. The thing is I don't know what I want to do. If any one has any suggestion that would help please post them.

    Need Help?
    by: Maddy

    If you can't afford anything then have a party at home. That's what i did. It was a lot of fun. (: We played tons of games that we made up so it wasn't hard (:

    Hope that helps.

    13th Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    Hey! my 13th birthday was last year. I had a sleepover with about 4 girls. We got green hairsppray stuff and we sprayed our hair and then we walked around the neighborhood and waved at everybody we saw just to act stupid and crazy. :) Then we pigged out on pizza. Then we watched tons of scary movies. Then we got M&Ms and played a game. The game is to pick each color and write something that goes along with the color. Eg. red- tell a secret. blue- eat something gross. green- ask a guy out. Stuff like that. Then you close your eyes, pick up one M&M and then whatever color you pick. You have to do what goes with it. So if you pick red then you have to tell everyone your deepest darkest secret. Something you've never told anyone. It's a really fun game. But make sure that you can trust the girls. And say this, "what ever happened in this room stays in this room", which means no one can tell anyone anything! Then you could stay up all night and talk about guys and stuff like that. The next day you could see if you could go to the mall. Me and my friends did and we had a scavenger hunt in the mall. It's a lot of fun! Well, there's an idea. (;

    Help me!
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday's in winter so there's nothing I can do. I need somthing good to do :(

    13 in August
    by: Ter

    Okay so my birthday is in August 29th and it is July 16th now I know it is kind of early to plan, but I am completely clueless. Maybe a Las Vegas party or a Hollywood party, maybe seventies ... can't decide....

    by: JAiden

    Hiya ummmm no need ta be offensive or nuthin but Carson & Anna B....... zorbing is where you go out into the ocean and hunt for squid.. I thought you said you were at Chicago....... ?????

    Anyways for my birthday I wanna have a rollerskating party where me and my 3 best friends would go and 3 of my guy friends. We would have a blast cuz we always do.

    Sorry Hannah!
    by: Carson and Annaaa[:

    We agree with you nooow! (: haha. Sorry about that yeah we actually just put that for no real reason because we aren't rich. lol. (we're wannabe's) Hope you have the best luck with your party!:DD

    With Love,
    Carson & Anna<3

    Country vs Rich
    by: Hannah(:

    I disagree with Carson & Anna. I think the best 13th birthday party is to have a huge campout at (woods, campgrounds, etc.). If you have a big tent you can have a lot of your best friends over. (In the tent make sure to bring a lot of blankets and pillows.) You could go to the creek and hangout, quadding, have a big bonfire at night, play flashlight tag, frog gigging (lol), and a lot more. At the bonfire you could have smores. This would be perfect for girls but not rich snobs. I hope this helped you!(:

    by: Anonymous

    I'm turning 13 in November 2010 and I want to do a party no one would ever think of!!!! but not too expensive. Please help!!!!!

    13th Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    A scavenger hunt at the mall. Bring your friends to a big mall and make a list of ten clothing items. Have them either buy or take a picture of each item somewhere in the mall. Then have them come back to a specific spot in the mall. Whoever finishes first wins.

    by: Sarah B.

    So we are all finally 13 or going to be. I'm doing a sleepover with a total of 5 girls. I know it is small but I'm a twin so we had to compromise. So we all first play Wii and wait for everyone to get there. Then eat pizza and all of our favorites. Then go swimming and into the hot tub and go back and forth. While you are doing that take pics with an under water camera that you can buy for like $5 at target. Or if you don't have a pool or hot tub they always have slip-n-slides on clearance and you can still get awesome pics. Then, get out and into your pjs. Then watch a movie. Then all head up and do Truth or Truth since when there are no guys dares are a bit complicated to come up with. Then when inviting ask to bring old t-shirts that they will never wear again that are plain. Then design them and wear to bed. Then go to sleep and talk for hours. Then wake up have a big breakfast. Then give them their goody bags and they leave.

    by: Anonymous!

    So I'm having my 13th birthday party in like two months (I know... I like 2 plan ahead) and idk what 2 do!!! OK, so in past years I've done roller blading, big water slide in the back yard(no pool) bbq, Chuck E. Cheese (yup were THAT cheesey!), John's Incredible Pizza Co., and more I can't remember now. But this is the big one(actually 13 but whatever) & I have no ideas! I want 2 make it REALLY memorable and awesome. idk wat 2 do!!!!!!!!! please help!
    <3, annanamos

    by: Anonymous

    Listen... 4 my 13th bday party i waz thinkin about glow in the dark candy themed! Do u think that would b kk 4 boys and girls?

    Awesome Fun
    by: Anonymous

    OK, something fun is just going to the mall or going to get pedicures.

    29 Daysss <3
    by: Fridayy Thee 13th

    Well my birthday is in 29 days & it is on Friday the 13th & I am turning 13 . I have decided to have a sleepover with lots of different activities like watching scary moves playing twister & Wii , dancing , pillow fights , swimming , modeling with pictures , & painting nails . All of the girls invited to my party have to wear a black dress to school on friday to celebrate my bday . We will have ice cream & cake . We are also going to the movies to watch step up 3d . My birthday should be very fun & very inexpensive. Hope i helped somebody with ideas for their own party.

    best b-day party everr
    by: Anonymous

    For my 13th bday I'm gonna get my closest girls so we can go to the mall...shopping and lunch, yumm! Then we will head home where my guy friends are ready for us with football and basketball. We're all gonna eat cake and then have a bonfire, marshmallows and all. Then the guys will leave and us girls will have a sleepover...pizza, dancing, makeovers, mani-pedis, a movie, the usual. It's gonna be really inexpensive and so much fun! And perfect since it's in the autumn. Enjoy if you wanna try it <3

    Sleepover Way Don't
    by: glittercaligurl

    Last year for my 12th birthday party I had a sleepover. It was a disaster. Everyone was like jumping on the furniture and spilling stuff. They were like CRAZY. They all kinda paired off with their little groups. I have like a really nice house and I don't like people to mess it up and make it look like a mess. So this year for my 13th b-day party I was thinking maybe we could go to my mountain house and ski and go tubing and swim and go to the spa. It will be an awesome girl getaway. By the way the girls that were at my bday last year are sooooooooo not invited. I have new amazing friends that stand by my side. I hope my party turns out to be great. I hope you can find a bday party to suit you and your friends perfectly!!

    Argh Help!
    by: charliee.. x

    I am having my 13th birthday on the 11th of August and I don't have any ideas and I really need all the help i can get. Pleaseeee HELP ME!

    xxxxxxx Please Reply ASAP!!!

    Reply: It would be helpful if you provided a little detail about what you and your friends like to do, etc.

    Great party ideas if you need help on planning
    by: Rock Princess

    If your stuck here are some great ideas:
    1.a bowling party
    2.a sleepover
    3.a boy girl party
    4.a hollywood party
    5.a movie party
    6.a hotel party
    7.a girls night out party
    8.a salon party
    9.a makeover pary
    10.a nail party
    11.a fashion party
    12.a rock star party
    13.a pool party
    14.a dance party
    15.a pj party
    16.a white,red,and black party
    17.a glowstick party
    18.a neon party
    19.a camp out party
    20.a bbq party

    my 13th b-day
    by: Anonymous

    OK so my 13th b-day is in March and I want to plan ahead so no one takes my idea. I want a boy girl party, but then I want an all girl party. My mom said either, but if I invite boys I have to have a bowling party, but I want to have a party at a hotel with just me and the girls and no parents... or maybe just a few rooms down, but my budget is $100-240. Also, my mom doesn't have a big car. WHAT DO I DO?

    bigger or better
    by: some girl!:)

    For my 13th birthday I'm inviting 13 people. Once everyone has arrived were going to play "bigger or better". It's a very fun game! First you split into 2 team and I give everyone a Popsicle stick. Then the 2 teams go around my town and go to people's houses and say, "Hi were playing a game and we were wondering if you wanted to trade something". If they trade something then you go to a different house. Once you finished (like you make 15 trades or something) you end up with something really big. When I played this one time the trades went like this: Popsicle stick, candle, flashlight, ...... and an hour later we had a bike! We donated it! It was sooo fun because some people were really creeped out and slammed the door on us lol! I'm playing some other games too but does anyone have any other game?????

    13th Help!
    by: Alex

    My 13th is only 3 months away:/, and i want it to be a night my friends will remember forevaa; but all my friends are having huge party with lots of people invited and i want the same type of thing but I dont want them to think im copying them ? What should I do?

    by: Michaelaaa <3

    I don't know what to do for my 13th birthday It is in August and I want to invite guys & girls. Plus it has to be affordable. Please help me time is running out :0


    OMG !! 13 ---> What 2 Do????? ' xo
    by: Baabbeeyy'Giirrll

    OMG!!! I'm having a 13th birthday partyy wayyy soon! But 1 problemoo (problem), I have nnoooo idea what on earth to do! You see my birthday is in January, and it's obviously kinda gunna be cold, no garden camp out :( Having a birthday near winter sucks. But then, I thought of a winter themed parttyy, with guys + girllss, LOL. I suppose there can be stuff, like wintery type of gmes, tasks so on...
    Havin this idea makes me sooooo happy. Im mega mega mega excited.
    But, what about those who are stuck,
    1# Themed partiiess, When is it?? Summer, winter, autumn or spring. Go wild. Themed parttiees ROCKK!!

    2# Ok. You should go to the clstest field you live near, it has to be big though! Huge scavenger hunt, hide stuff like little presents for each and every person and so on.

    3# A simple sleepover. Just have a sleepoverwith some girlies, you can do blind make-overs, take pics', watch movies, with pop-corn!! LoL

    4# Pampperrr paarrttyyy. Just go out, or stay home. Get someone in, get foot-rubs, russian head massage, pedicure, manicure and other stuff.

    5# Just hang out. Get some friends, go shoping go to the movies and have some fun

    Our 13th birthdays. <3
    by: Carson & Annnnna [:

    We live right outside of Chicago. Sooo, when our birthdays came, we had to do something Off. The. Chain! We combined our birthday parties and took 10 of our closest girlfriends, 8 of our guy friends, and our boyfriends (of course!) We rented a limo and drove all over downtown Chicago for a while. Then we went to the Navy Pier and had a picnic, where we found a clue that told us to get back on the limo and drive to a mall. When we got there, Justin Bieber was waiting for us!... jk! We wish! lol. We shopped for a while and all got into fancy dresses (We even got a couple of the guys into tux's!) We then went to a teen club. We had a blast! We opened presents in the limo on the way back to my house. Our Daddy's got us both little Teacup Yorkie puuppies! SO ADORABLE! Then the boys left and we all spent the night at my house!!!!The next day we went zorbing!Well,that was our 13 birthdays!!Hope yours rocks!

    With Love, Anna B. and Carson B. <3

    by: Anonymous

    Im turning 13 in December i thought about going go karting but its winter. I want to do something with about 7 gils a 7 boys something fun but not huge. Last year i had it at my house and celebrated it in the summer but i have to celebrate it in the winter this time if you have any ideas please!

    13th Birthday Ideas
    by: Party Girl!!!

    Ok my birthday is on July 22nd!!! Here are some ideas that I am doing that you might want to do!

    1. Go bowling with some of your besties!
    2. The winner of bowling get candy.
    3. Go home and give each other manicures, pedicures, hair, etc.
    4. Play games and have them write down truth or dares.
    5. Put the truth or dares in balloons, and then pop them to get it.
    6. Then have a bonfire!!!
    7. You can roast marshmellows or smores.
    8. Then when its time to go to bed, you don't tell anybody until the first person goes to sleep.
    9. The first person who goes asleep gets a suprise to wake up to!
    10. You can put her bra under cold water then stick it in the freezer.
    11. Or you could draw on her face with eyeliner!
    12. Or you could stick her hand in some warm water!!
    13. Then stay up and watch a movie with them.
    14. In the morning, the girl who went to sleep last, gets another prank, you can give every but her VANILLA ice cream, with CARAMEL on top!
    15. But for her you get a cone, but shaving cream in it that looks like vanilla, and then put barbeque sauce at the top, that looks like caramel.

    ***Well I hope this helped you out, and good luck with your party girls!***

    by: cassidy

    I love the idea of a hotel party and a girls night out. But my rents and i live in a small town in florida. And i dont know if youve ever heard of a place called coconut grove and Perry is almost as small as coconut grove. Anyways the rents want just a simple family gathering at a pizza place and then go out to a movie. Now try to convince my parents for a night alone at a hotel. LOL !!

    LETS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!
    by: Lyliana

    Okay so I totally want to have an AHMAZIN bday...its gonna be a girl/boy party...here are some ideas for people having a hard time thinking of ideas (fun, yet inexpensive)

    1. pool party
    2. dance party
    3. lazer tag
    4. camp out...smores, camp fire, games! yay!
    5. new york theme...broadway, djs, nightclubs, skyscrapers! whats not to love?
    6. california...walk of fame, malibu, santa monica pier, surf city! tons of fun
    7. underwater theme
    8. tye-dye...shirts, pants, bandanas and more!
    9. neon party...blast music, eat fun munchies, and dance with ur buds in awesome neon clothes!
    10. if ur a sporty gurl...rock ur party with fun games, a cool hang out and maybe some music
    11. and for the girly girls you could always do a make over party (the guys wont love tht tho...)
    12. just a simple bonfire always is fun...let the guys and girls sit 'round the fire and make smores ect.

    hope these ideas help!


    13 bdayy
    by: Anonymous

    im planing to have my bday party at a hotel and im wondering about how many people i should invite!!!

    by: Anonymous

    What I am doing is a sleepover for my 13th birthday party. We are going to do karaoke, dance party, go swimming, truth or dare, scary movies, twister, open presents and stay up all nite gonna be soo jokes can't wait!!! hope i gave you an idea for your party! :)

    my partae... ideas
    by: shannyn

    mmkhay... well hi im turning 13 in 18 days! so for my parti, which hopefully will be memorable and gr8, im planning to invite 5 girls and 3 guys n hav the grls sleep ova ... BE EASY! EASY, CALM AND HAPPY!! plan to do all the fun things...
    i live near a park so weez gonna walk down there, play some games, walk back home, play wii ect., ride the gokart up and down the street, hav a waterfight, play spin the bottle(?) or truth or dare or something to chillax and larf @ the same time...
    weez gonna hav a fire, roast marshmalloes, hav spaarklers, burn my sose stuff (lol), watch movies, cake, pillow fight ect. and paint each other with glow sticks...

    Then my mum and nana are going to take me on a shopping spree where we gonna get our nails done, massage and facials... at a spa!

    im also having a family parti too... we r going to my favourite chinese restaurant(i <3 it coz of the deep fried icecream... mmm)and they give u a rose normally but they give u a massive as bowkay of roses and flowers... its so cool...

    so whether its a friends of family parti... JUST HAVE FUN!!! =D

    well i hope i helped... happy birthday to u all... hope all goes well...
    shannie xXx

    I need help 4 my party
    by: jenny

    It's my party in October and I don't know what to do. I've done cinema parties, pool parties, sleepovers, bowling, dance party, ice skating and lots more. My friends are all having cool parties like going to big waterparks, going rock climbing and other amazing ideas and now I'm stuck for ideas. I want a really cool and unusual birthday party. If any one could help me it would be great.
    I'm not pushed for money but I don't want it to cost loads. I dont want a limo party because I have seen one. It costs a lot and you can have more fun at a sleepover.

    Not Sureee!
    by: Sara-j(:

    Okay, I want to do a mall scavenger hunt for my 13th birthday (which is in 18 days) but my mom says it doesn't seem that fun! rawrrrr. haha but do you guys think that sounds fun?! I need hellppp!:/ I'm inviting 6 people & we would go to the biggest mall around & find the randomist things! like buy a thong at victorias secret, or find an employe & take a pic with him named bob. just random things!(: do you think that sounds funn! HELP<3

    13 th birthday party
    by: chloe x

    Hi I'm turning 13 in less than 3 weeks. My idea for my party was to have a nautical theme party. The bad thing is I had a really cool party last year. Everyone dressed up as celebrities then we went in a pink limo. After we went to get pizza then went to the cinema. I want my party to be good this year but its in my backgarden. I will be having competitions and games then after I will have a sleepover in a gazebo so that everyone won't be suffocating and will have space to sleep, not that we will be sleeping anyway. I really need some party game ideas so please

    by: :)

    I also need some help but the difference with mine is I already agreed to do a combined party with my friend. We have the same friends so that's good and if we do something expensive our parents can split the cost.
    Hope this helps with the cost!

    party ideas!! (:
    by: Anonymous

    My bday is in August in the summer (: so i gotta pool and we set it up..its sorta big but at least its a pool right?? I have two backyards one with a deck a one where the pool will be.. I will have the music blastin!! and will have water balloon fights and scavenger hunts and b4 the boys leave watch a scary movie maybe..this isnt my first boy girl party but its the first one where I'm the bday girl if ya know what i mean..oh and I plan to have a huge n amazing cake!! How's it sound? I think I need more stuff to do? Please give me more ideas or somthing! Thanks! (:

    Grown-ups for an evening
    by: Chelsea

    Tell the girls to wear dress-up clothes icon, rent a limo to pick them up, and let them enjoy a grown-up meal at a fancy restaurant. (: Hope I helped ! ;D

    What to do?
    by: Kalinda :)

    Im turning 13 on the 2nd of august and I don't know what to do :(
    I live in a small town away from any city so the mall is out of ther question.. I want to see my friend that I never get to see.. I really don't know what to do.. I wanted to have a weekend in the city but where would we stay?

    an idear
    by: danni

    sorry i can not spell

    you could do a supper hero type party every one comes as a made up super hero and you do the theme


    a hippey part you know flower power or a imperticular year

    hope that helps but for a more up budget there is quad biking or a classic paint balling

    i NEED help
    by: Brooke :)

    I don't know what to do now at first i wanted to have a pool party for my 13th b-day then at a really cool place called horizon fun fx but now i want a Hollywood party what should i do??

    by: Anonymous

    Okay if anyone is stuck with a party idea when inviting a lot of people.. HAVE A POOL PARTYYYYYYY!!!! It is so much fun, it never fails!! :D

    You Just Don't Get It
    by: Anonymous

    None of you guys seem to understand that some people live in a small town where the nearest mall is 1 hour away, they don't have a pool or even cable or satelitte TV and the only movie rental store in town has just shut down. No one on this whole page (I read the whole thing) seems to get that some people can't afford to get a limo or stay at a posh hotel. I also don't get what you guys think is wrong with just an at home party. I mean with some creative thinking and planning your party is like way more fun than richie girl's 5 minute lime drive! And why boys? Everyone knows that at 13, no matter how cute they are, most of them are annoying and perverted. So why invite them? Why not just have a fun time chilling with your friends, telling jokes, watching old movies (actually really fun) and maybe even taking a walk around town just window shopping. Often stuff is a lot cooler in the store window than after you buy it. So why not have fun imagining what you could do with it instead of wasting money and finding out that it's crap. You probably all think that you are more mature than me or something but really maturity is not based on how much you buy, what you do at your 13th birthday party, or how you feel about boys. Maturity is about treating others with care and respect. Any party where everyone gets along and the host takes time to talk to each guest is sure to be a hit! If the guest feels welcome they are 25x more likely to have fun. So I hope I made you guys realize that not just parties but life is not about clothes, money and boys. Its establishing good friendships and really caring about someone. When I was sick one of my friends was really nice to me and sent me the most touching card. Guess what, she's the only one I'm inviting to my upcoming 13th birthday party. She has shown me what it is meant to be a true friend. I only hope that I can do the same for her.

    Reply: Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Everyone is free to share their ideas. There will be those who have expensive parties or dream of them and want to share those ideas too and that is just as ok as sharing ideas that are budget friendly. This is only one page of ideas sparked by the original question.

    Mall Night
    by: party planner 64

    OK something fun to do is go to the mall and get makeovers!!!!! If your parents can afford it give everyone 20 bucks. Good luck. I'm going to be 13 soon too.

    13th b-day party!!!
    by: Summer Dickerhoof

    Ok so my birthday is Aug. 16 and it's June 20th. I know it's early but it's my 13th so that's ok. I am having a boy/girl party but idk what to do cuz I don't want parents around. My only ideas so far are:

    1. Maybe swimming
    2. Walking in my neighborhood so we can talk about stuff without parents listening
    3. Dance party
    4. Truth or dare
    5. Eating and hanging out in my back yard

    But the thing is I want to do stuff that is for guys and girls and that is actually fun and not boring.

    13 in 13 days
    by: Bailie Cooper

    HI! My name is Bailie Laine Cooper and my birthday is on July 3rd and I'm turning 13. I'm having a luau with a waterslide and with my girlfriends and I'm also having a slumber party! I'm soooooooo excited. If u have any ideas that me and my friends can do that night I would really appreciate it. Thank u soooo much!!!!! Toodles!!!

    Ideas and Help Me !
    by: Anonymous

    Okay, so my friend had an amazing 13th...we went iceskating and swimming in a water park (both at Doncaster Dome fyi) and after all went to hers for a BBQ and normal b-day night fun! It was amazing and I want my birthday (couple months away) to be just as good. Bo there is an answer to an ace 13th party, now can you help me...

    As i said I want to have a cool thing with friends but my only prob is I want to invite my boyfriend and my best friend (a boy too). I don't really want to invite girls and when things say 'invite your 2 closest friends' these ARE my closest friends. So any ideas on a cool party with 2 boys ?? Thanks xxx

    2 Birthday Games to Play :)
    by: Bethany :)

    A 13th birthday party would be boring without fun games and unique activities, and the dressing game is sure to be a winner since it's definitely fun and very unique. Collect a pile of men's and women's pants, shirts, socks, belts, and accessories, and have each participant go into a dark room to put on a complete outfit. They won't be able to see what they're putting on, and it will be funny to see how mismatched their choices are. Whoever ends up wearing the craziest looking outfit is the winner of this fun and unique 13th birthday party game.

    The makeup game is a fun and hilarious activity for a 13th birthday party. Have the girls team up in pairs, and each should have eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and a blindfold before beginning the game. The person wearing the blindfold will be the person applying the makeup! The finished makeovers will look totally hilarious, and whichever team did the best job is voted the winner.

    Hope This Helped!

    only 1 week!
    by: Ellen...x

    Help me please!! I don't know what to do. I have one week to plan my 13th birthday party and have no idea what to do! It needs to be really cool and for about 10 people. I like the idea of an Hawaiian theme but it would be way to cold. HELP ME PLEEEEEEEEASE xx

    13th Birthday Plans xx
    by: Lucy - May X

    My birthday is in August so I have ages but I can't decide what to do. I think that I want to invite some of my closest girls first and get ready etc... then invite other girls and boys! To have a big party in my garden and then have a sleepover but what I want most of all is for me and my mates to have a good time and also that my brother, sister, and dad isn't there so its a girlie party for me and my mates but I still haven't decided so please give me some ideas thanks m'deary xxx lots of L0v3 Lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    by: Hannah

    Right now its June 17 and my birthday is August 23. My mom wants me to have a bunch of friends come and have a cook-out at the beach on the lake. I think it sounds really fun but it's, like, not super clean. It's not really dirty but, a few of my friends (I'm sure) would make faces....and maybe not get in. But other friends of mine are country girls like me and will swim in a creek if they want! I don't know what to do. The girls that wouldn't like it are really mature and they don't even act like a kid half the time! HELP! I'm stresssing out!!!

    by: courtney

    I need help with my 13th bday party. I cannot spend over $100 but it needs to be awesome and fun. I don't know how many people I can invite but im sure a lot so if anybody has ideas please helppppppppppp!

    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is in August only like a month and a half!!! Ahhh!!!! but I don't know what to do!!! I like the neighborhood scavenger hunt idea!! but I was thinking like a little spa night at my house with some of my girls??? It would have like facials, hair, makeup, soothing music!! Stupid or totally okay?? Byeeee!!

    by: Anonymous

    Ok so not for mine but for my sis (my best friend siene's birthday). I am throwing her a surprise party with the whole grade and the theme is going to be dance party!

    by: Gracey

    Ok well my birthday is in August 19th but I wanna have a girl and guys party but I don't know what I can do with having guys, so plzs for the love of God help.

    by: Anonymous

    I'm turning 13 this August, so my birthday is in about two months and I dont know what to do!
    Skating? - i did it last year!
    Sleepover? - only girls? no mom won't let guys! ( and I don't want guys to sleepover!)!
    I cant have it too expensive!
    I was thinking to have a huge girl & guy party at the park but what will I do there????
    Please help me cause I need help!! lol

    by: destiny

    I'm turning 13 in 10 days and I don't know what 2 do. I don't have loads of m8s but I have about 10 I guess.

    I'm thinking about hiring a local hall 2 have a disco thing like invite a few people, party games set up on tables. and dancing and karaoke cause we all love 2 sing and dance and the games will be like truth or dare...charades and muscle statues... u know 2 have a laugh but obviously need somethimg 4 the boys 2 do u know mind they are just friends the boys just the 1 problem is my mum is at work on my birthday so we will have 2 have it b4 dat , duno wen?


    13th B-day Party
    by: Anonymous

    Hello. I am turning 13 on June 21st and I need help to figure out what to do for my birthday party. What I wanted to do was have an Hawaiian themed pool party, invite about 10-20 people, have a BBQ, then cake and icecream, presents then only a few people will sleep over my house and we will go see a movie the next day with the people who had slept over and some others. (The pool party will be a girl-boy party). Do You Think This Is A Good Party Plan????

    Help me!!!
    by: Megan

    My Birthday is in 10 days and I have no idea of what to do! I want to invite nine people. I did have one idea that I could have friends over and do a mini spa. Now, I don't even know if I want to do it. I'M SOOOOO CONFUSED.

    My Party
    by: Anonymous

    For my 13th party I am having a sleepover with 4 of my friends. We are gonna play truth or dare, play WII, have a water balloon fight and give each other makeovers :)

    13 Years Babayyy!!!!! (=
    by: sarah

    Hey you guys I turn 13 in like August!!!!!! (=
    but I'm really stuck between a big party or a small one. I'm thinking a big one (with boys of course). Anyway, thanks for all your help and ideas. I think I know what I'm gonna do.

    Someone Save Me
    by: Anonymous

    My b-day is this Saturday but I'm having my party next weekend. It's gonna be a pool party and my closest friends r gonna stay over that night. I have no idea Montana or character sort of themes. I have no idea what kind of theme to use. I'm sick of using the Luau theme. I've used that for 2 yrs. It's my 13th birthday and I want something different.


    There are some pool party ideas here.

    B-day Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Ok so I see everyone wants to know what to do for there 13th bday party so I have some answers...

    *pie throwing contest
    *water balloons
    *bob 4 apples
    *mummy rap (with toilet paper)
    *sleep in tents
    *take pics
    *make cupcakes
    *play sharades/pictionary
    *egg toss
    *pillow fight
    *tye-dye t-shirts
    *paint each other
    *wii games

    Help pls :-D
    by: mare

    I'm doing a French/Paris themed birthday party and going to play French trivia and everyone is coming dressed as a stereotypical French person and I'm going to judge it as a contest :) Does that sound good or not ????

    My Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    For my 13th birthday party my mom got a suite in a hotel room, and I had around 9 girls. It was so much fun! First, we ate pizza in the lobby sitting area. Next, we got our bathing suits on and went in the indoor pool. After, next to the hotel is a TGI Fridays. We walked after the pool and got changed and went to TGI Fridays and sang Happy Birthday and each girl was allowed to get any dessert she wished. We walked back from TGI Fridays and got in our pj's. Then, we opened gifts, and did a craft. The craft was designing your own pillow case with felt markers, which we provided the pillow case, and markers. After, we watched a movie, and ate popcorn! My mom also had the room looking so cute! She had pink tablecloths on all the tables, and had snacks and munchies! And the fridge was stocked with juice, water, and soda! In the morning, my mom had donuts, and apple juice, and we ate breakfast. Then, as we packed up I gave them their goodie bags. The goodie bags include: candy, sleeping mask, and coach keychains. Everyone loved this party! It was so much fun! And the sleeping arrangemment was fine! We had two queen size beds, and four girls slept in each and then we had 2 girls sleeping on the ground with their sleeping bags, and my mother slept on the pullout bed! It was SO much fun! I would definitely recommend this party!:)

    Photo Shoot Party
    by: Anonymous





    Help Please
    by: Anonymous

    So I'm turning 13 in like two weeks and I don't want to do it at home. So please please please tell me a super fun place to go. Oh and make sure its cheap.

    Ideas for you girls who need help:
    Amazing Jake's super fun games and yummy food here
    Dave and Buster has games sooo fun and good food

    ps. I hope this advice helps. Please give me some ideas of places to go for my birthday and make sure it affordable.

    Beach Party
    by: Anonymous

    I'm turning 13 pretty soon and everyone has the same ideas... sleepovers, movies, bowling, and skating....BORING!!! I live sorta near a beach and it has an inside area where u can have b-day parties and stuff. You could have music, cake, food, and presents inside and soak up the sun outside. Also if ur beach has volleyball nets u could play. I HOPE U HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!

    Note to All: Nothing is boring if you know how to have fun. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. Someone who lives on a horse farm might find horseback riding boring because they do it all the time. Someone else might find it exciting because it's something new. Someone else might be scared to try it. It's all relative to each person's life experiences and their likes and dislikes.

    Some good ideas
    by: Mrs. King

    My Daughter turns 13 August 19, 2010. Here is the plan:

    That Saturday Morning I will get her hair done and then get Mani and Pedicures and some shopping at the plaza (Just the two of us). Then that afternoon around 3pm we will take her and 7 of her good friends to our big amusement park called 'Worlds Of Fun'. I will require all the girls bring 20.00 for admission and I will match them 20.00 ea for souvenirs etc.

    Then we will leave around 7:30-8:00 we will head back and rent movies and order pizza. I will have all sorts of snacks for them to pig out on all night. Let them play music or games if they like.

    Next morning hubby and I will cook a nice big breakfast for them. Then I will have a friend come over around 1:00 to do their makeovers while I set up for her party with family and her friends. I will have some sort of sweet 13 bday theme and will have a buffet of all her favorite foods and a chocolate fountain with fruit. We will have cake and presents. Now that is a great way to bring in 13! She is going to love it!

    13th B-day Ideas !!!
    by: caitlin

    There are loads of things to do for a 13th




    13th Birthday Ideas
    by: Morgan :)

    Here are some ideas for your ah-mazingly awesome 13th bday!!!

    1. Pig out on all your fav junk foods

    2. Go white water rafting

    3. Go to the mall and buy new cute outfits

    4. Have a campout with your besties

    Hope these ideas worked!!!

    13th Bday!!!!!
    by: Ashley :)

    OMG!!! My 13th bday is in a month and I have NO idea what to do! i wanted to have a cool bday party with a couple of my best buds but I'm clueless! Here are my ideas:

    1. Have a campout (if its nice out) with a tent and firepit and everyting to go with it (but I don't know if that's awesome enough for my 13th).

    2. Go to the mall with my buds and get a new amazing outfit and then go home and have a photoshoot.

    3. Anything else amazingly fun for a 13th bday.

    I hope my ideas worked for you!!!!

    Urgent 13th Birthday Ideas Please!
    by: Anonymous



    What kinds of things do you like to do. That's a great starting point for planning a party. Whenever I plan a party I consult with the guest of honor about things they enjoy and we build from there. Any party can be planned on a high budget or a low budget. You just need to be creative. If I couldn't afford a limo, but wanted the affect of one, I would ask a family friend to dress in a funny get up and play the whole chauffeur thing to the max. Sometimes things like that can be more fun than the real thing.

    by: Kez

    It's my birthday in a month and I still don't know what to do. I'm thinking masked ball or vintage.

    by: ashley

    OK I need Help. I know I'm not turning 13 but 12 so close enough. All my friends expect me to have the best party ever but no one and nothing is helping. Every time I think about my party I think about nothing. I need a theme. I need ideas and please don't say Hannah Montana cause all my bff friends hate her. I need music. I need food. I need ideas. I need... I need... I need...

    P.S. My birthday is in less than a month. Help!

    Don't Know What to Do
    by: heather

    OMG I'm turning 13 on June 5th and it's really close. I don't know what to do. There are so many options like a pool party, then a movie, then huge sleepover, and I wanted a limo, but my mom called and they're wayyy to expensive. Please help!

    13th Birthday:)
    by: Meggg:)


    For my birthday I'm just gonna invite about 20 kids over my house, organize a music box and have a little disco thing in my back yard or something and keep that going until about 9.30. I'm gonna have 10 kids sleep over and have a slumber party. Then they go home the next day:)

    Hope it's some help! x

    13th Bday!
    by: Anonymous

    Well for my bday I was gonna have it with my lil sister at a family members house, but then I thought I want to have the best bday. So my dad travels alot and so we can get a hotel room, watch movies, go swimming. And my aunt is a makeup and hair person so we can have fantastic makeovers!!!! Then we can go and play around the hotel. Does that sound fun???????

    13th B-day Party Plans!!!!!!!!!
    by: katie

    Hi, soo my b-day is June 4th, but I'm having it early. I'm having 5 girls over and my plans for it are:

    01: Go to the mall and play this glow in the dark mini golf thing (I don't know what its called).

    02: Go shopping and give each guest like 10 $.

    03: Come back to my house and play games like truth or dare with balloons where you have a bunch of balloons with dares in them and then you pop em. Then a dance dance revolution contest. Then a mini fashion show where you get like 10 trash bags depending on how many guests you're having and get fabric and ribons and stuff like that and tell your friends to make something out of it and do like a mini fashion show. And then we're doing a game of who knows the birthday girl best! It's when you (the b-day girl) sit on a chair and everyone writes stuff on a piece of paper and puts it in a box and whoever wins gets a prize! You could get like makeup, nail polish etc. and then we're going to play the pose game (with the lights off). It's like someone says oh idk like dancing queen and you do it. It's really fun!

    04: Then I'll have a sleepover with my one of my bffs! (cause she's the only one who can sleepover.)

    Shopping + Spa
    by: Anonymous

    For my 13th I'm going in a pink stretched hummer to a shopping center in London. Then we are coming home and going in my pool. Then we're gonna go into the spa that my mum owns and get pampered!! Hope this helps x.

    by: bunni boo!

    Okay so my friends and I had a sleepover the nite b4 and we did crafts and stuff. Then that next day I had a parade... it was sooo hi-larious. This lady in a mini van was looking at us like we were crazY or something. She had that confused, I think im halucinating, look on her face. I had food at my house. OMG... ribs, fruit kabobs, all my fav foods. It was just an enjoyable moment of my life that I will NEVER 4get. Hope this helps and gives u some ideas or maybe just a good laugh! = D

    13th is Special
    by: Jessicaa ;D

    Well, for my 13th bday party (may 10th, 2010) . . first we all met up @ my house and had a SICK (insane ;D) pool party! Then we went to my REAL birthday party @ the bowling alley! I had about 30 of my friends come out, & my whole family too :) It was actually . . FUN! I did an animal print type of theme & we had a DJ. Wow, my 13th was totally awesome! Hope this helped you guys!

    Birthday Party??
    by: Mackenzie Nicole Morgan

    Kings Island?

    Ugh!! I just dont know what to do for my 13th birthday party on August 31st.

    There is so many things to do, I just don't know "what" to do?! I can sometimes be a girlie girl (which is most of the time), or sometimes I can be very athletic. I am very excited to turn 13! I am FINALLY going to be a teenager!! ;)

    I am the youngest in my class, and I honestly have NO CLUE what to do?!

    Response to HELP!
    by: Anonymous

    I'm going to be 13 in 1 month and 5 days but I don't know what to do!!! I'm definitely having a sleepover but I'm not sure what to do to make sure my friends have fun! :(Please could people give me cool ideas, they would help alot!! x x x

    ..... One time my friend was over and we made homemade face masks and it was fun even though it got stuck in our hair! Also dancing, makeup, junk food, also a hawaii party with a tent in the backyard is awesome!

    help me plzzzz!!!!!
    by: Jenna<3

    Ok....so my bday is in 9 days (but i can have my party whenever) so it's me & my 4 besties. I thought we could go rollerskating and havea sleepover but I need it 2 be awesome bc im kool like that so idk what 2 do 4 games or anything.

    plz help<3
    luv ya

    Ok so..
    by: Ashlee

    My party is June 25 2010.. my 13th. I can't wait but I don't know what I should do. I think I might get my cousins and besties and head out to a spa and go out for dinner or have a barbeque/ house party type thing. If i have a house party I might invite boys, but I'm very confused. I'm also thinking of having breakfast and dinner, going to the salon, then sleepover. I'm just so confused... I dunno!

    MY PARTY!!!!!!
    by: Victoria Skelton

    My 13th birthday is coming up soon (June 3). And I want to throw a neon dance party. I am thinking about turning my garage into a dance floor and have neon everything with blacklights and fast light with a fog machice. I am going to tear apart black trash bags and tape them together and hang them from the ceiling and put neon signs on them. I am going to have cds playing with all my favorite song. Everyone who is atteneding my party will have to wear something neon and have the glow stick necklets to get in. And if everything goes right then it will be the best party I have ever had, none of my friends will be able to top my party.

    by: Daisy

    For my 13th birthday i want to go to Brighton and stay in this really posh Hilton hotel with two of my closest friends! It would be so cool and i thoroughly recommend it!!

    13th Bday..
    by: Sommer R.

    Okay, well these are all good ideas i have no clue what to do for mine. I still have at least have 10 months to think about it but if its going to be expensive I need to save up some money here are some of my plans/ideas:

    Go to the mall and go shopping for cute outfits.
    Then go home and take photos and get fake awards for best outfit.( this isn't my idea i saw it in a comment and it is BRILLIANT) haha.
    Then you can eat all night, listen to music, go to movies, rent movies, put a tent outside have a sleep out, open presents, eat cake, make your own ice cream, prank call, get on computer, chat with your friends, etc., then The next day you can go to the mall or something and u and all your friends get ur nails done and maybe buy another outfit, then you can go to the pool and chill out there, there are SOOO many ideas.
    ~Sommer R.~

    by: Anonymous

    i am having a sleepover in June with my bff i cant wait these are my ideas no mirror blind make over and tell secret and scavenger hunt if one has a ideas tell me please

    by: Taryn

    heya everyone, i need help! i have organized with my mate that i want to have a luau Hawaiian party but no one likes the idea. plzz give me some party ideas pronto x

    by: Katie x

    my best friend is having a party and she doesn't want it to end up a sham help her thanks love you x

    my birthday :D
    by: Caoimhe :) xx

    I'm turning 13 in 14 days; for my birthday I'm inviting EVERYONE but I'm bringing my main girlies out first to get our hair and make up done; then going back to mine to have a BIG PARTY; then girls & BOYS are staying out in my back garden for a camp out;) its gonna be so much fun i actually can't wait :) hope I've helped some of u with my idea :D xxxxx

    by: Cassie

    I don't know what to do for my b-day!!!!! I have a lot of friends both girls and guys, but i want to find something that's not too expensive. I was thinking the theme should be a girls night out. but that wouldn't work since I have guys coming. There's probably 14 people coming so it's hard to find a party idea that's not too expensive. i don't want to do a party at home because I've done it for too long, I want something new, surprising! you know what i mean? Well I really need help so please if you have an idea say something! Thnx.

    my 13th b day
    by: sarah

    okay so my bday is on may 20th 2010 and i have no idea what to do and last year all i did waz karaoke and it waz really stupid so please help me i don't want my bday to be stupid like last year and it can't be expensive like 100 dollars minimum for every thing because my dads out of a job and my mom works 2 jobs so help me please i got 20 days:)

    party ideas!!!
    by: lola<3

    hey! OK so i turned 13 on April 3rd and since Easter was the 4th i couldn't have it that weekend and then there were track meets on the rest of the weekends of April so im going to have my party in May here are some ideas i have planned:

    #1 limo ride with friends round town or mall SHOPPING (but we aren't exactly rich so i need to approve a budget with my mom)
    #2 come back open present eat cake
    #3 hang out in the backyard
    #4 have a dance party with candles tiki torches and TONS of music (we have a big back deck so it works)
    #5 watch tons of movies
    #6 have everyone write down a truth or dare and put them inside a balloon and then hand out the balloons then pop them one by one so much fun!

    hope it help and remember your day is about you! don't stress about it just have fun!

    My Birthday Party
    by: Anonymous

    I turned 13 about a month ago and i had the bday party of my life! i know that its hard to come up with the perfect birthday idea, especially for 13. it has to be cool, fun for everyone, and on budget. Mine was a little over-the-top, but i have some other great suggestions too.

    Okay, so first of all, if your bday is in the summer, pools are a lot of fun. especially if it has slides, etc. if you have a pool at your house, you could...
    -have a Hawaiian themed bday party (i did this last year.. it was so fun!).
    -Have tons of colorful flowers, pool decorations, pinata, etc. Set up volleyball and outdoor type stuff in your backyard. Hire a DJ to put a dance type twist on your party. Water balloon fights are always fun. If you have a trampoline, it's fun to get on it with balloons. And since this is your 13th bday party- invite boys!

    If you just want a sleepover with your best girls, makeovers are always fun, even if your not the girly type. Since your not inviting as many people, why not spend the night in a luxury hotel? If you have the money, you could rent a limo to take you to a hotel. makeovers, scary movies, gossip, the hotel's pool. It's always a fun party. if you have one at your house, maybe you could hire a pro makeup artist and have a photo shoot.

    Skating parties may seem so 2 years ago, but at the same time, they're so fun. its an excuse to "couple skate" so like everyone at my school was having one this year lol. Rent out the skate center, invite tons of people, and have the time of your life!

    OK, so it seems kinda weird to plan games at your sleepover, but at my one friend's party this year (she just had a sleepover) her parents planned a scavenger hunt. They split you into teams of four (you got to choose), gave you a piece of ribbon, a bag, and a list of stuff. There was tons of stuff to find, and everyone had to hang onto the ribbon. hahahah! it seriously took some teamwork. So yeah. and also remember when you're planning your party, don't be so worried about what people will think. odds are, they'll have fun. so don't forget to have fun and be so serious about planning that you don't! just in case you guys are wondering what my party was, i'll tell you.

    by: Anonymous

    This is what i thought of you and your friends go bowling or laser tag or rock climbing. Then i liked the idea with the balloons with the truth and dare. Also end with a movie than SLEEPOVER. Makeovers, popcorn, make ice cream sundaes

    by: Shawtyyy

    Hello! my birthday is on May 8th but I'm planning 2 have my party on the 15th or 22nd and I'm running out of time! i am sooo stuck on with 2 do for my party! i could have it at this gymnastics center but i ever been there b4 but i love bouncing off the walls with my girlsss! but then there's this amazing chocolate place called Morke's and it's when u make ur own chocolate! when i read about it, it said recommended for 13 and up! so i was like I'M TURNIN 13! so now i really don't know what 2 do!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!


    my 13th b-day party
    by: Anonymous

    my birthday party is in like 3 weeks and me and 4 of my friends are going to the Nascar Speed Park and after that we will have pizza, cake and then open up presents and have a sleepover and maybe pull an all-nighter. The next day we might go to a park or just hang around my house well hope that gave u some ideas and cant wait till my party!!!

    here is an idea
    by: Rocky Top

    OK i see that a lot of girls need some party ideas, well maybe this will help. ( this is not a scavenger hunt)
    3 -4 of your closet friends can drive around town. all you GUEST can write down 1 clue to their favorite place in y'alls town. and the b-day girl guesses the place and the gang goes to that place and takes a funny pic with a random worker at that place. totally fun and unforgettable! hopes this helps!

    Boring.. need some help
    by: Bubblegum

    all of my past b-days have been really boring. i mean i always have a sleepover or go to the movies. i wanted to invite all of meh buds but my mom hates it when there's a lot of people. The limo idea is really cool though, i might try that out. My b-day is May 1st. Last year i had a sleep over and went to the movies, the year before that i went to this boring art studio. i don't have a pool so that won't work and i hate public pools they're gross. i hate bowling, skating gets boring after skating around in a circle for 30 minutes.. so yeah. I also live in a very boring town and I'm pretty much broke! Need some more ideas please!!

    Party Ideas- - ♥
    by: Cameron(:

    haha so my birthday is in OCTOBER 2O1O(:
    13th of coarse(:
    [[ oh I can't speell ]]
    && like I have a few ideas(:
    Rent out the near bye club house && have a kick-but dance party theme PINK ZEBRA
    - - - - - - -- - - -
    have a neon dance partaay(:
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    grab like 5 frannds && go to the VERYY closee theme-parrk(:
    - - - - - - -
    rennt out a HUGGE hotel room && have a bunnch of frannds(:
    - - - - - - -
    * but I want a big ole' party &+ like guys + girlls ANND it's goinng to be next grade!! [8th] bleeh ♥ hellp?

    i dont know what to do
    by: eymani

    Hi my name is Eymani my birthday is sept 13 and i don't know what to do for my birthday party.
    I was thinking if we had gone to a restaurant then a hotel to spend the night, but i remembered that i did something similar to that last year.
    So that is why I say that I don't know what to do for my 13 birthday party.

    I'm turning 13!!!!!!! in October
    by: nicole

    idk what to do. I'm verry confused. My b-day is in October so I think I might go to bloodmanor but I don't think my friends will take the scariness so well. First thing I'm getting is a huge limo, of course, and I'm going to the mall and to the salon with a couple of my bffs to get my hair done, nails, eyebrows, the whole thing and get a fantabulose outfit like always duh!!!! Really nice and my bffs have to wear the same thing like skinny jeans, tank top, and sneaks and caps. I'm gonna wear skinny jeans, an awesome tee, and xtra high tops, and a fedora hat with straight hair and huge hoop earrings and big jewelry so i just don't know where to go!!!!!!!!

    13th Birthday Party Ideas?
    by: Blake.

    I just turned 13, and I have no idea what to do for my party. Every year I do movies, makeovers, or nails and toes. No one wants to do that for their 13th! I want something fun to do, but not very high in money ;)

    Please help!

    Thannnks to all :)

    13th Birthday
    by: ERYN


    by: Caitlin! : )

    Okay i need help! My birthday is in the beginning of July, but i think I'm having my party at the end of June. I need some ideas! I want to invite 14 girls, but I have no idea what to do! I want to go ice skating, but I dont think my friends can skate. And I can't have a sleepover because I dont have anywhere for 15 girls to sleep. Unless I can have it in my backyard with a tent....hmmm I need help!

    13 birthday ideas
    by: Katrina

    Hi for my 13 birthday I did a few really cool things that were super fun and were a big hit. Here are a few. Hope they can help you.

    1.Food fight - Who would not enjoy throwing food at someone else, like spaghetti and salsa.

    2. Gross Shots - Me and my friends take non-alchoholic liquids such as milk and juice - u know - and powders like pepper, vinegar, baking soda, and mix stuff like that together and dare each other to drink it. OMG it is sooooo fun.

    3. Gross Food - Basically like gross shots only with food.

    4. Water Fight Outside - It's fun for the birthday girl to have a hose while everyone else has little waterguns. Makes u feel special.

    5. Go to a Mall and Mess with the Salsemen - Like went into Victoria Secret and asked them where the thong went and it was a hoot.

    6. You should have smmothies or some drinks.

    7. Have more then a few selections of food.

    8. Gossip :p he hehehe

    9. Makeovers

    10. Pizza yum pizza iz da bomb for birthday partys

    11. Rent a few of ur fav movies or go to a movie or both.

    12. Pinyata - sorry I have no clue how to spell that but use one - it's candy + slumber party = fun

    13. Karaoke Fun - Turn it up so they neighbors can hear ya! Me and my friends did that and I was jumping around and hit my head on a fan! LOL ow!

    14. Balloons never fail

    15. Truth or Dare - Balloons have a paper with a dare in it. Put it in the ballon, blow it up, have about 20-30 of them, and take turns popping the balloons reading the papers and doing the dares or truths. The fun thing about this is u don't know if u get truth or dare.

    Well, I hope this helps!

    Katrina out - peace and have a good b-day :)

    Best Sleepover Ever!!
    by: Sarah

    So I held a sleepover and it was movie themed and the best ever!

    aaaargh :(
    by: ashleigh green

    It's one week away on the same day of some popular chick! How can I organize something better then her pool party and day out with my mum as strict as anything and only one week to organize!

    by: dopieee

    I'm turning 13 this August my dad gave me a great idea yesterday 'zorbing!!!' It's where you're in this really big ball and get pushed down a hill he told me it's amazing :)

    by: Anonymous

    I have sleepover on May 1st with my best friend in the world I can't wait!

    : /
    by: Poppy

    My birthday is at the beginning of August 2010 and I shall turn 13, but i want to have an amazing party I will never forget. I don't know what to do! I will have about 11 of my best friends and I want to surprise them with something incredible. I want them to come without a clue of what will happen.

    I was thinking of having a picnic outside, then someone coming in with a golden envelope and saying that you have to complete these challenges to earn a treat. By challenges I mean games and stuff.

    Then I would have a makeup artist come and do our make-up then we would have a photo shoot. I really want a luxurious limo in there somehow but all of this will cost a fortune.

    Any ideas or suggestions on other things I could do?

    There's alot of choices
    by: Crystal

    Hello there(: well I'm turning 13 on April 24, which is pretty cool because it lands on Saturday this year. Here are some ideas:

    1. bowling
    2. sleepover
    3. party in park
    4. small house party
    5. limo ride around ur county
    6. game party with board games video games and physical games

    I live in Orange County, California and there are a lot of theme parks and skating rinks, bowling alleys and beaches, since I live near a boomers theme park, I decided to invite 5 friends and spend the entire day at the theme park

    13 is a big deal to me, and its important to celebrate this age a little more than others. Get creative and express yourself. The sky's the limit!

    13th b-day party
    by: Anonymous

    Hi this year for my party this is what i have planned

    1. Go shopping downtown (i live in a small town so we might have to go to the city)
    2. Go back to my house in a fancy jeep (lol)CRANK UP THE TUNES!
    3. If its warm outside we will swim in my pool but if its not we will jump on the trampoline and play tether-ball and dodgeball.
    4. Then we will have a water gun fight or nerf gun fight against my brother and his friends (me and my brother r twins)
    5. Later on we will eat cake and ice cream and open presents.
    6. Next we will play some CRAZY games like... the pose game (turn off the lights close u r eyes and say something like fashion model and everyone will do that pose u pick someone to get out of the game and pick the next pose and the process will start over) . truth or dare . and a lot of other games
    7. We will do make-overs
    8. Watch a movie
    9. Then have a crazy sleep over

    Hope this gives you ideas and make sure at the party u have a lot of candy and pop and chips it makes it a lot better. (FYI: make sure you keep things under control last year when i turned 12 one of my friends jumped over a bed and kicked a hole in the wall! it was a repair no one wanted to fix.....

    bIRthDAy IdeA'S xxxxx
    by: hollie-may

    Hiya its hollie here umm its my 13th b/day in a couple of months i was meant to be having a joint b/day party with my boy cousin unfortunatly he made other plans @: so my friend a couple of weeks back had hers. she set up her room like a bodouir ( a posh ladys room ) with candles and silk and fruit, pizzas, popcorn and her mum brought her a plastic scene background with paparazzi and cameras we all had to pic a costume to wear and have a fashion parade it was so cool i hope tht helped. but here's my ideas for my party :D

    im going to have a limo with 1 friend and then taken to a posh dinner then have a fab sleep over then the next day im going to go zorbing i hope thats helped too lol xxxx have a great b/day :D

    by: Anonymous

    it's my birthday in four weeks time i am having 3 girl over at my house and need some food and theme ideas so anyone who has some ideas tell me please

    13 here i come!
    by: katie

    ok, im freaking out. my birthday is june 20th and i have only 1 idea!! its a scavenger hunt/black light/sleepover! i think it would be awesome but my dad thinks i should look at other things. i asked my family on facebook to help me but no one has. PLZ HELP ME!! im asking you grlz to help me! oh and i want it to be a boy/girl party so any ideas for that would be great too. plz, grl to grl, HELP!!!

    my 13th bday party
    by: girly-girl

    omg turning 13 in april 14th!!! and i have no idea wat 2 do in party (april 17th)!!! please help!!!

    hers an idea
    by: abbbie

    well b-day parties dont have to be expensive; so you could just take a huge picnic down to the park and some music along with a load of friends get a party started and after a while you and a couple of close friends could go back to your housw and have a sleepover with a movie and sweets!

    it's really fun and cheap and the music could come from a radio (if you were wondering) and the food and sweets are the only things you are paying for and you could even ask your friends to bring them insted of a present!

    hope this helped (y) :) abbie

    by: Anonymous

    my birthday is in four weeks time and i am totally freaked out i need help please

    by: pricness

    i have a sleepover on april 24 bacause the girl in class is have a big party well i am going shopping with my four bbfs in the world i cant wait we all go the cinemas before my party my mum and dad are decorating the house i can hard wait

    an idea for a 13 bday party outside (girls only!!!)
    by: Isabel

    hey my birthday is like in 2 days but im happy to share my fantasy birthday party with everyone!!!!

    1) go to a local park by your house and rent out a pavilion or a tent.
    2) play at the park (not a kiddy park like ones you can acually climb on
    3) If the park has a trail have a scavenger hunt about girls stuff like finding lipstick or other cosmetics (have enough for everyone)
    4)order pizza and icecream or snowcones thats nice to have on a warm day
    5) go to a hotel and have a craft ready or have games that everyone can play like life ( teen version), monopoly gno version, truth or dare, etc... ( you can do this at your house , hotel or park along with the pizza and desert... ROOMSERVICE!!!)
    6)sleep over and watch a movie ( may i suggest 13 going on 30? no pun intended lol yes it was)
    7) next day go to the mall to have pedicures!!!!

    if this isn't your dream party its mine!!!
    with love,

    my ideas
    by: Izabel

    Im gonna be 13 real soon too, so here are some of my ideas:
    1) Go to a spa and get all girled up
    2) Rent a movie and have an at-home movie theater
    3) Let loose at a theme park
    4) Go go-karting
    Hope this helps and good luck,

    by: Party Person

    my birthday is April 15th which is in 2 weeks I have ideas but they aren't that great..

    3.Ice Skating

    Thats all i can think of


    About to be 13 and wanna have a party
    by: Destiny

    I'm about to be 13 i really wanna have a party because I'm going to become a teenager and its a big step for me.

    13th Birthday
    by: Vi`

    Hey, I'm Vi` (Short for Vienna) My birthday is around Easter this year. My party's not themed as 'Easter' but some of the games and food are going to be Easter kinda thing. We gonna have an Easter egg hunt, dancing and pretty much just chillin' out. Hope this helps you peoples !

    by: coby n.

    I'm having a 13th birthday too and I need help cause see I'm inviting boys too and just girl stuff isn't going to help so HELP ME!!!!!

    The Most Awesome Party Ever!!
    by: 13girl

    My friend at school had her 13th birthday party at the Breenbrier Hotel in WV. She and 3 friends took a limo there and spent the night Friday and Saturday night. From the pictures they took, it was glamorous, elegant, and most likely the absolute best party ever! Everyone got to explore the huge hotel (which has the nickname "America's Resort) at night. A lot of famous have stayed there too. If you have the money, I would totally recommend this to anyone!

    by: maegan(:

    Hey! I'm turning 13 in july. (:
    I had some ideas:

    1. theme park.
    2. go paddle boating.
    3. go swimming.
    4. movies.
    5. skating rink (although i cant skate).
    6. water park.
    7. beach.
    8. restaurant.

    hope that helped.! (:

    finally 13
    by: Anonymous

    Okay my b day in in September but i am already thinking about it!!(: I can't have a sleep over cause it causes DRAMA!! but i have been skating a lot lately and i want to have a skating party and invite a bunch of people but i don't know how many people I could invite?? but if i cant invite a lot of people, give me ideas please!!!(:

    Cool Campout (:
    by: Malarie

    Hey this is Malarie(: I'm turning 13 in August and I'm very excited. I'm planning on having a major camp-out with all of my best friends. We will ride quads & go-carts and set up a huge tent with blankets, air mattresses, & pillows. A campfire too. Also with S'mores, pop, & snacks(: There's a big clearing and the woods is 100 acres. Then if we want we'll go to the creek and the water falls. I'm very excited and I hope this will help you (:

    umm idk :P
    by: Anonymous

    Well I'm turning 13 too and I do want to have a cool party. I think some ppl are stressing 2 much though cuz it's just supposed 2 be fun and all about you not like HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPP MMEEEEEEEEEEE!!

    Even if you don't find an awesome theme your friends will still have fun with you! Anyways I wanted to have a chocolate party because that's one of my favorite foods. Spa day would be fun 2 but lots of other people have done that b4. If you wanted to go shopping too you can ask your friends 2 bring money 4 themselves instead of gifts so that your parents don't have to pay as much.

    Hope this helped (and relax just enjoy it! :D)
    mud-slipper (that's my code name :P)

    by: 1 gurl1party

    My older sister recommended a mall scavenger hunt that she did with her friends:

    We make a list and make teams. Each team gets __$ and they have to buy everything on the list, the team that buys everything on the list, and the cheapest, wins.

    Ideas for the list: A (cheap) thong, some shoes (my sis bought baby shoes, really cheap).

    My sister said it was really funny and in the end, they had a sleepover, where they blindfolded a person and gave them mitts to wear and they did someone else's makeup.

    My sister says it was a 13th bday of her friends, that she wil never 4get!

    Hope that helps!

    by: Anonymous

    I'm gonna be 13 in about a month and 10 days! I was thinking about going to a hotel but there isn't enough room in my van??? What to do??? And need other ideas too??? HELP!

    No idea what 2do
    by: 1girl1party

    I'm turning 13 soon enough, and my mum is very pushy about planning the party, but I don't know what to do. I have a lot of guy friends, so i want a party that includes them to, and maybe have a sleepover with some gals after. But i really don't know!!!! I want this party to be big and memorable.

    i'll help u if u help me. S.O.S!
    by: @W

    my 13th b-day is coming up in july 15 2010 & i want something outstanding or out of the ordanary.exuse my spelling. but i just can't think of any good ideas.some b-day partys i had was, go 2 a water park, hawaii pary in back yard, see a movie when it 1st comes out at midnight, wedding party, swimming party,& dance ur hart out party,ect. but i don't want 2 never forget this 1. here r some things about me that will help u give u & me some ideas. i hate pink but love red. 100% girly girl. i'm aloud 2 waear makup on my 13th b-day. have my oun camra. have pool in backyard. have an older bro & sis. <3 pics. but hate fashin shows. have the best & longgest nails in my whole school. i also have thick curly hair. p.S. i want 2 do something girly with out it being embaresing. because my sis & my mom r tomboys. only girly girl in family.
    hope i helped u & hope u can think of somethink amazing 4 me. ty (thank u). 1 more thing i <3 FRED WEASLEY xoxoxoxo.

    Party ideas
    by: Anonymous

    This year im gonna have a joint party with my friend for our 13th. We have no ideas what we're gonna do but heres a thought: give everyone £10 to spend at the mall and its a competition to see who can get the best outfit with that small amount of money. Then when we get back to the house the theme is hollywood so we can buy a red carpet and loads of scene setters. My mum has a big white sheet which we can use a backdrop for photos like we are in a real studio. In the pictures you have to wear the outfit you bought and then we have an award ceremony (you can buy fake oscars) and there will be 2 competitions, best photo and best outfit. The winners will get a fake oscar each! Plz tell me what you think of the ideas coz i would really like to know! thanx!

    My 13th B-day party!
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is in a month and my mom and dad want to make it special so they are letting me invite like 50 people and we're going to a bowling alley, but not bowling. They have a bar which we'll rent out. Then after, 8 of us get to go to a nearby hotel and swim, spend the night, and eat breakfast there. Then, everyone will go home. Hope that helps!

    by: Anonymous

    I'm going to be 13 in 1 month and 5 days but I don't know what to do!!! I'm definitely having a sleepover but I'm not sure what to do to make sure my friends have fun! :( Please could people give me cool ideas, they would help alot!! x x x

    13 Soon Help
    by: Anonymous

    I'm 13 in april and I'm already grown up. I've done the make up and and hair and that, but I don't know what 2 do. I won't do anything with my friends because they all live far away and I sort of want a party... like the attention 2 be on me 4 one day, but I have no one 2 come. My family live so far away and it would be boring and I sort of want 2 go shopping with my mum but I don't know. Please help me 4 ideas.

    my bday is in a week
    by: Anonymous

    please help im having a luau or my 13th birthday but we only have a few i deas for games such as: making dresses for each other out of tissue paper then having a fashion show and then we were going to decorate tote bags but thats all the ideas i have and its a sleep over soooooooooo please help it mean the world to me but we cant go any where sooooooo please help you'd be the best for anonymous!(:):0

    by: madison

    im going to be turning 13 in july of 2010 and i dnt kno wat to do!! maybe i was thinkin to go to french lick in indiana which is a big hotel really fancy!! have like 3 of my closest friends!! idk if tht would be funn!!

    party ideas
    by: katelyn

    Heyy everyone i hope my party ideas help!
    for my birthday im having all of my friendz come over.my mum does nails & my mums friendz do facials & hair styles.so wat im doing is having a make over party then get all dressed up & get our hair & nails done & go to a restruant in york wa called settlers for dinner & kareoke.then after all that we are all going back to my house for a sleep over.well probley play some games like the chocolte game,skittles game & some other fun games.'so i hope that gave u some ideas!

    Birthday Ideas!!
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is in May, 2010!! My mom wants me to invite all the girls in my grade, and unfortunately, some of them are party poopers. I want it to be like a big smash hit, like a bat mitzvah almost!!
    Here are some ideas I had...
    1.) Dance to a DJ out on the porch/deck
    2.) Watch a fun movie that the whole grade will enjoy
    3.) Have a sleep over outside
    4.) Do photo shoots and things like that
    5.) Have fun games!
    6.) Have all of us eat and maybe have a caterer

    If you have any more ideas please respond!! Thank you!!

    13th Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    My daughter is turning 13 this month and I am brainstorming what to do. I have been reading all of the HELPs from all of you who are turning 13 also. Games are always fun at sleepovers. Last year we did a game on who knows my daughter best. You get a list of questions about the birthday girl/boy and have all the kids answer on a sheet of paper. They can be silly or even a little embarrasing. Your choice. The birthday girl/ boy can read off the questions and answers and whoever wins, gets a prize. It is fun to see who knows you best! Good Luck and Happy Birthday to all!

    13 BIRTHDAY(:(:
    by: Kat

    me and my best friend Kate are having a birthday party together since both of our 13th b-days are coming up- hers in April and mine in July- we were thinking of having a party in either May or June and we are trying to find some cool and fun ideas because we want it to be a very memorable party--- any suggestions?? we could really use them...

    by: Kate

    hey my bestie and i r planning a split party, so we can do something really good- so far we have coco key water resort, and a night at a hotel- like go swimming there, do manis and pedis, facials, like a girls night out. but we want a couple ideas lined up!!! we dont know about a slumber party at our houses bc that gets crazy. help please thanks so much!
    happy 13th everyone<3 kate

    by: Anonymous

    my bday is n 11 days and i am sooo stuck!!!!!

    by: Party Gal

    I have no clue what to do for my 13th! its in 5 days and I'm stuck. Help Me!!!

    plz helpp
    by: Sannie

    hey.x i really need help my b-day is in 3 weeks and i dont no wat to do i was thinking of going out for tea and then back home wid the girls and have a sleepover and play lots of games but i wanted something diffo but i dont no wat i was gonna have a army theme but i have changed it to black and white i aint shore yet PLEASE HELLPP !!! xXx

    Here's an Idea
    by: Anonymous

    Hi ok i have an idea for a birthday party,
    1. When the girls get there have a U Quiz about your self and see how well your friends know you.
    2.four square is a really fun game that every body
    3.Go swimming at a indoor pool every girl loves to swim!. i even know of a place to go swimming its called Punderson State park it has an indoor pool and an outdoor pool and its only $5.00 each.
    4. have a pizza party when you get home and after that you guys can do makeup like blind folded make overs!
    5.Whatch a movie and stay up late and play games,
    6.in the morning eat breakfest and then go to the mall and shop forever!!

    Party ideas
    by: i dont know if i should say

    I have read many comments on this website and it seems like some of you need help thinking of wat to do. I have the same problem. I was going to do a mall scavenger hunt party(a big hunt around the mall) but i don't have enough room in my car to bring all the girls to the mall. BUt if u do need a party idea i suggest a mall scavenger hunt. After Manhunt(gets people tried) and if you have an awesome mom that is wiling to make a lot of cupcakes(like mime) you and all your friends can decorate giant cupcakes like the ones on the comerial! good luck!!!

    My 13th bday is in 40 days (:>)
    by: luvmylife4evr

    my bday is in 40 days and i have no clue what to do!!!!!! Help! I need to send out the invitations soon. i usually do the party a little b4 my bday or a little aftr. there is going to be like 15-25 people. idk wat 2 do!!! plez give me some sort of idea. something NOT expensive, for example a limo. no limos!!!! we cant put like 25 people in one. it may be a sleepver but idk wat to do at the sleepover if i decide to have it. please help!!!! thanks!!!

    cool beans!!!

    by: Anonymous


    i want party of bothh boys and girls
    by: zia

    hy,there is only 10 days left in my birthday and i have no idea wat to do mi freinds are thinking of a awsome party i don't know and i have just choice to do a party in my drawing room dudeeeeee! i am stuck ohh!!!!!!!!!......pless pless help me out

    by: Anonymous

    my birthday is in 4 days and i dont know what to do.....................HELP....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    double b-day party
    by: Anonymous

    hi me and my friend are having a 13th birthday party together and we need ideas please please help!!

    by: Anonymous

    I am having my 13th birthday in a few months at my local community center and my original plan was to have a dance party but a girl in my class stoe my whole idea so i need a new idea and i am inviting 30-50 people. SO PLZ ELP

    Awesome B day idea
    by: Anonymous

    I wanted to rent a limo and go to a place like ihop or mcdonalds. lol.

    by: Anonymous


    My Idea
    by: Me:)

    Im turning 13 soon and what I was thinking was since I love to shop that me and 9 other friends could be driven to the mall in a limo and go on a shopping spree with maybe 20 dollars each and eat at the food court. Then go back to my house and have a dance party with tons of food like a choclate fountain, chips, candy, cake, ect. and then watch a really good movie while we play truth or dare and other games like that and then have a sleepover! Also if you enjoy new moon like me and since I have a bitrthday in March and the movie is coming out on dvd on March 20th then you could watch that!

    party idea
    by: Anonymous

    oooo k so y dnt some of u do a hotel room party, its a really good idea because turning 13 should be special and your becoming a teenager soo u should feel independant and have a party without parents. So u can get rooms in hotels for about 8 of u per room and just have fun and b alone and it doesnt have to b too expensive.

    by: An almost 13 year old in need of an awesome party

    ok so i havent got to have an awesome bithday party in like 3 years because everybody always goes to my exbffs party which are always off the chain! I need some ideas so i can make my birthday party way better than hers!!!

    amazing sleepover!
    by: Anonymous

    so invite about 10 friends over and go see a new movie that has just came out!! then come back to your house and have a huge dinner!! then go swimming and play fun games! go to walmart in your pjs!! come back and play more games and you have an AMAZING sleepover!

    plezz help
    by: Hunter13(ima GIRL)

    my birthday is in 15 days and i need some ideas quick cause last year was a drag so i need to redem my self also money is real tight right now so please help!!!!

    stuff to do at a 13 bday
    by: Anonymous

    My birth day is in 15 days but i already noe what to do u should have a talent show, fashin show, play murder,truth or dare,chubby bunny karoke, decorate shirts,treats,flip flops,and pillow cases so fun!!!!

    by: C______________A

    Here are some ideas for you............ PLEASE EXCUSE MY SPELLING

    *If your into sports you could go to the YMCA in your area and try to get the gym to the sports yards the have set up and they take all the sports you like combine them into an obstacle course, like different areas like basketball madness and out of the park baseball.

    *have a spa day with your best friends get manis and pedis.

    *You could have an exotic hawiian party in your backyard or at a pool basically a pool party.

    *You could have a candyland theme and paint the sidewalks up to your home with bright colors ect.

    *you could have a glow in the dark dance party it would be fun with all the lights everywhere.

    *Maybe even a nightclub theme with fake martinis just shaved ice ,fake mararitas just sweetened juice and even a dance floor with hot music rent a real nightclub,hall or even transform you basement into a hot club,make it so it semms like a real nightclub but its a kid themed one.

    *A 60's party with the disco lights hippies and everyone could dress up like a person from the 60s you could even have impersonators like elvis and marylin monroe maybe go go dancers.

    *or even a 50's party with roller skating the costumes the wigs and hair spray.


    i have a party idea
    by: lisa xx

    you could meet up at your house then drive to mcdonalds in a limo or summink then eat there and get a limo ride round were you live and then you could get a lift back to ure house and watch a film coz thats what i did for my 10th b day and a similar idea with a limo for my 11 th but im 12 now and i am planing my 13th and its gonna be great

    by: Ally

    i need help. im turning 13 soon. n i wanna have a HUGE party. i have 1/4 of my list n its already 32 ppl. my parents agreed on havin a big party. i jus dnt no what to do. i want a boys n girls party. so plz HEEEELLLLPPP!

    13 in 22 days
    by: ellie

    im supposed to send invites out on the 12th and i hav nooo clue what im supposed to do for my 13 th bday party. this is with 11 ppl and usually i do it with 4 or 5,even though us girls wanna hav a sweet 16 so i dont want to make this party huge. but i wanna do something that my bffs will love!

    HeLp iS oN tHe WaY DeAr!
    by: ~HaLeY~

    HI my name is Haley!
    my birthday is in about 2 weeks just realized that actually! turning 13! ok wow but heres what im going to do: (dont mind if u steal) ok its called a survivor party u invite enough people for about 3 or 4 teams! ok then u just come up with random challenges such as. . .
    1. get some nasty food (edible):) ok then put pieces to a puzzle piece in each bowl/plate. Then have them use thier mouth to try to get it out and which ever team gets the puzzle done frist wins!
    2. do a sports re mix! ok pick out like 2 or 3 sports and mix em' up and make them HARD!
    3. make it challenging!!
    4. if you dicide to invite boys and girls then send the boys home and have the girls for a ovanighta and sleep outside and do smores and outdoorsy stuff go on a midnight scavenger hnt or something like that!
    -hope this helped!! good luck!!

    plz help!
    by: worried!!

    Ok so i was gonna rent a limo for my 13th birthday party, drive around town and then go to a hotel and rent a room and go swimming at the hotel.but then i told one of my friends an=bout my idea and shes doing the exact same thing!!! I want to do my idea but i think shes gonna think im coping her and her partys first! i want to rent a limo but what else could i do thats really fun too?????? help!

    by: Brooke

    ok so i am having my birthday party at a rec center thingy in a big room upstairs.... i just want girls..... it is going to be like a dance party and my brother is going to be the DJ i need ideas of stuff to do there other then just dancing like i need games, a way to open my presents, fun stuff so we wont be bored..... i am planning to have my party in a couple of weeks my birthday is in early march but i always have it in febuary so plz help me asap

    thank you

    Need Ideas!
    by: Anonymous

    I'm 13 in May but my mum and dad are always asking what im going to do they keep suggesting I have a big disco but im not sure i was thinking of having like a slumber party but im still not sure of the idea. Please Help


    by: Michaela

    Ok i'm a little late my birthday is in 5 days and i have no idea what to do. Help.?!!

    by: bethany

    help!!!!im turning 13 and i need somwere to go with my closest mates i havent got much money

    13th bdaiii
    by: Jorjah!..

    heyy... =]

    I REAALLY dunno waht to do??

    I Would love to bring a few friends to a hotel but that would cost alot!..
    Then i thought about going to a restruant but that also might be expensive?? i really dont know!! my mams friend is a beautician so she could come over and show us how to do makeovers or something??


    Ill tell yaz how i get on!!


    by: Anonymous

    Look you could go ice skating it is really fun i am a pro at it take my advice

    by: rathernotsay(:

    so for my bithday i was just planning on having a usual family get together. blah blah blah, but nahh im only gonna be 13 once so i wanna have a prettty sweet birthday party. (:
    i was thinking about just replacing all the normal light bulbs in my basement with black-light , light bulbs ? if that makes sense . and just getting all my gueests to wear white so evryone with glow. and of course im going to wear somettthing outstanding and glow in the darrk. (: i'm also gonna buy some like white balloons and a white cake, and well yeah you get the idea.
    hopee i helpedd.

    Mom to a true DIVA
    by: Anonymous

    Hey yall..just thought I would share what the plan is for our DIVA'S 13th this April. She has had the best parties around here..everyonr is exspecting a GREAT party..so...
    We rented our community hall $100....for the evening, we are going to haev a dance boys/girls. Her Godmother is a DJ so we got her FREE =], but we ordered an awesome cake ($70)...and are theming the party PINK!..everything from the floor up will be pink, I bought pink tulle..pink balloons..pink plates...etc...we will have a dessert bar, which will included pink marshmellows, pink m&m, pink cookies(that are a K, for her name), pink cupcakes,lots of pink candies...we will also sereve pink lemonade, and pink shirley temples(her favorite)..we are suprising her with a special gift that night as well!ps..her guests were asked to wear PINK!, her invites were a photo of her...all in PINK!

    the big 13!
    by: francesca

    Hi, my name is Francesca and I am turning 13 on June 23,2010. Me and my best friend are probably going to have a huge birthday party together and it may be boy grl party.My point is... I need some party ideas because I haven`t had a party in 4 years!!!!! thank you sooo much!:)

    by: Anonymous

    Hey, all of your ideas are great.my birthday is coming up and idk what to do. most of them i have done. i really need a few ideas on food and what to do. PLEASE HELP ME! I NEED IT BAD

    teen birthdays
    by: sabrina

    okay hey everyone ! need birthday ideas for yourselves or your daughters?

    well you could throw a sleepover party, bowling but with all pink shoes, fashion show, skating, spa, or just rent a movie or watch it at the theater with a couple of friends.

    I'm turning 13 in like 3 and a half months but i want an idea for my SPECTACULAR birthday. Share ur ideas for like about 50 ppl at a party.

    i need help and hope mine helped !
    sabrina t. <333

    Ideas any one ???? X
    by: Early +& Impatient

    im thirteen on the 24th of April :D i cant wait but i dont know what to do i was so confused with who to invite i didnt havea party usually i have a sleepover but i want something bigger but still a sleep over. I like tyhe spa theme too but my mums a beauty theripist sooo... Any ideqs i wood be ever so gratefull !! X

    Kirsten xx
    23/1/10 XX

    I can help but i need some bk
    by: Anonymous

    If you coming 13 like me then mabey just ask a couple of friends to go shoppin with you and go somwhere to eat in psh frocks n then back for a sleepover. I would do this but my firends are weird i have a group of 7 friends but 5 of thyem dont like the other to so if i invited them all to the same thing they will end up in an argument n i will be stuck in the middle. My birthday is on febuary 11th 2010 that is like 20 days away if that and i have to plan 2 birthday partys so my firends dont fight.It's my 13 so i wanted to do somot special but now i need 2 diffrent partys im limited on money to spend and i need a prezie, so please any help wou can give me will be very much appreciated oh n if my advice helps anyone then your very welcome. :)

    by: Anonymous

    Well Mty Birthdayy is next month and ive thought of a few ideas and they are ...
    - Get A Limo and go to A Big Party
    - Get your friends over and have a beauty person
    do all your hair and make-up thn go out in a limo for a meal or summet and sleepova after !
    - Juss have a sleepova
    - Spa Dayy - Expensive Like lets juss say us gurld aint wanting juss our lil nails done and that it ! LOL X

    Party :)
    by: kyra

    PLeeease can Yoou help me im turning 13 in 2 months nd i kno when it gets closer to the date im not guna know what sim doing 4 my birthday so im guna start thinking ow but i dnt know what to doo and i dnt want a parrty eva ? x

    by: Anonymous

    I like the idea of telling your girl friends to wear a dress and then go to get our nails/toes painted ( at a salon or home ) and then have a tea party. if you dont like the idea or think its to formal you can always have a dance party or go to a fun amusment park type thing. hope i helped!

    Turnin 13 On Feb. 9th.!!!!!!! (1-18-10)
    by: alayaaa<3

    Hii Everyoneee.! Okay So My Name Is Alaya And I Am Turnin 13 In Like . . . 22 Days.!! I Went To My Best Friend . . Mariah's Bday Party In November At A Hotel And It Was Amazin.! We Slept Over , Stayed Up All Night , Got In The Hot Tub And Everything.! But For My Bday Im Thinkin That I Want To Have My Bday Party At A Hotel , But I Want A Limo To Bring Me And About 20 Friends To The Mall First For A While <- (By The Way I Am VERY Popular In My School). But Im Still Not Sure If Thats What I Wanna Do . . . ? Hmm Anyone Have Any More Ideas.?


    Teenage Birthdays
    by: Georgia

    My birthday is coming up soon and I have got plenty of great ideas. Ofcourse you could have a sleepover and make it themed but if you want to be different why not go to a hotel and have a pamper day thereand then stay the night, and usually the pamper day includes use of the gym and swimming pool,etc... If you arent the biggest party thrower why not just go out for a meal.
    One of my bestfriends birthdays is in march and first we are going to miss bliss which is a pamper place located near us, where we will get drinks and snacks have our hair styled, makeup done and manicures! Then since we are crazy we will get dressed there into our cute fncy dress outfits (i am going as alice in wonderland) and then going to frankies and bennies (restaurant) and then we are going over her house for a sleepover. It helps if you have a big house, since her house is huge we'll be crazy and wild. We will go in her hot tub and also at night we will play hide and seek in the dark on the top floor!
    Also if you are more adventurous, you could go to a forest bungalow or something and do lots of activites eg. fishing, rock climbing, horse riding, and you can have like a survivor game, with 2 teams and do lots of activities to get the prize!*
    Hope I helped! Have great birthdays everyone!

    help mee x
    by: Becky boO x-x

    right so my birthday is in 1 mounth but i have no idear what to do i have some small sejestions but im not shore about them one is go on an insane shopping spree come back and have a sweet and a chocolate fountine smash out my hottub will be open and we can have a girly talk latiest gossip boys with some candels and banners and all pink set up with some magazines and have a great time in there also after the hotbub get some great takeout and then stuff are faces untill were full like i said the day we can go shopping and before the hotbub we can dress up in all are stuff. when we are comepletetly tierd sit down and watch a scary or chickfilck or funny why we are makeing prank calls and on the comeputer so fit boys but dont tell my mum and dad about those bits hehe, im really hopeing its gona be worth it the next day my girls will stay for some lunch hotdogs burgers and pizzas with salad and go home about 2pm the next moring maby 3pm if we sleep in from that alsome night we had before.
    hope its fun yay or nay need help guys
    from beckii boO x
    btw hope everyone else has a great birthday plan x xxxx

    13th Bday Party Ideas
    by: party gal

    Here r some ideas 4 a birthday party that is unforgettable!

    *First, call some friends and ask them what their
    fav candy is, then buy a huge bag of each type of candy (junking out is always fun!) and have them ready in bowls.

    *Then set up a buffet (including the candy). Here r some ideas: Every food in ur fav color (eg. pink!!), junk food, fancy-restaurant type food, or ur fav country's food (Italian, Mexican,...)

    *If u r a daredevil and it happens 2 b summertime or warm outside, have an egg toss! Now THAT would b unforgettable!!

    *If u tried the egg toss, have everyone clean up and dress up.

    *Have all the girls give each other make-overs or have a professional come out 2 do it.

    *Then go to ur fav restaurant and order something
    u'v never tried b4! It's always a fun experience and something 2 remember!

    *Next, surprise everybody by taking them 2 sleepover at a hotel (farthest away from the people if possible)!

    *Have a photo shoot with pics u will never 4get!

    *Have a movie marathon!

    *Have a PILLOW FIGHT!

    *Play some music and DANCE! Make up ur own dance routines or learn some.

    *Once u r officially pooped, turn out the lights and head 2 bed.

    Now is that unforgettable or what?!

    help please x
    by: Anonymous

    my birthday is in march this year and i have really no idea ov wht to do i always have awsome partys but i really need advise for my 13th i want it 2 be special help me please !

    I need ideas of what to do at my 13th b-day
    by: Someone

    I am so clueless of what to do for my birthday! I need some ideas! Any ideas will work. My birthday is in 3 weeks but i still have lots to do!! HELP! HELP!

    help !!!!
    by: Anonymous

    my birthay is in feb but im really stuck for ideas of what to do i wanted to go out with my girlies for a chinese and then have a sleepover but i also want to invite my guy freinds and if we go out for a meal i think it will be really expensive !!!!!
    ANY IDEAS ??????????????????????

    girl party
    by: mickey

    do it at ur house

    Q ti pie <3
    by: Anonymous

    How about you have your friends come over and suprise them with a limo and go out to eat dinner then do some shopping!!

    by: Madisonnnnn

    im turning 13 in 18 days i think.
    but i think i know what im gonna do
    im gonna have 10 friends come over
    were all gonna dress up in pretty dresses
    boss wear girls is a good store for dresses(:
    were gonna dance, go to the mall, and then come home.
    the party will start at 5pm
    its a sleepover!
    were gonna decorate t-shirts (Hanes pack of 10 like $5)
    were gonna make mini pillows
    have a photoshoot and eat pizza!

    im turning 13 also i was going to have a dance party at the kitsap fairgrounds but we couldnt afford to hire a dj and spend $60 an hour for a 5 hour party.

    my birthday is in 11 days
    by: Anonymous

    i dont have a clue what TO DO PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!

    Just help me please
    by: Anonymous

    Okay im the girl whos birthday parties are off the chain. Ive did ice and roller skating hotel parties sleepovers at mi house. And stuff u would believe. But now everyone is expecting mii birthday to spectacular. Im really stuck HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Need help!
    by: Mom of a soon to be 13yr old

    My daughter will be 13 in October 2010 and I know that is almost a year away but it will take me that long to plan a special party for her. She is into sports but would like to celebrate it in a special way. A girly way! I need help!

    Help Help Help
    by: Anonymous

    Mi birthdays in 8 days and I have no CLUE wat to do!!!! I have already done ice and roller skating,limo ride to a hotel we stayed at i have done every thing I have no more ideas!!!! Mi birthdays in winter so there is not much I can do..... I always have the best birthday partys at school so it has to be a HUGE hit!!!! Any ideas. Please help!!!!!!

    13 year old birthday party
    by: Anonymous

    my b-day is in april and i was thinking of laser tag. If you have any other ideas that would be great, £100 or less

    Any Ideas
    by: Birthday girl

    Im going to a new school and i want to make a good impression. Im inviting both boys and girls and i'll have maybe 14 people including me. Any ideas?

    by: an awesome person

    you can certainly have an unforgettable party by simply having this!!!!!
    1.you can get bunch of plaid pjs or sweatshirts and decorate them.
    2.watching a scary or a funny movie.
    3.a crazy candy time.
    4.water balloon fights.
    5.body painting
    6.other relay games...
    i hope u enjoy!!!!!!

    Not sure what to do !
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday's in 2 days and i have an idea what to do for my party i want to go swimming and have a sleepover, but not sure if one of my friends can go swimming, so i was thinking maybe a movie and go shopping, but theres no good movies out :(
    So any ideas what i could do, i only have 2 of my best friends coming, and i want to go out somewhere but what can i do ?!?!?

    3 days!
    by: Anna

    I need Idea's for my 13th birthday, but I have no idea what to do. Can anyone help out?

    bday suggestions
    by: da bomb

    Here's a few ideas 4 that special day!

    *If ur bday is in December u can take a limo to see Christmas lights around town(p.s. limo companies are usually quite competitive so call around and see if they can beat each other's prices)

    *If there are any Nordstroms around they do cosmetic fashion shows(one in fall one in spring)it costs about $15 per person plus makeup counters do free makeovers in the same building

    *Most movie theaters have birthday packages where u can invite friends 4 a behind the scenes tour and bday girl starts the movie then u watch it

    *Cosmic bowling is a great place to have a party with more friends.Cool lighting and bowling itself makes it really fun.

    *If you have a summer bday pool parties are still fun if u add twist 2 them. Pinata over the pool, underwater scavenger hunt,and how much fruit can ya fit in ur swimsuit are some teen friendly pool games

    *50's diners such as corvette's are cool places to have bdays-waitresses rollerskate,toss gum at you and load straws onto your table. (straws can make great hair accessories for you and your friends XD)

    *if ya don't have balance problems (like me) then going to a rollerskating rink is a blast! fog machines bright lights and loud music can be found at some of them

    ideas x
    by: Anonymous

    Well i am turning 13 in a month and i have some good ideas x
    me and my closest friends are all going to go out to a restaurant and then have a slumber party after x The things i have lined up are face masks, photo shoot ( so i will always remember it ), movies, chocolate fountain, and i want more things so please help !! i hope my ideas have helped x H

    by: Anonymous

    heres some 13th bday party ideas....

    1. go to the mall with some of ur besties then have a sleepoever

    2. have a co ed roller skating party!!!

    3. have a swimming party!!!

    4. dance party!!!!

    by: Kayla.

    i know yall need help so....
    1. EAT!
    2. movie?
    3. sleepover
    4.make over... nails...
    5. charades!!!:)
    6.scavenger hunt
    7. 4 square.
    8. camp
    9. fire

    OMG HeLp!!! :O
    by: hehe person!

    Hi it's my 13th birthday in 3 days and im planning 2 go 2 da cinemas the see new moon and have a sleepover. But i dnt know wht else 2 do??? Maybe I'll play murder in da dark or put heaps of make up on or something... Can ANY of u guys help me i hav no more ideas on wht 2 do... "HeLp 000" lol im desperate!

    what should i do??
    by: Anonymous

    Hi its my birthday soon and i was thinking of my girl friends coming to my house and getting their nails done and then getting ready and going out for a meal. I was then going to get a limo to pick us up and drop everyone home but then i realized that it would be a short night and i want it to be longer so what should i do after dinner? Please dont say a sleepover

    Please help me if u can
    by: Amy x

    My birthday is in 6 daysand i don't know what to do.
    I am 13 on saturday.
    What should i do?

    Party idea's
    by: Anonymous

    What one of my best friends did for her 13th birthday we all met up at here house and we all listen to music and then a make up artist came and we all learned how to do proper makeovers. then when it was dark and late we drove to a restaurant and met a few guy friends and then we found a table and all had dinner.

    13th party and needs help!!!
    by: Anonymous

    I am going to be 13. I am having a party and inviting 14 girls. I wanted to have a SLUMBER PARTY at my house but it just isn't going to work with that many people. That is why I need to find a really cool place to have my party at! Any idea? PLEASE HELP.

    Please help me :)
    by: Anonymous

    Okay, I am turning thirteen. I was going to have a party at my house but I am inviting 18 girls. So I am not sure what place to have the party at. Remember 18 girls. And please Chucky Cheese and Slinky's are NOT an option. It needs to be a slumber party. Just what place to have it at?

    by: Stephh

    hey:] my birthday is in 24 days :D but i have no ideas of what to do. i was thinking of having a theme of "Ocsars" so like dress and high heels. Go out somewhere and then like 4 friends come back for a sleepover.

    helpp me with more ideas PLEASEEEE :) xx

    by: Anonymous

    Help! my birthday is in 20 days and i want a party with my guy friends and my BFF's. I want 2 do something all of them will like but I have no ideas!

    Mall Hunt
    by: Anonymous

    I did a mall hunt last year. I made up clues and we had to figure out the store and what we had to buy! It was fun cuz we basicly made our party bag. it was definitley a hit.

    Hope this sparks somethin!

    Girl's Night Out
    by: Ana

    Okay, if you want to have a Girl's Night Out Slumber Party, here's what to do:

    -Start out at your house with 1-3 friends, and turn your living room into a spa by laying pillows on the floor. Also have make-up out for your guests and you.

    -Drive to the mall & give each friend some money (ask your parents how much to give out), and go around the mall to shops like Clair's. (Also have lunch at the food-court.)

    -Go see a movie. Something everyone in your group can watch... like rated G, PG, or PG-13. But nothing R!

    -Drive home and have dinner (pizza). During the night, always have snacks out. Play games like Dance-Off.

    -In the morning have waffles with wiped cream, strawberries, etc.

    by: zoe

    Here is some advice.
    - only invite your closest friends , then you want have to worry about them thinking you're a loser cuz they'll already know it
    - keep it simple , just have a sleepover and stay up the whole night, play spin the bottle , tell secrets, do whatever you want
    - you could camp ouut in your tent, play music really loud , whatever ..
    - if you have a pool just muck around there ..
    - you could just walk into town and walk around there ..
    - go to a social , hook up


    10th B-day, Spa Theme
    by: Anonymous

    Okay, well my 10th birthday party is one month and ten days away, I'd like a Girls' Night Out Sleepover themed party, except I have to have to the party at home. What kinds of things should I do???

    At first I wanted a Spa-Themed party. I did a ton of research on it (and then decided not to do it). So here are two ideas:

    Invite 1-3 friends to a Health Spa for the weekend. Bring a mom or older sis over the age 15. AND DON"T INVITE ANY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you wanna stay at home for your Spa Party then have stations like mani/pedi and spa tutorial (things like that). Afterwards, lay out some pillows and magizines and put on mud-masks and hire people to give your guests and you massages two at a time for 20 min. each. (You & your guests should have a blast!)AND REMEMBER: NO BOYS!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you people have fun!!!


    Michal-i'm a girl, my name is strange language; Hebrew

    by: marissa(;

    ok, so my birthday is in eleven days, and its cold outside. there is nothing i can do! my best friend took all of the best party games, and she lives next door to me. its cold outside, she had a dj, (in her garage) spray painted walls where you signed your name, bonfire, scavenger hunt, dude everything! i do want to have a limo ride.. wouldnt that be just awesome? everybodys first limo ride? yay or nay? my parents are weird, and they want me to set up the little green screen thing. you like dance with your heads (your body is covered), and then you have different, fake bodys and they dance to music. hheellpppp!

    my birthday!!
    by: lucy(:

    my birthday's in 3 days! + i still duno what i wana do...im guna do summin after but i duno what lol. soo any ideas guys?????? (:

    Christmas Baby!
    by: Jesse

    My birthday is on Christmas day. This yr. for my 13th we are having my party the Friday night b4 Christmas and going ice skating. After skating, off to Aspen Coffee Shop for some nice hot cocoa or a latte'. We will go back to the house for a sleepover and night of singing, dancing, cupcake decorating contest, tye-dying and a load of laughs.

    FUN games at parties
    by: Anonymous

    Some things you can do for a sleepover/just party is have a whipped cream or shaving cream fight. You can also break open glow sticks and pour them on your clothes, then play hide and seek in the dark, and you'll glow. P.S. it won't stain your clothes. ding dong ditch at bight is fun too.

    by: Anonymous

    hi I think you should invite some of your friends and order food that the majority of people like. in the meanwhile you should have raffle baskets and give them each one ticket. then you should play games and whoever wins gets another ticket .then eat have cake open presents then do raffles. then 3 of those friends sleepover!:):D:P

    I need help.
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is in 2 months, and I don't know what I want to do for my birthday party. I want it to be something different, like something that not many other girls have for their parties. I was thinking of having a slumber party, or like a chocolate themed party. But over all, I have no idea. HELP ME!!!

    Birthday Fun xx.
    by: ME xx. ;p

    My birthday is in like a week and im having 16 friends come over to mine and im going to have pass the passel, a sherbet scavenger hunt ( im going to yell out sherbet bombs and throw them all over the back yard for the girls to go find. then when it starts to get dark im going to do the same but with glow sticks and then we are going to put glow sticks in balloons and use them as the lights, then were going to have pizza for tea and go inside to watch some movies, (great idea for party bags is put the lollies in the baloons so they have to pop them to get the lollies out)

    Birthday in 51 days
    by: Kelsey

    hi i am kelsey and i am turning 13 in 51 days

    i have no ideas PLEEEAAASSSEEE HELP ME

    i am thinking a girls night out

    maybe 10 at the most girls
    if i dont have 10 girls i may invite some boys too
    should i play 7 minutes in heaven or spin the bottle

    Birthday in January!
    by: Anonymous

    Ugh! It's soooo hard for me to do something for my birthday since it's in January! I need some ideas please! I already did the movie thing, and hair and makeup thing! I want to have a sleepover, too. Maximum is 5 girls, including me! Please help! Thank you! P.S.- Please don't comment any ideas that are wayyyy tooo expensive!

    ideas in and out
    by: x a.girl.thats.turnin.13 x

    hi, my bday is in a week and my dad just told me this morning that i could hae a party! YAY :P
    maby ou could help? i've read most of the comments up there......put i dont like sleepovers (no offence, :( ) i was thinking of renting like my school, or a big building empty, at night, and playing sarrdeens, lazer quazer, and fun games like that!, (but i aint aloud) id like something with lots of fun activities,
    thank you,
    x a.girl.thats.turnin.13 x

    PS: happy birthday to those that are coming up, hope you found a cool party plan :)!!!!

    fun fun fun birthday
    by: Victoria

    hey guys! Im turning 13 in January (so i cant do anything outside, cuz i live in Canada) but i have planned something super fun!! The guests will arrive and we will have a spa type thing. On everyone?s invitation, it will say to bring formal wear. So once everyone has their make-over, we will drive downtown to a fancy Italian restaurant and eat dinner. After, everybody will come back to our house and have a sleepover. Another thing that you could add to this party, is a limo! its kind pushing by budget, but hey if you got the money, it would be fun!

    Help please i am so stuk
    by: Emily-jane

    hi my name is Emily and i am 13 in like 4 weeks and i cant wait but i dont no what to do for my bday my friends have had parties at funzone,bowling,crazy joker and all but i want something different do u have any ideas because i am so stuck....... this is some ideas i have had:

    trivia night
    scavenger hunts
    games night like spin the bottle etc.

    and stuff like that so may you please help me
    love u all

    and so u no i am in AUSTRLIA,ROCKHAMPTON

    Here's your answer!!!
    by: Think Pink

    Hi, I am turning 13 to!! I have been searching the Internet and the one that catches my eye is definitely a PINK PARTY! Invite as many people as possible and maybe have a pink limo that drives you around town for an hour. Then let it drop you and your guests of at a awesome venue where everything (cups, plates, chairs .etc.) are pink!!! It would be great then maybe top it all off with a sleepover!!!

    Ps. make sure your invites are pink and get people to dress pink to!!! xxxx

    I need help!!!
    by: Samantha

    My Birthday is in a few weeks and I have no idea what to do!!! I want to invite 32 of my friends. So I need somewhere big and fun!!! Please Help Me!!!

    by: Anonymous

    my party is in a month, and all i have is a theme! my theme is outdoors indoors, because my birthday is in January. im going to make my basement's extra room into a campsite and since i have a fireplace, we're going to roast marshmallows. but thats all i got. i dont know what to do before all of that! PLEASE! HELP!

    Helllllllp!!!!!!!! B-Day Soon
    by: Paige B

    Please help
    my birthday is on the 27th September and i really don't know what to do i am not allowed to spend loads of money and i am not allowed a slumber party i need help

    by: :)SMILEY:)

    Ok, what about a chocolate themed party. I mean I love chocolate! Most people do, so why not try? You can get like strawberries dipped in chocolate or even bananas or celery too. Then upload pics and like make them bigger. Then stick them to your wall and make it look all chocolaty. Then, if you can, have a chocolate fountain. Get chocolate bars. You can have punch/juice, chips, and regular food too. But wouldn't a chocolate party be fun? You can even have a bowl full of melted chocolate to put over other food. Chocolate milk. Have it in a cozy room with like beanbag chairs and tables and have like a microphone to sing. Maybe have people come in there coolest clothes too. So chocolate with fun, that's awesome!

    only for if u got at least to rides:D
    by: Anonymous

    you can go ANYWHERE either u have a rent or friend right down the things you are looking for and than u can look for them... i did this and it was a blast:D no jock:D my friends had a blast and so did the parents who where driving around:D make sure u have a driver b4 u hand out the invites............ haha have fun girlys

    thanks maddie !!! x
    by: Anonymous

    maddie thank you for ur greattt ideas it really help

    13th Party Theme
    by: Jenny

    My 13th Party theme is in like under 8 days and i need a party theme!!! please help!!!:]

    Camp out made girlie!x
    by: Anonymous

    Camp Out Made Girlie:-
    Invite a bunch of friends and all go shopping and all buy some matching tutus and accessories e.g fairy wings!

    Put up as big a tent as you can fit in your garden and invite as many of your friends as you can fit! Tell everyone to bring sleeping bags pillows quilts whatever they can.

    All wear neon tutus that bought before and then go to park and meet up with some boys and play spin the bottle or dares or summit.

    When you come back have pizza or some kinda take- away which everyone likes.Then play on singstar on pass the mic so everyone gets to sing at once.

    Watch either a chick flick or a scary movie depending on what you like - in your pj's, buy lots of munchies and snacks!!

    Finally have a massive campout in the back garden where you can play dares or tell ghost stories in the pitch black (bring torches) it is so fun ;).

    Summer Bash
    by: melanie

    Well my birthday is in a month, but i already have everything planned out. im gonna have a birthday cake fight, but none of my invites know so itll be a surprise, and im gonna have a water balloon fight and an inflatable water slide and human Foosball where i just tie 6 ropes and i put a tube around it so we can only move side to side. its gonna be a blast and its fun for both boys and girls.

    Girls Night Out
    by: Aliya

    My birthday is in 16 days and me and my sister don't know what we want to do for our birthday.
    We want to have a girls night out but we don't
    have too much time to plan for it.

    25 days!
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is in 25 days!!!!!! And i want about 7-12 people there ALL girls! And i want to go out,like a beach or something, but what!!!

    party ideas!!!
    by: megan

    my birthday is next week and i am going to our neighborhoods country club to swim, eat nachos and hang out with like 25 friends

    by: Monique

    My birthday is Monday and my dad was asking me what i want to do and where to go. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HELP ME PLZ!!!!!
    by: jyaden rulz 4 ever

    hey people i'm looking somewhere to have a girls night out but bring some boys but i can't find a place please help me!!!!

    by: Anonymous

    okay, here are some ideas

    *camp, swim, scavenger hunt, etc

    *shop, mani/pedi, makeup and hair, sleepover

    helllppp panicccc
    by: Anonymous

    hey people my birthday is in 2 months i have no idea on where to go for a party like bowling and stuff if u have any place or an name of place so u can give me an idea im in london. Hope to see some ideas soon

    by: Anonymous

    okay so, im turning 13 in 8 days.. but im gonna have my party a week after. and i was just going to have my best friends.. there is 5 of us including me.(all girls) and i wanted to do like water balloons and like stuff like that.. but i was also going to have these two boys come over. and they are 15 and 16. and i dont want my party to look stupid. i need ideas for a good party. were gonna have a bonfire at night and stuff. its gonna be May so it will be nice out! so i need ideas for a fun party. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you soooo much[:

    by: shantel

    for any birthday party it is super fun to have a barbecue at the park or go shopping with all your frendz and get matching tee shirts tye die is especially awesome and wear them out to dinner there's endless possibilities and if ur like me u might want to think about it first.:}

    HeLp ! ! !
    by: Anonymous

    im 12 yearz old .. almost 13 !! i want 2 have a really kewl and unique party but not at my house ! hmm i want 2 hav boyz and girlz and i want 2 hav a massive party with heapz of people .. BUT I JUST DNT KNO WHAT 2 DO !!!! pwez help me ! my bdaez in july by tha way

    by: me

    its my 13 b'day in 20 days, i want a sleepover party but mum wont let me. so im having a party at night, my place, no boys, worked out what we are eating already, im shy (so i dont like dancing or singing in front of other people), im having 17 girls, (im NOT popular, and im inviting popular girls), what games can i play that are NOT lame or too many rules
    btw the theme is pink and green

    13 b dAYYYY !<3<3<3<3<3
    by: Q ti pie <3

    My 13 birthday is may and i know i want to have a limo but do not know were to drive to Help! i cant just have a limo with no where to go give some suggestions please!!!!

    by: jess

    you could go on a shopping spree like i did i only invited 10 people so it worked well with 30/40 pounds each

    B-Day Idea
    by: Maddie!!

    Hey!! I'm Maddie!
    I thought i'd help w/ some b-day ideas!!
    -play games like piggly wiggly, sardines (or however u spell it), Hide-in-go-seek in the dark, truth or dare, spin the bottle(but if its all girls/boys then spin the bottle and who ever it lands on has to tell there most embarrassing secret).
    -maybe have a raffle. Give everyone a ticket and then before they go home draw a ticket out of a bucket and give the winning person a prize. You could do this a couple times.
    -You also could give out prizes for the best pj's or have a Queen and Princess of the Slumber Party Contest!!
    -Maybe have a FOOD(ANY TYPE) eating contest. And the winner gets to choose the next game.
    -Maybe Make a pillow case and let everyone sign it. A good idea would be to get the pillow case monogrammed and then get it signed.
    -DO Makeovers, Hair, and Nails.
    -Have a fashion show. Or beauty Contest. Let the b-day girl decide so it's fair to everyone else!
    -Have a pillow fight.
    -Watch Scary movies!
    -FOOD!!! Which could be Pizza, Popcorn, Chips of any kind, and don't forget soda and cake!!
    Drinks- Get soda but also u could make root-beer floats. Or coke floats.
    I can't think of anything else!! Well if you have any ideas for me then let me know!!

    bday idea!
    by: Anonymous

    for my bff's bday party(13th) she and 5 other girls including me, and we dressed up like fairies and went down by the woods and creek and took pics. then we went to olive garden and ate. YUMMY! Then we changed into pj's and went to target and walmart (we were going to go to the mall but it was closing before we got done eating) it was soooo much fun! we all spent the night and watched movies, etc!!

    help me!!
    by: loraine

    oh M g!! im turning 13 in 12 days..and i have no idea what to do??..hm...i would really want to throw a slumber party..but i dont know how to make it fun and how can i convince my parents to allow me??..i need help..and would really want my slumber party to be fun..i want my friends to have fun too.but i dont know if things will go out the way i want it to.


    Help.. i need a theme
    by: Anonymous

    My 13th is coming up soon, Im having a party but i dont knoww what theme too do.. any suggestions?? im quite a girlie girl,, so i want something glamourous... But i also want everyone to enjoy & it too be as much fun as possible.. Please help me..
    Love. Bonnie Ox

    by: samantha

    Ok, looking for a girlz night out? Here's an idear!

    1st- Gather up some of your besties.

    2nd- Give each girl $15 to shop with

    3rd- If your mall have a movie theater, go see a movie

    4th- Go home and do each other's nail, makeup, hair, ect.

    5th- send the home with a goodie bag that has things like a journal, small make-up set, anything girly!

    i am about to be 13!!
    by: morgan rae

    my birthday is next month and i still am not sure what to do!!!my dad suggested i have a party in his shop....like a dancing hangout bonfire kinda thing but i'm still wondering...help!!!

    13th Bday ideas
    by: Anonymous

    A WHOLE DAY THING (either with your mom or friend)
    *you can get a teen massage
    *have your hair done in an updo
    (take plenty of pictures throughout the day of everything you and your friends do...then you can make a scrapbook of your 13th bday)
    *buy a new outfit for dinner that night
    *go to dinner: Melting Pot (fondue restaurant) or a Japanese Steakhouse (where they cook right in front of you)
    *Limo's are always a nice extra but can be pretty pricey
    SLEEPOVER, definetly need a karaoke machine and movie

    totally stuck
    by: josie

    plzz help me ppl i need an idea as iv only got 18 days left plzz help

    josie xxx

    p.s im a girl

    An idea
    by: Anonymous

    My bday is in like 20 days and i was really bothered by what i was going 2 do. A good idea i think is to get some of your mates round and if u have a karaoke machine or singstar, have a competition and a disco or suomething like that and a sleepover and plenty of nibbles! lol :D :D

    by: Beth

    hi im turnin 13 soon and need help BADLY i dont know what to do at all i would have a sleepover but i want it to be big i mean im turning 13 duh what should i do???

    Helpp Meeeeee :@:@
    by: Chloee

    Heyy EveryyOneee,

    Im Turning 13 Sooon And I Dont Know What To Doo Forr Mee Partie! I Would Have A Disco But Im Scared No One Will Turn Up And It Will Bee Crap Also Im Limited Too Money Helppp Meee Pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I Need Help
    by: Ashley Aarons

    My 13th birthday is on January the 17th and i dont no what to do??? My daddy is sapose to take me to Paris with 1 or 2 of my friends but i dont think thats going to happen!!! What i want to do is get a lemo and take us to a hotel with a indoor pool and other cool things but i dont know PleAsEee hElPpp mEeEEEee
    AsHlEy AaRoNs

    Im turning 13 too
    by: Neha

    my b'day is in a month and I am in major stress
    hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeelllllllppppppppp mmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeee

    13th is always hard
    by: Natalie

    my 13th is next week but i have no idea what to do. i was in this situation last year and i ended up campin in the woods behind me last year which was quite hallerious. But ive dun almost everything i can do tht i am aloud to do and i might just go cinemas, its pretty good messin around just having a laugh and then goin pizza hut around the corner, then my place. Ive dun it befor but its origonal and fun :)

    by: Brooke

    My 13th B-day is in 3 weeks and I live in the woods so I'm going to have a campout with my friends, crank up the stereo, and play charades(Trust me it's funny!) and eat junk food and watch movies! It satisfies everyone and there's variety so you don't end up doing the same things over and over again! We may roast hotdogs and smores and stuff. But try making the invitations yourself like I did. (You can use PrintShop or something!) It gives the invites a more personal touch than what you buy in a store. And camping out would only cost maybe around a 100 bucks if you already have a tent of some sort. (Ours isn't actually a tent but it keeps the bugs out so it works! :D)

    Hope this helped!

    me either
    by: Kiki

    me either im trying to help my friend out

    Heyy I'll help!
    by: Angela

    Cool, I'm turning 13 in a month too! Well, my idea of a birthday party is to have like a pizza party, then we allgo out to the movies. I think going out to see a movie would be a fun idea for a girls night out theme, and plus, you get in free! It is pretty cheap too.

    Solved your problem??
    by: Laura

    Im having the same problem....A good idea is going in a limo.. around england if u go to the ryt places.. limos are bout.. £35 per hour.... Then u could go cinema £5 each [ 4 friends + U = £25]....Then a meal...like pizza hut £10 per pizza {12 slices} soo all together...

    1 so total £70...

    Me Too
    by: katie

    Hey! I'm Katie and I'm trying to find a good party idea for my 13th. Maybe you should have a disco. I know a great DJ you can hire and he is an awesome DJ. My 12th went off with him. I might do a slumber party for my 13th. I don't know. I need help too. xoxo

    13th Birthday Idea
    by: Anonymous

    I have a suggestion. Why don't you find out if your town is having any local dances and go out and party there with them?

    This Might Help
    by: Anonymous

    You might like going to a Grand Prix. That's a lot of fun. Or getting a hotel room that's got an indoor pool and game room can be a lot of fun too and it usually doesn't cost that much.

    I'm Turning 13 Too
    by: annie

    Well, I'm turning 13 too and I want a to party. If you want to go somewhere go to a place such as center parks and arrive in a limo or hummer =]

    by: mira

    I'm having the same problem, but I think I'm going to go with my bff to the mall in a limo.

    So Sad
    by: liz

    I so need help. My bday is in March, but I'm planning my party now. So far I have everything planned out, but for the theme I have three to choose from...

    • Glow in the dark
    • PJ
    • Crazy Hat party

    I like them all, but my budget is low and still I'm going to try to get my mom to let me have guys at it, but I think she's going to say yes. I know my dad will say no. 1 of the boys is someone I like and I know he knows that so I just want it to be nice. ): ):

    13th B-day Bash
    by: Riianne

    Hiya! I'm also turning 13 in a months time (January 2008) and I think you should go into town, go shopping, get pampered, and have a good night in or a sleepover. Maybe even rent a limo to take you from place to place in town (I know it's a bit expensive, but it's you day!)

    Hope this helps!

    Your 13 Birthday: Girls Night Out!
    by: Anonymous

    You and a couple of your closest friends can rent a room in a hotel for a night or a weekend. You can do each others nails, hair, make-up, etc.!

    13th Birthday Party Girls Night
    by: ChlOeeee :)

    Well, if you would like a simple and cheap party, but really fun then I would get some friends around and then order something to eat and a few films and then get someone to come around and do all your make-up and make you look lovely and then get a photographer to come round and take some pictures of you to keep. After you can watch the films and get some sweets, etc. and then just chill out and let them sleep over!

    Other simple ideas are:

    • Bowling
    • Cinema
    • Restaurant
    • Trip up to London, etc.
    • Ice skating
    • Disco
    • Sleepover
    • Swimming Party
    • A Barbecue! :)

    Good luck with your party! x

    Party Ideas
    by: joanna

    Maybe if only 3 or 4 girls are coming you can go on a shopping spree (20 bucks a girl) at Claire's or something and then have a sleepover and eat ice cream.

    Party Idea!
    by: Anonymous


    I'm right there with you, turning 13 soon. Anyway, I've had a few ideas myself. You could do laser tag, go to a Starbucks, have a Halloween theme, and go to a haunted house (where a public place hires actors, and decorators to entertain you). Your parents could give you like 350 bucks, and have them drop you and your friends off at the mall, where you guys could buy awesome stuff, try on outrageous outfits, get manicures, maybe, buy makeup, then go out to eat, and then have your parents pick you up!

    Party Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    You and your friends could go to a movie or the skating rink. The skating rink isn't usually that expensive. If it is hot and you live close to the beach you could go there.

    Mall Scavenger
    by: Kmaj

    You could have a scavenger hunt at the mall by:

    • 01.Each team has to get 6 phone numbers and names from 6 different hot guys.

    • 02.Get a roll of tissue paper

    • 03.Get 5 signatures by saying... "Do you think that kids should live with other kids until they are 16?"

    Those are just some examples. You guys could go get makeovers or do your own makeovers at your house.

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